Chapter 434: Wait

    Chapter 434: Wait

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    Jing Qiu and the other Deities from Xia Clan were gathered inside Xue Ying's cavern, in the Bloodshed region of the Calm Sea Prefecture Capital. Everyone was focused on the ranking battle of the Myriad Flower Feast.

    "I wonder what situation is Dong Bo in right now. That scroll world seems very dangerous." Emperor Yun Hai looked up into the sky, where the enormous scroll was located somewhere in the distance. Every once in a while, figures could be seen as they were expelled from within. There were even signs of fresh blood spraying out and the occasional shouts of agony. Together, they served to leave Emperor Yun Hai in a state of constant anxiety.

    "Don't worry so much. Dong Bo's combat power is incredible; I'm sure he won't encounter any problems with this ranking battle. Even if the worst should happen, Dong Bo is still a Realm Lord, and he could easily just refine another avatar." The Dragon Mountain Emperor laughed.

    "What load of crap!" The Purple Thunder Emperor glared at him. "How could there be any problem with Dong Bo's ranking battle. It's only the first stage of many, while Dong Bo is at a level where powerful existences will surely fight over him as a disciple."

    "Older Brother Purple Thunder, I was mistaken; my words were untrue. I admit my fault and will accept any punishment." The Dragon Mountain Emperor took up the cup of wine beside him and gulped it down.

    The Purple Thunder Emperor laughed at the sight. "Dragon Mountain, you call this punishment? The content of that cup is an excellent and beneficial wine. According to Dong Bo's words, it was obtained from Crimson Rock Mountain."

    The Dragon Mountain Emperor chuckled.

    Jing Qiu merely stood to the side, keeping her eyes peeled at the situation over at the distant enormous scroll. Suddenly, she stood up. "Look, quickly! It's Dong Bo!"

    "Dong Bo!"

    Everyone present turned over.

    As Deities, they could clearly discern that the figure who had just been expelled was none other than a completely uninjured Xue Ying! At the same time, a mighty voice resounded all over the place, "The twelfth batch has ended!" As soon as the voice ended, they saw Xue Ying descending down.

    "Haha, Dong Bo was actually last to exit from the twelfth batch."

    "Just because he was last to exit doesn't necessarily mean he has the highest kill count."

    "Mn, look at Dong Bo! There's no sign on injury on his body, and neither is there a trace of blood."

    The various Deities from the Xia Clan let out a collective sigh of relief upon seeing Xue Ying coming out alive. They all understood that the probability of Xue Ying being trapped within there would be low, but that didn't stop them from worrying until they saw him with their own eyes!

    "This was merely the twelfth batch. It seems like the ranking battle will last for another day," a hunk from Xia Clan, the Fierce Tiger Emperor, announced. "Now that Dong Bo is out, there's nothing interesting to watch out for regarding this battle. Should we just wait around here like fools? How about we all go for a walk? I haven't really gotten a chance to look around the Calm Sea Prefecture Capital after arriving here."

    "Go out for a walk? Older Brother Fierce Tiger, have you no awareness of where you are? This is the prefecture capital! The Calm Sea Prefecture Capital! Even World Deities aren't any big deal here. There are just too many people with huge backgrounds here! Disciples of powerful existences, children and relatives of the Calm Sea Prefecture Master, heirs from other nations... these people might not be anything much in terms of their cultivation, but their skill in bringing trouble to others is first class," Yun Hai explained.

    "As we arrived, we saw some disciples and relatives from extravagant clans moving around in carriages and generally being very arrogant, but they would still follow the law to some degree."

    "That's not what it was," The Scarlet Flame Emperor, who wore a battle saber on his back, coldly stated. "We've been following the group participating in the Myriad Flower Feast, so there would naturally be nobody out there who would dare offend us. But if we were to go out by ourselves, we would have to be as obedient and low-profile as possible. The disciples and relatives of the extravagant clans here do follow the rules more strictly than those in smaller regions like starfields, but should it be in their interest to do so, they could easily capture a number of Deities and push them into slaughtering each other. It would truly be a pity for you to be one of those people."

    "Ah." The Fierce Tiger Emperor was stunned. This was his very first time in a prefecture capital, after all.

    "On a normal occasion, like a rare visit over to the prefecture capital, taking that risk would be fine," Scarlet Flame Emperor frankly stated. "But we are here following Dong Bo. His future is immeasurable, and it won't be long until even we, as his followers, might get the chance to enter the Bloodshed God Palace and even obtain an entry rank each! By then, our identities will be on another level. So tell me, why would we take any unnecessary risks now?"

    "Oh." Fierce Tiger nodded.

    Of the Deities from the Xia Clan currently present, there were only a few who were reluctant to leave their old homes in the Deity world, while the majority was very willing to follow Xue Ying.

