1057 Undercurren

    In one of the residences within the Sky Sword Sect Palace.

    There was a black-robed expert seated cross-legged. Underneath the black robe, only mist could be seen. And amidst the mist were poisonous insects flying about.

    His eyes that were condensed from a pair of red-colored insects remained calm: 'Killing a 'Soul Inducing Poisonous Insect' in just one move? This power meant that he has succeeded in training the Arch Destruction! This also means that he has grasped the two secret impartation techniques of the Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles, and should likely have cultivated in the avatar technique too. How troublesome. It seems that this is an opponent who could not be killed.'

    Like the famous 'Gong Liang Yi' from Southern Cloud Sacred Religion, he was able to move unhindered in all places and contributed significantly for the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion. Nevertheless, he had fallen twice, and those two times were when the Southern Cloud King could not reach him in time!

    But even as he fell, he had his avatars, allowing him to return in a swirl of dust.

    'The Power Magical Insect has died so quickly? It seems he has almost grasped the entire Scarlet Cloud Combat Technique too.' The pupils of the black-robed expert dilated. The Power Magical Insect was known for its 'power magic'. It was an extremely tyrannical insect, and also the poisonous insect which he primarily nurtured. One-third of the top-graded poisonous insects he owned were the Power Magical Insect! This type of insect had a strong body that even a tenth level expert had a hard time destroying it. Furthermore, the insects had powerful offenses too.

    But the  was very vicious. Most opponents would find it hard to defend against it even if they had a strong fleshy body or formidable secret treasures.

    'But he did not have the  absolute art. Just a single spear and he was able to comprehend it.' The black-robed expert shook his head softly.

    'The Void Dragon Insect is dead as well. Illusory realm?'

    The strands of consciousness left behind on the three insects by the black-robed expert had been wiped. But this minor loss was something he did not care.

    'He has grasped both secret impartation techniques and has almost comprehended the Scarlet Cloud Combat Technique. He has even grasped an illusory realm technique that is at least the eighth level?' The black-robed expert pondered. Xue Ying did not have to use his full force when dealing against a single poisonous insect. Just by utilizing an eighth level power illusory realm was sufficient to wipe out the consciousness of the insect.

    'I've almost completed what I set out to do, losing just three formidable poisonous insects. I have practically understood the strength of Ying Shan Xue Ying. After which, it should be time for them to act.' The black-robed expert was very casual. Even though he felt a little heart pain from this minor loss, it was not an arduous task nurturing the insects again after spending some treasures.

    Now that he had scouted the strength of the enemy, it was time for them to plan an assassination plan that dealt against Xue Ying's weakness.

    If it were a simple opponent, they would have dealt against him in broad daylight. This could improve the reputation of the Sky Sword Sect as well.

    Nevertheless, Xue Ying was too hard to handle. They had to eradicate him in the dark! This time, the operation of Sky Sword Sect sending their army into the Black Devil Four Nations was supported by the two great ancient nations. They were naturally amply prepared.


    "Eradicate him in the dark."

    "The only thing we have to be careful is his illusory realm technique! But he has cultivated for only a short period, and neither does the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion own any powerful Mirage and Illusory Realm absolute art. It should not be that powerful. Furthermore, ever since the birth of Ying Shan Xue Ying, there has yet to be a single Mirage and Illusory Realm tenth level secret treasure that was sold. His illusory realm should not have reached the ninth level realm! Otherwise, that old man Southern Cloud King would have bought a Mirage and Illusory Realm secret treasure for his disciple."

    "Since he could deal against Chang Su Wang, even if he had not reached the ninth level in his illusory realm, it should be at the very least the peak of the eighth level."

    The experts of the Sky Sword Sect were discussing and planning.

    Even though the  and  were formidable, these experts were not afraid. Scarlet Cloud Paragon Master had once been killed in the past. It was just a tenth level expert, and the Sky Sword Sect, being one of the ten great religions, could easily deal against this kind of party.

    The only thing making them headache was the illusory realm.

    A tenth level illusory realm technique was something abnormally horrifying! When the illusory realm descended, they would survive if they could resist it! Otherwise, they would die!

