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    Previously, he had been traveling by ship for around two months. During those two months, he was mostly chatting with the protectors on the ship, which as a result gave Xue Ying a deeper understanding of 'High Mountain City'. Even though the political situation in High Mountain City was complicated and tricky, a 'God Monarch' was absolutely considered an expert. He came here from the remote Realm Heart Great Land, and was a newcomer. He did not know many people, much less enemies.

    Yet there were experts who wanted to assassinate a God Monarch?

    'I do wish to see who is it.' Xue Ying remained seated calmly with his eyelids drooping downwards.

    And at this moment, along the streets outside the courtyard, there were three figures who stealthily came over hidden in the void. These three experts were filled with killing intent when they saw the courtyard before them.

    "There are no mistakes right?"

    "Rest assured. It is this courtyard! That Ascendant is living here."

    "Fifth Sister, Ninth Brother, let us go according to the plan. Fifth Sister, release your domain. Ninth Brother, you shall assassinate him. It is best that you kill him in one move. Even if you did not, I'll closely follow up." The tallest and biggest green-robed man transmitted to the other two.

    "Third Brother! Have trust in us! Fifth Sister and I should be sufficient."

    "Third Brother, watch us!"

    The other two thinner and smaller experts were confident of themselves. They had worked together for far too many times.

    The two of them gave each other a glance.

    "Sou sou!"

    They entered the courtyard where Xue Ying lived at the same time. At that moment when they entered, they had already let out their techniques.

    "Hu hu hu." One of the thin small male was actually a girl in red robe. She lightly blew, causing a stream of green fog to rush out. This fog seemed to contain spirituality as it engulfed that meditation room where Xue Ying was cultivating in! Every single structure in the meditation room began corroding apart rapidly with sounds of 'chi chi chi' after being engulfed by the green fog.

    'What a formidable green fog.' Seated cross-legged in the meditation room, Xue Ying raised his eyebrow with slight astonishment.

    This world felt abnormal to him. Even the soil and stone were incredibly heavy as if every single grit of them were condensed from Chaotic Origin Energy. Its gravitational strength was also incredibly high! As a result, the shockwave produced from any battle was usually confined to a smaller area. As the substance here was incredibly heavy, in addition to some fortification by arrays and secret techniques, one required the strength of a Cosmos God to destroy the walls! And it was naturally difficult to corrode the walls into powder silently.

    The venomous fog continued flowing in. It covered every inches of space.

    The stability of the void in this world was frightening. Xue Ying had yet to comprehend a 'teleportation technique' until now. Hence, facing this venomous fog, he could only resist against it directly! There was no way he could dodge!


    Xue Ying remained seated there. He merely snorted, and a void maelstrom appeared around Xue Ying. This maelstrom repelled that green venomous fog outside. Even as that fog corroded away the maelstrom, it could still not penetrate through the layers of void maelstrom. Given Xue Ying's current comprehension in the laws, his utilization of his energy had reached an unfathomably profound stage. This venomous fog merely came from an 'early stage God Monarch'. Other God Monarchs might think that it was hard to deal with this technique that blocked off all paths of escape, yet it was simple to resolve by Xue Ying.

    "He actually remained seated there?" Ranked in the 'ninth position', the black-robed male felt frustrated inwardly. His entire person warped and soon turned into a slender crimson snake.

    This slender crimson snake did not even reach a meter long.


    With a flash, this snake left behind a crimson arc as it charged against Xue Ying.

    Yet Xue Ying remained seated calmly, though there was a spear placed on his knees. This was a spear he exchanged for with what he had been bestowed after becoming the Cultivation Mentor for the 'High Mountain Imperial Wind Clan'. This spear was considered a relatively normal weapon in this world, yet compared to the weapons in Realm Heart Great Land, it was cruder.

    Nonetheless, it had a special feature--its heaviness!

    'Turning into a snake?' Xue Ying grabbed that spear with one hand before sending it out at a particular direction. This spearhead pierced right at that incoming slender crimson snake.

    "Hmph hmph hmph, what a joke." When that crimson snake came, it felt disdainful after seeing Xue Ying's actions. Its entire body was as sharp as a divine weapon. Furthermore, it was much more agile, way more than a true weapon.

    "Chi chi chi~"

    At the moment when the snake reached Xue Ying, many insects abruptly appeared amidst the green fog that surrounded Xue Ying. These insects converged together and began devouring away the void maelstrom. That unseen void maelstrom was actually being destroyed bit by bit.

