986 Interrogation

    The old man frowned before softly nodding: "I've heard that Dong Bo Xue Ying has become the cultivator with the strongest illusory realm technique. By relying on that, he can easily interrogate and obtain the fundamental cultivation technique from our lineage... this is something I believe in! But just by relying on the fundamental technique, how is it possible to deduce our Destructive Realm Teleportation technique from it? That time, my realm has reached a sufficient stage, and only after being imparted the technique by Teacher was I able to learn it. How could he rely on himself to deduce it?"

    Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master anxiously responded: "That Dong Bo Xue Ying has an extremely high talent. How long has he cultivated to reach his current realm? With his comprehension ability, it isn't entirely impossible for him to deduce everything."

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    "Mn. Indeed, he has a great talent." Myriad Realm Tavern Master remained doubtful.

    Depending on himself to deduce the Destruc
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