Chapter 424: Envy

    Chapter 424: Envy

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    What Madam Sang had said wasn't wrong at all: He hadn't yet cultivated for ten thousand years; he had an incredibly high comprehension of the world; and he was from a material world. All of this most likely implied that he was a Material Realm Lord.

    "I was just fortunate." Xue Ying laughed, naturally admitting it.

    "A Material Realm Lord? He's truly a Material Realm Lord?" The surrounding Deities that had passed the selections were all startled and looked at Xue Ying enviously. The red-haired male with half a mask was also looking at him with a complex expression, as if he couldn't be jealous. Even Seventh Mei Yu, who had an extremely high status, looked toward Xue Ying in shock. He uncontrollably blurted out, "I'm truly envious of Brother Dong Bo."


    Patrol Master Guan laughed and then sighed. "Young friend Dong Bo, you truly know how to make others both admire and feel envious of you! For you to have attained such great combat power despite being so young, it's alright to say that your future is incredibly bright. Even I'm envious of the fact that you're a Material Realm Lord! I'd be willing to exchange all of my treasures and my position as the commander of the Starfield Patrol Army if it meant I could become a Material Realm Lord myself. It's a pity that it's impossible for me to do so!"

    "Patrol Master Guan, even if you're born from a material world, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll become a Material Realm Lord." The black-robed General Tu said, "As within the Material World, there aren't many powerful ancestral Deities. As for Demigod Transcendents? Their sensitivity toward the law of the world is akin to half a scale and half a claw; pointers from someone else could even make your path of cultivation even harder at that level."

    Xue Ying nodded when he heard this

    General Tu was right.

    The higher one's realm, the more one understood. However, it was tough to give pointers during one's cultivation unless one was a powerful existence who'd long transcended beyond the Laws of the World! Pointers from them were targeted directly at the very essence of one's cultivation. As for when he'd still been young and Si Kong Yang and the others had been teaching him...though it might have been fine to ordinary Transcendents, they had still ended up misleading him!

    However, no one could them. They had merely been Demigods at that point in time; thus, their comprehension of the Laws of the World were truly too shallow.

    "The difficulty of reaching the peak of the Deity realm within ten thousand years without a teacher-by having to ponder and comprehend everything on your own... is truly too difficult." The black-robed old man sighed.

    "Everything has both Yin and Yang." The beautiful lady said from above, "Even though cultivating without a good teacher's mentorship might be tough, the moment that one does become a Material Realm Lord, they can simply learn an avatar technique and leave one of their body's in the Material World while the other goes out and adventures. Even if a World Deity is more powerful, he can't possibly kill a Material Realm Lord."


    Everyone present was truly envious.

    That was right. Nobody beneath the realm of being a powerful existence could possibly kill a Material Realm Lord. Even those with extremely high combat power close to that of a powerful existence-stage four World Deities-could at most kill one of the Material Realm Lord's avatar. However, their true body would still be safe and sound in their homeworld.

    One had to realize just how few powerful existence truly existed throughout the entire Deity World.

    Even trying to offend a powerful existence was extremely difficult.

    One would usually be afraid of offending powerful enemies while adventuring through the Deity World, lest they carelessly offend an existence with a terrifying background. However, being a Material Realm Lord meant that they'd have the existence of a protective talisman capable of making others think twice about killing someone that couldn't truly die! A Material Realm Lord could adventure through the Deity World without having to be afraid of death, allowing them to reap huge treasures.

    "Truly enviable." Everyone present was incredibly envious of him!

    There were both advantages and disadvantages to being born in the Deity World versus being born in the Material World.

    The strength of the World Energy in the Deity World was much more vigorous, which meant that one could become a Transcendent much more easily. Furthermore, those with great innate talent could easily gain the guidance of powerful seniors, to the extent of even being received as disciples under some powerful World Deities. All World Deities had at least comprehended a grade one Deity Heart; thus, their guidance would be a huge boon if one could obtain it. With it, cultivating would be ten to a even a hundred times easier.

    As for those born in a material world? They'd have to rely on themselves for everything! To become a peak-level Deity by oneself within ten thousand years was incredibly hard. However, even if one didn't become a Material Realm Lord, it was still much safer to cultivate in a material world, as there weren't nearly as many Deity-level experts.

    Both had their pros and cons.

    "Brother Dong Bo, have you cultivated an avatar technique?" Seventh Mei Yu suddenly asked from next to him.

    Everyone reacted differently when they heard his question. Patrol Master Guan immediately asked, "Young friend Dong Bo, this isn't your true body, is it?"

    "I've indeed cultivated an avatar technique." Xue Ying didn't feel the need to conceal anything and nodded.

