1319 The Final Outcome

    Xing Pavilion Master from High Mountain City's Heaven's Will Pavilion watched nervously. He held onto a scripture and recorded the scene of the battle. At the same time, he mumbled to himself with great shock: "No wonder. No wonder God Emperor Flying Snow did not ask for mercy or present any treasures to dissolve any enmity after speaking two sentences. Instead, he took the initiative to strike. So it seems he isn't any weaker than Specter Religion Master!"

    'Two Grand Perfection God Emperors are fighting! I, Xing Yi, am actually qualified to record the battle between two Grand Perfection God Emperors?' Xing Pavilion Master felt as if everything was dream-like. He was merely responsible for the Heaven's Will Pavilion in a small remote city like High Mountain City. In the entire Divine Realm across many of its Heaven's Will Pavilions, he was considered one of the lowest ranking Heaven's Will Pavilion's Pavilion Master.

    Yet in reality, he was at this moment recording a battle at this high level.

    'Grand Perfection God Emperor? That damned Tie Cheng Liu.' Bat Mountain Master watched at that frightening battle happening above. That terrifying dark void maelstrom was currently engulfing Specter Religion Master. Any casual shockwave from that attack could easily snuff out the life of he, Bat Mountain Master!

    In the past, he, Bat Mountain, actually dared to send three God Monarchs to assassinate this expert?

    'Fortunately, God Emperor Flying Snow is magnanimous and forgiving.' Bat Mountain Master thought.

    Yet he did not know.

    That in past when Xue Ying came, his strength had not recovered. If he wanted to attack Bat Mountain, he would have to rely on his soul technique. Furthermore, being an outsider of this world, Xue Ying was not willing to reveal his soul technique. But now with his current strength, Xue Ying could easily exterminate Bat Mountain Master with a flip of his hand. It's just that in the past, he did not do so. After which, Bat Mountain Master actually made amends with him. All these years, Bat Mountain Master fawned on the Flying Snow Residence and naturally, Xue Ying did not follow up with the matter.



    Even though the other party could harm him, Specter Religion Master did not mind. This skin-deep injury did not reduce his life force at all.

    'He is a Late Stage Ascendant God Emperor? His techniques are clearly weak, yet they are unpredictable and strange. Dealing against them is tough.' Specter Religion Master's expression shifted slightly, 'No wonder North River invited Wise Wizard and I to deal with this God Emperor together.'

    Xue Ying had many techniques that could not injure him at all previously.

    In the end, it was still the dark maelstrom and several hundred spears that stacked up each maelstrom together, bringing enough damage that could injure Specter Religion Master.

    'I shall not play with him any longer.' The eyes of Specter Religion Master turned frigid.


    Specter Religion Master opened his mouth.

    A terrifying ear-piercing screech was let out of it, forming waves that could be seen with the naked eyes. These waves easily broke apart the dark void maelstroms ahead of him. It continued all the way until it reached Xue Ying.

    "Mn?" Xue Ying suffered from the impact of this sharp screech. Even though he immediately resisted against it using his spear techniques, those unseen ripples still struck his entire body. His Void-ification enabled him to dissipate much of the incoming force. Despite having a Late Stage God Emperor fleshy body currently, he still felt his body turning numb, and a dizzying spell striking his mind. Nonetheless, his soul was sufficiently strong. That gave him the ability to resist against these waves.

    'Has Specter Religion Master begun employing his killing techniques?' Xue Ying thought. He had long memorised the intelligence from Heaven's Will Pavilion---regarding the three great killing techniques that made Specter Religion Master reach his ninth position on the God Emperor Ranking List.


    The back of Specter Religion Master abruptly protruded out, forming a pair of skeletal wings. These wings were even covered with crimson skin. As he flapped those wings of his, Specter Religion Master's speed exploded.

    "Hu hu hu~" Nine images leapt forward together.

    Xue Ying knew that Specter Religion Master was so fast that he could appear in any of those images.

    This was not 'instantaneous movement' or a magical ability. It was purely speed! His speed was much faster than what Xue Ying could achieve with his 'Void Devil Insect Body Technique' by approximately two times! And this gap felt truly exaggerated. It was normal too since Specter Religion Master was the second fastest cultivator in the entire Divine Realm. Even Cloud Phoenix City Master and several other Grand Perfection God Emperors were not as fast as he.

    "Chi chi chi." Specter Religion Master's original hands had already transformed into a pair of enormous claw. The crimson skin on the claws were completely crystallized. And it was this pair of claws that were his strongest weapon.

    Specter Religion Master would occasionally screech, influencing Xue Ying with waves of ear-piercing sound.

    With his extreme speed, he circled around Xue Ying, slashing out with his claws that Xue Ying had to block with his spear.

    'Even though he is stronger than me, his technique execution is relatively crude, allowing me to fight on equal grounds with him easily.' Xue Ying might be disadvantaged, yet his defenses were tight. Even though Grand Perfection God Emperors sought to perfect their techniques, employing more profound laws in them, many were ultimately cultivators that walked down the path of bloodline.

