1375 Retreat!

    The cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City had grouped themselves into three teams. They all charged up into the sky towards the Sea of Abyss Master!

    Even though many Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were frantically rushing up to stop the cultivators, after being affected by the pull of the Illusory Realm on their souls, those Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were no longer useful at battles of this level. The eyes of every cultivator were filled with expectation and desire. Like Weather Leaf, Wu Xiao, Xue Ying and other apex experts, their hearts were even burning with enthusiasm. They wanted to borrow this chance to 'jump out of the cage and become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform'!

    "Haha, everyone, just die for me!" The Sea of Abyss Master roared. His voice was like rolling thunder as his hands casually danced.

    The battle had begun!


    At the same moment.

    The cultivators from the other four cities were in the midst of rushing over to Scarlet Cloud City. The cultivators from 'Sky Noon City' were the closest, and those from the 'Frost Moon City' were the furthest. They had split themselves into several combat formations and were using their fastest speed to rush over! After all, these were 'combat formations' formed by more than a thousand cultivators. As long as they avoided the territories of the Chaotic Origin Prisoners, they would face no danger at all.

    Ordinary Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were also obeying the orders and were moving in large numbers to Scarlet Cloud City. They would not care about the cultivators from the four other cities.

    Only when they reached the 'Scarlet Cloud City' would the cultivators face some trouble as they were entirely outnumbered by the Chaotic Origin Lifeforms.

    "They have acted."

    "The cultivators of Scarlet Cloud City are really decisive."

    Most of the cultivators from the other four cities were Grand Perfection God Emperors! And they had several who could scout through a huge distance! Just like the 'magic mirror' in Scarlet Cloud City, the other four cities had their own methods too.

    They were all watching the huge battle happening in Scarlet Cloud City.

    "With Monarch Flying Snow around, those ordinary Chaotic Origin Lifeforms are no longer threatening. Hence, the three teams of cultivators from Scarlet Cloud City could simply focus on attacking the Sea of Abyss Master."

    "If they really succeeded in killing the Sea of Abyss Master, then this battle would also end now. We would have wasted our effort in rushing over!" The cultivators from the other four cities were discussing between each other as they spectated the battle.

    They did not wish for Scarlet Cloud City to lose!

    But neither did they want Scarlet Cloud City to kill the Sea of Abyss Master alone! As this pertained to the battle over the Great Dao, all of them wanted to do their best and fight for that strand of opportunity!

    Hence, the best circumstance would be for Scarlet Cloud City to have an advantage without killing the other party! By then, they could also participate in the battle.


    "The defenses of this Sea of Abyss Master is so formidable?"

    "This, this..."

    "It is much stronger as compared to the previous time he went out for a patrol. The cultivators from Scarlet Cloud City could barely break his skin with their attacks?"

    The cultivators from the other four cities were greatly shocked.


    Scarlet Cloud City.

    The surrounding Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were as voluminous as the sea. They were charging over in waves.

    The three teams of cultivators were like three Flood Dragons. Each Flood Dragon was 500 kilometers long as they surrounded the Sea of Abyss Master and were attacking him fanatically.

    "Xie Fan." Weather Leaf controlled the core node for one of the teams. He transmitted over to Xie Fan.

    "I understand."

    Devil God Xie Fan extended his right claw, causing large amounts of energy in the combat formation to gather on him. Beside him, there were many other Grand Perfection God Emperor cultivators that were similarly executing their techniques. Some of the energy congregated on the body of these cultivators too. For a moment, more than a hundred cultivators had executed their attacks at the same time! With the power from the combat formation, approximately 20% of it poured into the body of Xie Fan, and the remaining split amongst the hundred over cultivators.

    It was not like all energy converging onto one person simply because a combat formation maintained by over a thousand cultivators was too terrifying, and a cultivator could not withstand the energy!

    "Hong hong hong..."

    Various attacks landed on the body of theSea of Abyss Master. Of which the claws of Xie Fan even tore out a wound.

    "Flying Snow." Weather Leaf transmitted immediately after that.

    "Coming." Xue Ying held his spear. One could see his spear moving. It was also covered in a layer of mysterious water! This was none other than the Water Droplet Secret Technique that he comprehended from the corpse of Quiet Icy Mountain Master. This secret technique was incredibly powerful and sharp. And Xue Ying's soul was sufficiently strong. His realm was also quite high. Hence, Xue Ying was able to control the energy of over 20% of the combat formation unto his spear.

    He had no choice.

    Just 20% of the energy from the combat formation was already his limit. It was too strong that Xue Ying felt himself becoming heavy.

    The other Grand Perfection God Emperors could also rely on the energy to send down their attacks.

    "Chi chi chi--" The sharp spear cut against the skin on the waist of the Sea of Abyss Master. That skin was truly tough. There were even trillions of layers of light stacking up as layers of membrane. Nonetheless, they were still cut by the spear covered in a layer formed from water droplets, forming a wound tens of kilometers long, and half a kilometer deep. Nonetheless, this light injury to the Sea of Abyss Master who was 600 kilometers tall, was barely breaking his skin.

    The Sea of Abyss Master felt disdain from blocking against attacks that could cause such light injuries.

    The three huge combat formations!

    Only the attacks exerted by Weather Leaf, Wu Xiao, and Great Emperor Heaven Calamity were deliberately parried by the Sea of Abyss Master. Most of the time, the Sea of Abyss Master was attacking instead.

