896 Great Improvement in Combat Strength

    Even though Black Emperor stayed close to the Green Peng Sect, and that Xue Ying had the treasure bestowed by Forefather Tian Yu, making it hard for Black Emperor to perceive him, because Black Emperor was able to ascertain the location of Xue Ying through the 'Vermillion Nightmare inheritance', he was able to deduce the attainments of Xue Ying on the 'Vermillion Nightmare inheritance'.

    'Those who cultivated the lineage of World Ancestor is usually weaker. But it triumphs in its ease of cultivation.' Black Emperor thought, 'And this lineage of mine is extremely powerful, but cultivating it is challenging.'

    He was a life and death brother of World Ancestor. They both grew up step by step since they were weak.

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    Both of them were still fighting and competing as rivals at the Primal Chaos realm.

    But after that...

    Black Emperor remained stuck at the Primal Chaos realm for a long time, and World Ancestor eventually stepped into the final realm. He had even becom
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