1094 Heading down the Unparalleled Path

    Southern Cloud Capital, within the meditation room of Flying Snow Residence.

    A white-robed young man and a golden-robed young man sat cross-legged within. They were meditating. It had been three years since Xue Ying returned from the Fan Clan Magic Mountain.

    Of course.

    Given his foundation, Xue Ying had broken through to the Cosmos God level on the second day in the 'Dao of Void' after entering closed-door cultivation. It was solely because his accumulations had been too deep in this Dao-even across different directions. This was especially so after he created the 'Nine Rotation Undying Technique'. Nine different directions aided each other, giving Xue Ying a deeper understanding of the Dao. Currently, these comprehensions and understanding he had were fusing into his body. Naturally, he was continually improving.

    Such high-speed breakthrough was preventing Xue Ying from stopping! Neither was he willing to do so.

    "It is about time. Now that my cultivation speed has reduced slightly, it is time for me to pause for now. I should first settle my matters here in the Realm Heart Great Land and hurry back home." Xue Ying stopped cultivating, "Even though I did not push the five branches of  to the limit, I am not in a rush either. I can continue cultivating after refining my avatars."

    According to the guidance of his teacher, 'Southern Cloud King', the 'Dao of Void' had a total of nine branches!

    The  contained five of it, of which the difficulty of training in the 'Earth Phase' and 'Origin Phase' were the highest. The 'Earth Phase' had been because of Xue Ying's accumulation as he observed the emergence of Destruction Devils from Void Ancient Trees in the Lost World Corridor during his past life for many years. The 'Origin Phase' was the hardest, and only after he comprehended the essence of the void was he able to succeed in grasping it.

    Five branches.

    Reaching the pinnacle of every branch would allow him to break through to Cosmos God!

    To reach the pinnacle of all five branches, that was an arduous task. But Xue Ying's deep and profound accumulations enabled him to break through in six branches out of the nine within the short three years to the pinnacle-at the Cosmos God Realm. If this were made known outside, many experts would be shocked.

    The reason was that the 'Dao of Void' only had a total of nine branches! Even Southern Cloud King had comprehended all nine branches after stepping into the second level Cosmos God Realm and after attaining the top-graded secret treasure 'Realm Heart Blade'. He had cultivated for many years after becoming an absolute overlord of Realm Heart Great Land before achieving it.

    Xue Ying created the Nine Rotation Undying Technique, and comprehended nine branches at the Primal Chaos Realm, reaching the pinnacle of Primal Chaos Realm in all nine branches then. More importantly, the moment he understood all nine branches, each branch could support one another and form a perfect entity! And it was only under the reference of 'General Mo Gu's scaled-armor' was Xue Ying able to attain the pinnacle of void-ification at Primal Chaos Realm.

    And it was this complementary effect which brought about all kinds of realization after Xue Ying broke through in a single branch to the Cosmos God Realm, bringing about a resonating effect.

    He had a feeling...

    Pushing all nine branches to the pinnacle was not a difficult task if given sufficient time! Xue Ying was after all someone who reached the limit of Primal Chaos Realm in all nine branches and lacked just a single step before crossing the border!

    'Even though I've reached the limit in six branches, it's a pity that three of these six belong to the . It seems I have to wait for a little more time.' Xue Ying thought.


    Even though comprehending the branches of 'Dao of Void' to the pinnacle might seem formidable, but Xue Ying would still ultimately be at the first level of Cosmos God.

    He had to fuse two branches of the 'Dao of Void' as one, producing a qualitative transformation and upgrading his strength one level higher. That was when he could be considered a second level Cosmos God!

    After which.

    He would have to continue fusing the different branches of the 'Dao of Void'. The improve in strength after merging each branch together wasn't significant. Only when all 'nine branches were completely fused as one'! That was when the Dao of Void had reached grand perfection! At that point, the cultivator would have reached the third level of Cosmos God!

    Like 'Southern Cloud King', he had comprehended the pinnacle of all nine branches, yet he only fused seven branches together! He was still far off from merging all nine branches as one single Dao.

    'Comprehending the branches is easy, fusing them is hard.'

    'Nine Dao branches as one... it'll be challenging.' Xue Ying thought.

    There were many Cosmos Gods in the Realm Heart Great Land.

    Quite a few second level Cosmos Gods existed, of which some were fortunate in acquiring 'top-graded secret treasures', allowing them to fight against those one level higher.

    But those who reached the third level of Cosmos God Realm? The number was frighteningly small!

    Sacred Master was a third level Cosmos God!

    The unparalleled existences in the Realm Heart Great Land were more formidable, but they were still third level Cosmos Gods. What they had were powerful secret treasures that enabled them to wield a greater power! Furthermore, the stronger the secret treasure, the further the cultivator could see in the 'Dao' beyond their level. It gave them the capability to dig out even more of their strength.

    'The path of unparalleled.' Xue Ying looked forward to it.