    "It's futile."

    "He has comprehended an even more formidable defensive technique. The protective membrane covering his skin seems much stronger."

    "City Master, what should we do?"

    They were all anxious.

    Even though the three teams of cultivators still held an advantage, it was impossible for them to kill the other party within a short period of time.

    "Hou~ Die for me!" The Sea of Abyss Master roared with slight indignance. He originally had two hands. At this moment, he had transformed back into his true body. Both his arms disappeared, forming 16 tentacles instead! His true body did not seem much too different from his current appearances, just that he had become much uglier, and his two arms turning into 16 tentacles.

    As his entire body was pierced through by shackles, this transformation increased the pain coursing through his body. Some wounds in his body that were folding showed signs of blood.

    From the start of the battle until now, the slight skin-deep injuries he had were recovered instantaneously. But now, after transforming into his true body, the injuries he had were worsening instead.

    But this metamorphosis had greatly boosted his strength. The Sea of Abyss Master was clearly unwilling to let these cultivators off.

    "Be careful." Weather Leaf warned everyone.

    "Hong~" The 16 tentacles began dancing. They were wild and violent. It filled the cultivators with trepidation.

    The three Flood Dragons continued attacking him with full power.

    Originally, they held the upper hand. But now, they seemed to be vaguely disadvantaged. It was only due to the exquisite coordination the cultivators had and their realms in addition to their practices that prevented them from making any mistakes.

    "Damn." The Sea of Abyss Master felt really frustrated now.

    After fighting for a moment.

    As he maintained his true body, the injuries on his body were constantly worsening. As for the cultivators, they were delightedly attacking the other party! Yet when the Sea of Abyss Master saw he could do nothing during the short period, he chose to transform back to his original appearances with two arms. At least in this state, his body could remain undamaged.

    "City Master, what should we do? We can't kill him at all."

    "We can't kill him."

    "He has returned back to his original appearance. If we continued fighting, he wouldn't be affected at all."

    The cultivators were all filled with unwillingness.

    Weather Leaf, Wu Xiao, and Xue Ying were watching this towering Sea of Abyss Master before them. They felt unwillingness swell in their hearts.

    "His strength has improved holistically. Not only has his offensive techniques become stronger, he has even comprehended a more formidable defensive technique." Weather Leaf transmitted, "Let us retreat first."



    Even though they felt unwilling, the three teams still rapidly retreated.

    At this moment, the Sea of Abyss Master was still on the disadvantaged side. Hence, it was very easy for the three teams from Scarlet Cloud City to retreat. They rapidly flew over and bypassed the barrier of Scarlet Cloud City. Even though the barrier of Scarlet Cloud City was under siege, Xue Ying and the other cultivators could easily go through it without being hindered.


    After returning back to Scarlet Cloud City.

    The group of cultivators were also safe now. However, everyone did not feel happy.

    Because they originally wanted to kill the Sea of Abyss Master in one fell swoop. They were still looking forward to the fact that Sea of Abyss Master might be stronger offensively as compared to the previous time, though his defenses and survival capabilities remained constant. That way, according to their past experiences, they would be able to succeed in killing the other party. But reality was otherwise. The Sea of Abyss Master had improved holistically.

    "It seems we have to wait for cultivators from other cities to arrive before we can act." Xie Fan looked at the towering Sea of Abyss Master before saying, "It is impossible for us to kill him by ourselves."

    "We did not succeed even with three teams. So what if six or nine teams come...? I doubt we would succeed." Wu Xiao said nonchalantly, "This Sea of Abyss Master has comprehended a new defensive technique that is incredible. Just now, only I, Weather, and Heaven Calamity are able to hinder him slightly despite relying on the strength of the array. As for others? Our attacks are simply bore by his body! The attacks by others can barely break his skin. With his current recovery speed, he can easily shrug those attacks off. Even if cultivators from three or four cities come, do you think we can kill him? I highly doubt so."


    Those present nodded.

    Xue Ying had to admit that there were no huge differences between three teams, nine, 12, or 15 teams! Perhaps they would be more threatening, yet there were no qualitative differences! With the protective technique the other party had, they did not have much chance of killing him.

    "There are only two ways we can rely on to kill the Sea of Abyss Master." Weather Leaf said, "The first is to wait until other cultivators are here. With greater numbers... Perhaps we would have a greater advantage over dealing with the Sea of Abyss Master! And once we reach a certain standard, perhaps that might be just over his limits, allowing us to kill him."

    Those present did not add anything. This was purely an 'attempt'.

    "And the second method is to comprehend a larger-scaled combat formation." Weather Leaf said, "I've heard that a very long time ago, the cultivators of that era had created a 'Five-Phase Life and Death Array'. It had been perfected by the cultivators from all five assembly grounds in the past. In the end, they were barely able to execute it. However, there was a qualitative change in their strength, allowing them to kill the Sea of Abyss Master of that era in one fell swoop. We could try this as well."

    "I know of the Five-Phase Life and Death Array." Great Emperor Heaven Calamity said, "But even with the five strongest experts in the array aspect in the past, they could barely execute this combat formation. And now of those five... There are only two left in this Cultivation Sacred World. The difficulty of execution is immense. It has a high demand for the numbers of cultivators too. We need to have a total of 150 apex experts!"

    "At least we would have greater hope using the second method." Wu Xiao said.
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