    Fortunately, absolute arts that could allow the cultivator to reach the tenth level in the illusory realm was too precious, and would absolutely not be imparted to outsiders. Hence, Xue Ying would definitely not learn it. The only way he could grasp a tenth level move in this Dao was by relying on a secret treasure. Nevertheless, not a single tenth level Mirage and Illusory Realm secret treasure had been sold during the past billions of years. That was why nobody felt distressed.

    If a secret treasure had been sold...

    They would likely send another expert to understand Xue Ying's strength and confirm if the other party had truly grasped the tenth level illusory realm technique. If it were so, they would likely give up their plan of advance!

    An expert with a tenth level illusory realm technique could practically sweep across 99% of all tenth level experts. Every one of them was existences that could cause the expressions of other cultivators to pale! The Sky Sword Sect would likely negotiate with the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion again.

    "The plan has been fixed. A total of five tenth level experts will be working together."

    "Almost all of them has reached. We can start the operation anytime."

    "Ying Shan Xue Ying is in closed-door cultivation within the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace. Let's wait. We'll start the operation once he leaves the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace! After all, there are many arrays within the sacred palace. It wouldn't be to our advantage if we acted there."

    The Sky Sword Sect was incredibly patient.

    The five experts.

    One came from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation, and two from the Fan Clan. The last two came from the Sky Sword Sect. This was arranged according to the 'assassination plan'. After all, the Fan Clan and the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation had many experts. Many tenth level experts who originated from those places had trained in powerful secret impartation techniques.

    No other choice. The backing was too huge!

    As their strength increased, the ancient nation would hold a more significant advantage over the rest of the world. Because they owned many formidable secret impartation techniques. Cosmos Gods that originated from ancient nations could deal against several from outside. This was also the reason why many experts from the six great ancient nations disdained those who came from outside.


    Within the Southern Cloud Sacred Palace, in a cultivation room.

    Xue Ying was currently cultivating here.

    'According to the records, this insect is known as the Void Dragon Insect.' Xue Ying observed the corpse of the silver incorporeal poisonous insect floating in front of him. For the sake of researching it, Xue Ying had even utilized the intelligence system from the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion to gather various information regarding insects. The cultivation techniques for nurturing poisonous insects were extraordinarily precious and hard to find. Nevertheless, the common knowledge on these poisonous insects was quite easy to gather.

    A total of 39 void-related insects were recorded in the information gathered.

    And this 'Void Dragon Insect' was merely one of them.


    'It could actually control and influence the black fog spherical particles, allowing it to reach such a high standard in its void-ification capabilities. In terms of void-ification, it isn't any worse than me.' Xue Ying exclaimed inwardly. His void-ification ability was likely beyond that of his Senior Disciple Brother Gong Liang Yi and Senior Disciple Sister Empress Ghost Li.

    One reason was that he had reached the tenth level grand perfection in his Southern Cloud Sacred Body.

    The other reason was that Xue Ying's experience and research into the void-ification was too profound. The Walker's Hidden Secret specialized in void-ification. The four-diagrams absolute art created by Monarch Nine Cloud was also an inheritance that led to the pinnacle of void-ification. He had even studied the scaled-armor left behind by General Mo Gu. All these were done to grasp the 'pinnacle of void-ification' at the Primal Chaos Realm. Even though he had not achieved it currently, his realm in this aspect was profound. By using the Southern Cloud Sacred Body to utilize the void-ification technique, it had reached a level not any worse than what this Void Dragon Insect could do.

    'But my direction is to directly fuse with the essence of the void as one.' Xue Ying thought, 'Never have I thought of controlling the essence of the void.'

    'Activating it? Controlling it?'

    As Xue Ying pondered, he began his study in a new direction.

    He sought to study different ways of thinking in the Dao of Void. After all, all these different routes would eventually lead back to the same destination. His goal was not just to become a Cosmos God. Instead, Xue Ying sought to kill the Sacred Master in the future. Not just for the sake of avenging his teacher, or for the purpose of many cultivators who had been harmed by him in the Primal Chaos Void. Of course, another reason was that he had almost died in the hands of the Sacred Master if he did not own the 'Realm Heart Order' in the past.