    Unparalleled existences.

    Beyond that?

    Only after attaining grand perfection in the 'Dao of Void' would one become a third level Cosmos God! Beyond that, it would be grasping the Supreme Law! This step was too difficult. None in the Realm Heart Great Land were able to achieve it. Only the mysterious 'Yuan' should be an existence of this level.

    'No matter what, my foundation in the Dao of Void is deep.' Xue Ying thought, 'I believe after spending a little time training coupled with the guidance of the predecessors, it should not be difficult to become a second level Cosmos God! Accompanied by some secret treasures which I'll get in the future within the Realm Heart Great Land, I should be qualified to face against Sacred Master after returning to my hometown."

    Sacred Master.

    Even Ancestor Sorcerer and World Ancestor dared to fight against him directly.

    Ultimately, in his hometown Origin World 'Primal Chaos Void', the finesse in secret treasure refinement was too crude, preventing any from fighting against those of one level higher! Hence, one had to depend primarily on personal strength. Sacred Master could ignite his Origin Source Energy. Even though it would boost his strength significantly, he could not fight against those one level higher either. If he could wield power like unparalleled existences 'Ancestor Fan' or 'Emperor Summer', even if it were for a short time, he would have easily killed Ancestor Sorcerer and the rest.

    'No secret treasures.'

    'But I do not have one after returning to my hometown either.' Xue Ying understood this point. Everyone did not own such treasures. They had to depend on themselves to fight. Hence, it was hard to shake up Sacred Master still.

    He needed more time.

    By relying on the Realm Heart Great Land, Xue Ying believed his speed growth would be rapid.

    'Soon, soon...!' Xue Ying felt delighted and carefree.

    That's right.

    He cultivated for an extended period and experienced being reincarnated into this world. After breaking through to the Cosmos God Realm, he finally felt that 'Sacred Master' wasn't an existence that he could not reach.

    That time when his teacher Gu Qi died, Xue Ying could only suppress his fury. Deep in his heart, he felt helpless because the gap in power between the two parties was too exaggerated and significant.

    'Begin. Time to push my avatar technique to the next level.' Xue Ying thought.

    After becoming a Cosmos God, currently, he had reached the pinnacle in six branches of the Dao of Void, of which it included the two paths where the techniques Arch Destruction and Spectacular Painting were based on.

    Arch Destruction was divided into small success, large success, and grand perfection. It was the same with Spectacular Painting too.

    Strictly speaking.

    The highest achievement Southern Cloud King had were the three great absolute arts, ,  and . The so-called Southern Cloud 12 Sacred Styles relied on these three great absolute arts as the base.


    Xue Ying first relied on the many precious materials prepared by his teacher to push his Southern Cloud Sacred Body to the 11th level! By relying on this body, he could then unleash the  at a large success power!


    Within the cultivation room.

    Xue Ying punched out. His body was faintly emanating light. In reality, the Southern Cloud Sacred Body was like a secret treasure. By relying on it, Xue Ying could unleash a greater combat power.

    "Hong!" An entire piece of space had been struck. At that moment, finger-sized holes could be seen with the naked eyes appearing. On the other side of the hole was pure blackness. Looking at the darkness with the naked eyes produced terror that caused one to feel chillness in his heart! Xue Ying tried permeating his consciousness in, yet what he saw wasn't darkness.

    Instead, he had a unique 'viewpoint' over there. Xue Ying saw a huge region and various places across the entire Realm Heart Great Land. The further it was, the more blurry it became. Xue Ying even 'saw' a broader and vaster region beyond the Realm Heart Great Land.

    Xue Ying did not feel puzzled over this particular perception he had from this viewpoint. After all, 'Destruction Relm Teleportation Technique' relied purely on this move.

    'What concentrated mysterious energy.' This time, the hole which he blasted open could be seen with the naked eyes-it was the size of a finger!

    The mysterious surging energy was much more concentrated than previously when he tried breaking apart the cage.

    It enabled more a denser form of energy deep from the outside world to enter.

    The hole was rapidly shrinking along time.

    Xue Ying immediately used another 'avatar technique', which Xue Ying took that moment to absorb the mysterious energy, nourishing his soul along the way.


    Southern Cloud Capital, Royal Palace.

    "Mn?" At the moment when Xue Ying blasted apart a finger-sized hole from the essence of the void of the Origin World, Southern Cloud King, who sat in his cultivation ground within the royal palace opened his eyes. He looked to the distance, crossing through all obstacles of space. He peered through the Flying Snow Residence and revealed a grin, "Arch Destruction? It seems this disciple of mine has broken through to the Cosmos God Realm in the Dao of Void. I wonder if he is a first level or second level Cosmos God in his previous life!"

    As for the third level?

    He dared not think about it! Firstly, few existed at this level in the entire Realm Heart Great Land. Secondly, if he were at that level, given the pride in his heart, why would Xue Ying be willingly to take Southern Cloud King as his teacher?
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