    'Perhaps there is no need for me to act?' That biggest muscular male in green robes came closely behind with a black saber in his hand.

    Three great experts assassinating!

    Yet Xue Ying only pierced out that spear of his in response, causing the void around the spearhead to implode and collapse like a bubble. This void bubble had coincidentally engulfed around the region where that 'crimson snake' was.

    "What is happening? This, what is this! Break for me!"

    Even though that snake was slightly startled, he was still confident of his strength and tried breaking the bubble apart.

    But the moment its body that was as sharp as a divine weapon struck against the boundaries of the void bubble, it felt itself being blocked by layers and layers of obstacles. This body slam of it did not seem to do anything. Following which, the void bubble continued collapsing inwards!

    One could see the location where the spearhead was... produced a void bubble that engulfed around the snake, collapsing into a dark hold. That snake frantically struggled yet to no avail.

    Even though 'Third Brother' and 'Fifth Sister' were both shocked, they did not have the time to help. Regardless, they were relatively confident of 'Ninth Brother' since Ninth Brother's body was as tough as a divine weapon.


    The spear in Xue Ying's hand pierced out on a black point. This black point was precisely the void bubble that had collapsed.

    And at the next moment, that black dot exploded!

    It revealed the crimson snake which had been broken into three pieces. Those eyes of that snake were filled with terror. Currently, it was heavily injured. It anxiously shouted out: "Third Brother, Fifth Sister, save me!"


    Xue Ying remained seated there. He casually pierced out his spear two more times consecutively.

    And how fast was it when Xue Ying pierced out his spear?

    Every time he pierced out, it would strike against a black point that had been formed from a collapsed void bubble which engulfed around that crimson snake! When this spear pierced out against the black spot, the black point would explode.

    And this happened three times in total.

    The first strike split the crimson snake into three pieces. It was still struggling and shouting out for help.

    The second strike caused the snake to shatter, leaving behind just some pieces of its body. It was completely in despair already.

    And the third time the strike came, it completely destroyed the snake, leaving behind nothing at all.

    Everything happened too quickly!

    Reaching his level, every pierce of the spear happened at an extremely quick speed. And the two other experts, one was still controlling the venomous fog and insects trying hard to break apart the void maelstrom, while the other was anxiously trying to strike out with the blood-colored saber in his hand. Nonetheless, he was still too slow.

    "This is an early stage God Monarch Ascendant? And he is even heavily injured?"


    That Third Brother and the red-robed girl began panicking.

    The intelligence was so wrong.

    Even under the domain of the red-robed girl, the target killed 'Ninth Brother', the one with the strongest body amongst them in a single exchange. This strength was something even a middle stage God Monarch could not do so. The other party should be a peak stage God Monarch!

    A peak stage God Monarch was very different from an injured early stage God Monarch. The disparity in their strength was more than ten times greater!

    "The intelligence is false. The strength of the enemy is beyond what we are told! Retreat, retreat!" That green-robed man might be frustrated, yet he still transmitted out and fled without hesitation.

    "Don't think that it is so easy to run after trying to assassinate me!" Xue Ying was originally seated cross-legged there. But now, he moved.


    This motion of his arced through the sky.

    Being an expert at the final realm of Dao of Void, even though Xue Ying's body refinement strength had regained back its 'middle stage God Monarch realm' (comparable to middle stage King Realm within the Broken Teeth Mountain Range), he had deduced and grasped part of the profound mysteries of the void in this world. That strengthened his techniques beyond a level that experts in this world who 'relied merely on the strength of their Chaotic Origin Ancestral God bloodline' could achieve.

    "He is too fast!" That green-robed man tried escaping.

    As he escaped, Xue Ying continued pursuing behind.

    But Xue Ying's speed was twice his speed! This caused the expression of the green-robed man to change.


    Similarly, a spear pierced outwards! That green-robed man felt his surrounding void collapsing apart. It was like a huge bubble collapsing, and the speed it collapsed was too quick! He did not even have sufficient time to beg for mercy! The entire void bubble collapsed into 'one black spot'. That green-robed male merely felt himself turning small-as small as an ant. At the same time when the space he was in collapsed, the green-robed male felt the void around him becoming denser! He felt himself being pressed down!

    And in the outer world, an incredibly huge spear struck out at this black spot world that which had completely trapped the assailant. It was at this moment that the black spot world exploded!

    Force coming in from both directions!


    Saying it was slow, yet in reality, this was merely a strike by Xue Ying. How quick was it? That green-robed muscular man could only wave out the blood saber in his hand in response!
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