1158 The indignant Eternal Night Primogenitor

    The cold wind whistled in the wilderness. Xue Ying stood there coldly watching that terrifying existence half a trillion kilometers away! Even though his heart was soaring with killing intent, Xue Ying was clear that even though he could face Eternal Night Primogenitor directly with his current combat capabilities, the gap between them was still huge! Xue Ying could merely 'survive'. He was seeking his death if he were to take his revenge.

    'I'll wait until my Chaotic Origin God Weapon is refined. By then, the gap between us will be shortened. It isn't the time for me to act now.' Xue Ying thought. Right now, his strength was comparable to Great Paragon Fuyi. Nonetheless, this meant he would be entirely suppressed when facing an unparalleled existence.

    'I've only saved three out of the 19 cities. It seems I'll meet some trouble when saving the remaining cities. I shall wait until Eternal Night Primogenitor leaves.'

    It wasn't the time to save them currently.

    Eternal Night Primogenitor was filled with fury and was seeking for the perpetrator.


    "Damn, who exactly is it?" His black cape fluttered noisily against the wind. The handsome Eternal Night Primogenitor looked downwards with his pair of cold eyes. Every inch of the void beneath him solidified. The slightly closer cultivators could feel their bodies congealing. Their minds became empty. Some even lost their ability to think. Before Eternal Night Primogenitor, they were as powerless as ants.

    Eternal Night Primogenitor was currently seeking for the one who killed his subordinate.

    He employed tracing secret techniques, soul scouring techniques, time reversal techniques...

    'What is going on?' Eternal Night Primogenitor's expression sunk over time. No matter what technique he chose to use, at the point when he tried to observe the murderer, something would interfere with his technique.

    'Even I can't trace down who the person is? Unless it is a peak Cosmos God? But even ordinary peak Cosmos Gods can't kill Black Sovereign King in an instant.' Eternal Night Primogenitor thought. When Black Sovereign King called him for help, he immediately rushed over, but was still too late! When Black Sovereign King first transmitted a message over, he was relatively confident. But at the point when he called for help, he had died shortly after.

    It showed that the murderer was concealing his strength at the start. At the point when he exposed his fang, he immediately went in for the kill using one single technique!

    'He could kill a Paragon Master instantaneously? Who is it? Is it other unparalleled existences?' Many ideas flitted across the mind of Eternal Night Primogenitor at that instance. Few in Realm Heart Great Land could kill Black Sovereign King with one single technique. Even Xue Ying took the gamble without being confident of doing so. Others like Great Paragon Fuyi who was comparable to him in strength might succeed in killing Black Sovereign King, but it might be close to impossible for them to do so in an instance.

    Those who dared say they could do it!

    Were only the unparalleled existences!

    'It is fine they bully the weak like a Paragon Master, but they still choose to hide their tails without showing their face." Eternal Night Primogenitor squinted. He then thoroughly examined the group of cultivators beneath, especially some of the Unity Realm experts. Eternal Night Primogenitor immediately pervaded their minds with unseen ripples to flip through their memories.

    Being the strongest master in refining magic servants in Realm Heart Great Land, Eternal Night Primogenitor's attainments in the soul were incredibly profound. He could easily flip through the souls of even Primal Chaos cultivators.

    Flipping through their memories...

    Eternal Night Primogenitor saw a black-robed young man fighting with Black Sovereign King. He even had nine great avatars. And at the most crucial moment-when Xue Ying used the 'Void Fire Lotus Flower'-because Xue Ying deliberately distorted the void, those Unity Realm cultivators could see nothing.

    'Black-robed young man? Nine great avatars? Seeing the techniques he employed during the battle, he is unquestionably a Dao of Void expert. But who exactly is he? There are only two unparalleled existences in the Dao of Void-Emperor Summer and Drifter? But that isn't right. Before Undying Underworld Emperor returned, Emperor Summer is the number one expert in the entire Realm Heart Great Land. He is extremely proud and wouldn't conceal his identity to assassinate Black Sovereign King. Drifter? Drifter is aloof. This doesn't conform to his personality either!' Eternal Night Primogenitor negated those conjectures, 'It could possibly be Great Paragon Fuyi since he would do things by hook or by crook occasionally! What about 'Realm Beast King' from the Myriad Realms Ancient Nation? Realm Beast King has reached the level-two Cosmos God standard in the Dao of Void. Given the cunning personality of Realm Beast King, this is something he would do.'

    'Who is it exactly?' Eternal Night Primogenitor became more sullen as he pondered over it.

    Because he felt heart ached!

    There were too few Paragon Masters in the world.

    He only had five such subordinates! Of those five, three were from the 'Nine Eternal Night Walkers' he refined! The other two were experts who chose to join him-Black Sovereign King and Flame Sovereign King! Eternal Night Primogenitor hoped for more powerful Cosmos Gods to join him, and he usually treated Black Sovereign King and Flame Sovereign King very well.

    But now, Black Sovereign King died!


    Time passed.

    Eternal Night Primogenitor stood above the ruins for the time taken to brew a cup of tea before eventually, he felt helpless and took a step, leaving the place.


    Xue Ying remained outside Heavy Wind Nation. He watched everything happening without hurrying. He continued waiting silently.

    The sky brightened before darkening.

    A day passed. Xue Ying who stood just like a sculpture suddenly brightened: "It is time."

    "Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!"

    At various locations in the vast Realm Heart Great Land-either in an ordinary house within a city in an island nation, or a wooden house deep in the mountains, or by the shoulder of a tall mountain, or deep in an underground palace... many black-robed young men appeared in various locations. Xue Ying had a total of more than 10,000 avatars. Other than the 9 avatars who executed the Great Destruction Realm Technique toward other Origin Worlds, the other avatars of his were scattered across the Realm Heart Great Land. They usually maintained low-profile either cultivating by themselves or guiding some disciples in some of the smaller sects. Some even opened a refinement workshop, helping others refine weapons.

    Currently, 16 avatars began moving.

    They first teleported away from the place they hid. They then executed the Destructive Realm Teleportation technique at the same time toward the 16 different cities where the ugly odd trees were located.

    Spatial maelstroms were formed.

    And the avatars took a step into it. After penetrating through space, they arrived all at the respective core underground palace where the ugly odd trees were.

    "You actually dare trespass a forbidden ground!"

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    The two Primal Chaos cultivators who were responsible for guarding the place became both shocked and furious. They were controlling the arrays to deal with the invader while contacting their current leader, 'Black Sovereign King'. Nonetheless, Black Sovereign King had died so how could they still contact him?


    Xue Ying's avatars waved their hands, sending out 16 avatars that had weaker bodies and souls-these avatars were only about 10% of his strength. But simply waving his hand caused the two Primal Chaos cultivators to turn into powder. Xue Ying's avatars then immediately uprooted the ugly odd tree. Seeing the three inlaid black crystals, he chuckled before leaving with his Destructive Realm Teleportation technique!


    One by one, the avatars were arriving at the palaces with the Destructive Realm Teleportation technique. Out of the Primal Chaos cultivators responsible for guarding the place, only two were pushed aside by Xue Ying. These two were merely more reclusive and eccentric. They were not devils.

    Nonetheless, there was an avatar that met huge trouble.


    When this avatar came out from the distorted maelstrom, a figure appeared from the void by the side. He was a handsome male that wore a black cape tinted with golden edges. He was coldly staring at Xue Ying. At the same time, he extended his hand! An endless golden light was let out from his hand. Every finger of his was gold in color. He directly grabbed toward this avatar of Xue Ying.

    "I've been waiting for you here!" Eternal Night Primogenitor's eyes were filled with coldness.
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