856 Pursui

    Xue Ying immediately charged out. The god sword in his hand produced a dazzling sword light which went directly towards the Blaze Valley Master.

    The expression of the Blaze Valley Master changed at that moment. Cultivators had a long lifespan precisely because the majority of them was cautious. Under circumstances when they had no confidence of, they would not easily intervene in battles unrelated to them. Otherwise, they might just lose their lives if they were not careful. That would mean doom, and even if they had more treasures, it would be pointless!

    "You want treasures? But you can't enjoy them without your life!" At the moment when Blaze Valley Master sent Sky Sword Mountain Sect Master back with a fist, he flipped his hand before surging in another direction with killing intent.

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    Xue Ying only felt the world brightening up in front of him. Amidst a dazzling and eye-piercing flame, there were shadows of fists bearing with them endless might. Som
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