931 Accepting Teacher?

    The black flower bud was fully formed after ten breaths of time.

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    The temperature inside the whole room dropped to an unfathomable stage. But other than that, nothing happened! The black flower bud suspended in mid-air, and it seemed that there it had no other power other than being frigid. Even though a Unity realm expert could resist this cold when facing the black flower bud even, they would tremble in fear uncontrollably due to the threat inherent within.

    'It's finally done.' Xue Ying walked up to the floating black flower bud and looked at the three leaves on it. There was some dew on the leaves which gave off the feeling of 'beauty' in the laws and profound mysteries system.

    "Perfect fusion between slaughter and mirage. They blend together perfectly." Xue Ying muttered.

    "Bloom! Destruction Flower!"

    There was some kind of expectation in Xue Ying's eyes as he stared at the black flower bud in front of him.

    Finally, the flower bud bloomed. A flo
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