    "Why would you..." Patrol Master Guan shook his head when he heard this. "Your soul will be split in half when you cultivate an avatar technique, which will affect your comprehension abilities... Why didn't you just continue to cultivate and wait for the next Myriad Flower Feast instead..."

    Xue Ying laughed. "Wait another ten million years? I'm not trying to be egotistical, but I feel that I'd have long become a World Deity."

    "Mn." Patrol Master Guan and the other World Deities present agreed with him when they heard this. Considering that he'd reached his current realm after only two thousand years, it would indeed be easy for to become a World Deity within ten million years.

    "Once ten million years have passed, I won't be able to participate in the God Palace's Myriad Flower Feast and enjoy the Myriad Flower True Fruit anymore." Xue Ying laughed. "Besides, I've already reached a bottleneck in my cultivation and feel that I'm only a single step away from becoming a World Deity! However...this step is truly akin to the gulf between the heavens and the earth; it will take me quite a while to take it. As such, I decided to simply cultivate an avatar technique in order to participate in the God Palace's Myriad Flower Feast, while at the same time making use of this opportunity to refine my combat power and proceed to the God Palace, so that I can become a disciple beneath a powerful existence in the future."

    The beautiful lady said, "Young friend Dong Bo will definitely be received by a powerful existence as long as you're able to reach the God Palace."

    "If I have a powerful existence guiding my cultivation, I believe that it will take me much less time to break through this last step." Xue Ying laughed. "To have a chance to experience the Myriad Flower Feast, the opportunity to enjoy the Myriad Flower True Fruit, and to even have the chance of becoming a disciple under a powerful existence...all of these factors combined made me think that it was definitely worth it to cultivate an avatar technique."

    "That's right."

    "There are definitely both pros and cons."

    "The Myriad Flower True Fruit is incredibly beneficial to one's soul; it could possibly cover for the loss he sustained from splitting his soul in two."

    Many World Deities understood Xue Ying's decision.

    Either he could continue to cultivate for ten million years...or he could become an even more dazzling existence earlier on by participating in the Myriad Flower Feast and become a disciple beneath a powerful existence.

    Or to become even more dazzling earlier on by participating in the Myriad Flower Feast, becoming a disciple of a powerful existence...

    If they were in his place, they most likely would've picked the second option.

    Mountain Wu Star Field's selections had yet to end, but despite the occasional person passing, the World Deities seated on the high platform continued to chat amongst themselves and Xue Ying.

    It was clear that Xue Ying's status had become much higher in their hearts.

    Finally, after a total of twelve days, the Mountain Wu Star Field selections came to an end.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, as part of the upcoming Myriad Flower Feast, our Mountain Wu Star Field's selections have finally ended. A total of sixteen Deities from our Mountain Wu Star Field have passed the selections, with experts such as Dong Bo and Seventh Mei Yu amongst them. I believe that, in the upcoming prefecture selections, the Deities of our Mountain Wu Star Field will be able to display their combat power and represent the entire Calm Sea Prefecture by participating in the final God Palace selection in front of His Majesty and the many powerful existences." Patrol Master Guan's voice was filled with confidence as he spoke.

    The Deity soldiers beneath him began to usher the countless spectators out of the Bloodshed region and became quite busy maintaining order.

    "Let's go." Patrol Master Guan looked around. "The sixteen who've passed the Starfield Selections, follow me to my residence! We'll stay there for a year and then proceed onward to the prefecture capital! You can bring any friends or subordinates with you; my residence is definitely large enough to hold them all."

    Those with high combat power would usually have several subordinates and followers.

    Patrol Master Guan, Madam Song, General Tu, and the rest of the World Deities all rose into the sky soon after he said this.

    Seventh Mei Yu, Xue Ying, and the other fourteen Deities trailed behind them with their own people. Xue Ying simply brought Yun Hai, while Seventh Mei Yu had brought the most people. A group of white-robed female attendants trailed behind him. All of them were extraordinary Deities, such that they probably stronger than the army soldiers one normally saw.

    "Dong Bo, I'm gonna go crazy from the excitement of that battle." Yun Hai said as he flew alongside Xue Ying, "Shouldn't we tell the Xia Clan about his? So that they can be happy as well?"

    "Go ahead and tell them." Xue Ying laughed.

    "Alright, give me a moment to tell tell them. Purple Thunder and the others will surely be happy too." Yun Hai was rarely ever this excited.

    Xue Ying simply smiled.

    As they followed Patrol Master Guan...even though Xue Ying and the others weren't flying incredibly fast, space itself was being distorted and transformed, as Patrol Master Guan was in control of Mountain Wu City. It only took a few moments for the Patrol Master's extravagant residence to appear in Xue Ying's line of sight.
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