    The ambition of the Sacred Master was to control all beings, and that was something all cultivators seeking transcension could not tolerate.

    With both life and death out of their control, the Sacred Master could give an order, and these cultivators would kill their good friends and relatives as cold-blooded murderers. Xue Ying felt that this way of living was not any better than dying.

    For the sake of himself and all cultivators who had been harmed.

    Many sought to kill the Sacred Master, yet it's a pity that the Sacred Master remained the strongest expert in the Primal Chaos Void.

    'I came to the Realm Heart Great Land to find opportunities to improve my personal strength.' Xue Ying thought. He no longer thought of it anymore. The Sacred Master was too powerful, and he was still quite far away from reaching that.


    As he researched the corpse of the Void Dragon Insect, half a month had passed in the blink of an eye. The side from the Sky Sword Sect remained extremely patient. Most cultivators were extremely patient. They had even assigned five tenth level Primal Chaos experts especially to deal against Xue Ying. Naturally, they were patient! They sought to eliminate Xue Ying in one fell swoop to let the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion feel 'pain'.

    Even though Xue Ying could still retrain himself with his avatar after dying, he had to spend quite a lot of treasures to reach the grand perfection of Southern Cloud Sacred Body! Also, the 'Scarlet Cloud God Spear' was extremely precious. The moment he died, it would be stolen.

    These would naturally suffice in bringing 'pain' to the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion, and also Xue Ying.

    "Mn?" After researching for half a month, Xue Ying gained much knowledge.

    "Not enough. Just a single Void Dragon Insect isn't enough."

    Xue Ying could feel his understanding of the essence of void improving. He immediately sent an order through the Southern Cloud Sacred Religion via the shop owned by the 'Fan Clan' in the Fiery Zhao Nation Capital.

    "I require all insects of the 'void lineage'. Other than the 'Void Dragon Insect', I need the other 38 insect corpses. I only need one of each, and they must be corpses that have reached the pinnacle of Primal Chaos Realm." Xue Ying ordered.

    Fan Clan.

    Being a clan with foundations deeper than the Moonflower Ancient Nation and Towering Sky Ancient Nation, there were many factions within. Some might help the Sky Sword Sect while squeezing benefits from them. At the same time, they also befriended the Southern Cloud King. There were also many 'assassins', and a large number of businessmen. Hence, even though it was possible for one to become enemies with an expert from the Fan Clan, it was entirely possible to befriend other experts in the Fan Clan too.

    After all, once the woods grew to a certain size, all kinds of 'birds' existed within.

    This woods belonging to the Fan Clan was tremendous! There were too many experts and factions, so much more than the experts in the entire Black Devil Great Lake. If not for the particular environment of the Black Devil Great Lake that the three religious masters depended on, their situation would be much more aggravated!

    "Brother Xue Ying, I've just inquired about the insect corpses. The Fan Clan shop in the Fiery Zhao Capital doesn't have a single insect corpse with the void lineage at the Primal Chaos Realm. Because there is low demand here, we have to transfer from the Summer Wind Ancient Nation. It'll take half a day for them to be sent over. It'll cost a total of 130 million cosmos crystals." Marquis Qu Ming transmitted over.

    "Alright." Xue Ying nodded.

    Insect corpses were commonly traded.

    After all, the most commonly seen method of nurturing insects would be to allow it to devour other insect corpses! Hence, this trade was made quite frequently.

    Living poisonous insects at the pinnacle of Primal Chaos Realm were expensive. Dead ones were cheaper. But a total of 38 kinds, with one of each, would require 130 million cosmos crystals. Thinking along this line of thought, those cultivating the Dao of Insect were destined to spend a large number of resources.

    Just half a day later.

    "Brother Xue Ying."

    Marquis Qu Ming brought a manager from the Fan Clan located in the Fiery Zhao Capital over. He came just to deliver the goods.

    "Sir Xue Ying." This manager passed over a light green bottle enthusiastically.

    Xue Ying took over the bottle. After opening the stopper, he was able to sense 38 different kinds of insect corpses within. All of them had reached the pinnacle of Primal Chaos Realm. Of course, Xue Ying did not doubt the reputation of a shop owned by the Fan Clan.
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