    Competing in the profoundness of their techniques? How could they compare with Xue Ying and others who comprehended laws and profound mysteries since they were mortals! Ascendants also comprehended Daos.

    They did not have any bloodline energy and were forced to comprehend the 'Dao' that they specialized in to grow stronger.

    "I can't deal with him alone. North River, Wise Wizard, act now." Specter Religion Master transmitted to both his allies.


    Great Emperor North River and Wise Wizard City Master, these two Grand Perfection God Emperors had long arrived at High Mountain City.

    The two of them completely concealed their aura, disguising themselves as Early Stage God Emperors. Reaching the level of Grand Perfection God Emperor, it was impossible for others to trace them down using karma! As for aura? It was impossible for others to discern if they were authentic either!

    "A Late Stage Ascendant God Emperor. Brother North River, it is little wonder that you wanted all three of us to work together." Wise Wizard City Master grinned, "But with this little power, it is possible for the three of us to kill him once we work together."

    "Mn." Great Emperor North River nodded. Nonetheless, he had a vague feeling that things were amiss.

    Because looking at that Xue Ying who was currently fighting with Specter Religion Master, Great Emperor North River could see that Xue Ying was currently only using his Dao of Void techniques.

    'He has reached Late Stage God Emperor Realm just with his Dao of Void alone? He could even fight with Bloodline Grand Perfection God Emperors?' Great Emperor North River thought, 'If he casted his soul technique, the three of us might even be greatly affected.'


    'His soul technique could only cause the weakest God Generals to fall. The strongest God Generals could still resist against it.' Great Emperor North River thought, 'Now that I have reached the Grand Perfection God Emperor Realm, it should likely only reduce our strength by approxmiately 20% to 30%, right?'

    'Even though we are weakened, it is still possible for the three of us to coordinate and help each other.' Great Emperor North River considered.

    Those were two helpers that he chose conscientiously.

    If he casually chose two other Grand Perfection God Emperors, it would be hard for them to be of great help to him. They would only have an advantage in numbers.

    But the current group of three... if their techniques were executed together, the outcome would no longer be the same.

    'Even if we were weaker by 20% to 30%, it is entirely possible for the three of us to kill him.' Great Emperor North River thought.

    Great Emperor North River exchanged glances with Wise Wizard City Master.

    "Move in!"


    "Hong! Hong!"

    Two figures moved in as quick as lightning. They rushed up into the sky. It was like puncturing through soap bubbles, they easily pierced through the protective arrays covering High Mountain City.

    The aura of these two figures were abnormally terrifying.


    Of which the green-robed green-browed old man roared out. His body metamorphosed into a Mist Dragon! This Mist Dragon immediately charged out at Xue Ying, causing large amounts of green fog to engulf him. Xue Ying's expression changed. It was useless even if he executed his spear technique since the fog could not be blocked. It rapidly surrounded and engulfed him.

    Being wrapped around by layers made Xue Ying pale. His strength and speed were greatly weakened.

    "Si la--"

    That green-robed male pulled out his sword, causing sword lights to form. Those sword lights could easily slash the world into heaven. One of the sword lights that was as fluid as water reached Xue Ying. And it was at this moment that the fog surrounding Xue Ying split apart, leaving just a slender gap that allowed the sword light to enter. It did not hinder the sword light at all.

    "North River!" When Xue Ying saw the green-robed male and the terrifying Grand Perfection God Emperor strength let out by him, Xue Ying naturally recognized with a single glance that this green-robed male was none other than 'Great Emperor North River', the person who originated from the same place as he did.


    The various experts within High Mountain City were still stunned with God Emperor Flying Snow's strength, and even Imperial Wind Qing Yin revealed a joyous look, feeling that her teacher could at least defend himself when...

    "This is?"

    These experts were startled.

    They saw two figures easily breaking apart the protective arrays and rushed up into the sky. Their aura were as abnormally strong as Specter Religion Master's.

    Those nine images!

    That Mist Dragon!

    And those sword lights that could cut the world into half!

    "Three, three Grand Perfection God Emperor?" Everyone was hoodwinked.

    That Xing Pavilion Master from Heaven's Will Pavilion who was responsible for recording the battle scene felt his throat becoming dry. Three Grand Perfection God Emperors ganging up against an expert? This was rare in the history of the Divine Realm. Every single time such an event happened would stir the entire Divine Realm.

    Xing Pavilion Master immediately reported upwards: "Three Grand Perfection God Emperors are currently ganging up against God Emperor Flying Snow. It is currently happening right here at High Mountain City!"

    This news rapidly reached the headquarters of Heaven's Will Pavilion.

    As almost all the peak experts in the Divine realm had ordered for intelligence reports to be sent from the Heaven's Will Pavilion over a long period, whenever something unusual popped out, these experts would be informed about it.

    And this news regarding three Grand Perfection God Emperors attacking one expert? It was something that absolutely had to be informed to all customers!

    This news rapidly spread out across the Divine Realm to all the various huge sects!
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