    The more experienced they were, the better they understood that this chance to follow someone like Xue Ying was truly rare to come by!

    In this regard, Xue Ying welcomed such an opportunity, since deepening his roots in the Deity world require many helpers. Of course he would resort to the ancestral Deities of the Xia Clan first to that purpose. Furthermore, he was overjoyed to be able to assist the ancestral Deities of his Xia Clan in any way.

    Another day passed.

    Most had stayed within their caverns, at most walking around the Bloodshed region. Very soon, Jing Qiu and the other Deities of the Xia Clan discovered that Xue Ying had returned.

    With the ranking battle having ended, the participants were all returning to their caverns.

    "Brother Dong Bo's combat power is truly high. There should be no issue in getting through the ranking battle, and I trust you will make it all the way to the Bloodshed God Palace."

    "Haha, you overpraise me. Even if you two fellow brothers were to fail, it should still be pretty easy to join the Bloodshed God Palace and gain an entry rank ... In any case, the ranking results have yet to come out, so it's too early to tell anything."

    Xue Ying was walking alongside two other Deities, chatting on their way back. Soon, they separated and each flew toward their respective cavern, Xue Ying himself included.

    "Xue Ying."

    "Dong Bo."

    Jing Qiu and the others all welcomed him by the entrance.

    "How was it?" Jing Qiu asked. "How did the ranking battle of the Myriad Flower Feast go?"

    "It was quite alright." Xue Ying nodded. "I'm quite certain I am in the top thousand for this battle."

    Xue Ying would be humble in front of any random passersby, but he did not really care about putting any appearances in front of his loved ones and friends.

    "Details regarding the rankings come out in three days." Yun Hai nodded from the side. "Ai, the battle is already over, and the results should logically have come out. They could easily announce the ranking results right now, yet they're stubborn enough to wait for three more days."

    Xue Ying laughed. "For the most part, it's so they can turn time back to be sure that nobody went against the rules. Other than that, they want to investigate those who have potential... so as to make arrangements for the upcoming arena battle. From what I've heard, information about those with great potential is being sent back to the Bloodshed God Palace as we speak, and their background is also going to be checked in detail!"

    "They're sending back reports on the participants with high potential to the Bloodshed God Palace? And they will even be investigating their past experiences?" Everyone was shocked at this new information.

    Xue Ying laughed. He found about about this matter from the treasure spirit, Crimson Rock.

    "Indeed." Xue Ying nodded. "For instance, there are a few who have yet to cultivate any World Deity ranked secret techniques but have a truly high comprehension ability, so they will suffer more. The arrangements for the arena battle must be done properly, so it's only natural that they would want to know more about the background of the participants. The Bloodshed God Palace will collect all of that intelligence before the next battle starts."

    It was very likely that information on himself would also be reported.

    That included his time in the Xia Clan...from his birth, to his entry into Crimson Rock Mountain, killing the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God's avatars, dealing with the avatar of the Wo Hai World Deity, and any event from after he entered the Deity world. Everything would be investigated.

    Naturally, the matter of his grade one True Meaning had never been revealed to the public! The Temporal Temple could use all its strength to investigate, and they might be able to arrive at that conclusion, but even if that were to be done, it could not leak out the news! As a treasure spirit, it was bound to follow the rules absolutely.

    "People with ultra-high comprehension abilities, who have yet have to cultivate any World Deity ranked secret techniques?" The Purple Thunder Emperor shook his head. "Such cases should be few and far between. After all, Transcendents with great innate talent would normally see a lot of focus placed on them! That is even more true once they become Deities and their comprehension abilities increased. As soon as they're discovered, they would be invited over by the powerful organizations, becoming disciples under stage four World Deities or even powerful existences!"

    "Mn. A large amount of participants for the Myriad Flower Feast are already disciples of powerful existences," Xue Ying said.

    Before they became World Deities, even if they were disciples of powerful existences, they would, for the most part, only reach the level of honorary disciples and at most become inner disciples. As such, their status was naturally not that high. Of course, that statement did not include grade one True Meaning Transcendents! Powerful existences would naturally treat grade one True Meaning Transcendents like precious children, grooming them to the best of their abilities.

    Xue Ying occasionally accompanied Jing Qiu and the other Deities from the Xia Clan, but the majority of his time was spent cultivating. The ranking battle had provided him with a lot of inspiration, especially when it came to the Chaotic Suppression-which he had already started pondering with the purpose of perfecting it.

    Three days were truly too short an amount of time for any cultivator.

    Lacking any sense of the flow of time, Xue Ying soon heard his wife's voice calling out to him. "Xue Ying, Xue Ying, come out, quickly! The ranking results are going to be announced soon!" she shouted out.
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