Chapter 452: Accept Whom as Master?

    Chapter 452: Accept Whom as Master?

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    The legion soldiers were in charge of maintaining order as the spectators, who had rushed over from every direction, finally began to disperse. Xue Ying, Drunk Guest, and the rest also returned to their own abodes.

    Back on the high platform.

    The World Deity group got up and began to depart. Now that all three rounds of the Calm Sea Prefecture's were through, there was no longer a need for them to remain there.

    "Brother White Sand, are you going to the Bloodshed God Palace?" King Rong Hai asked.

    "Even if just for his brother Dong Bo, he'll surely go over to watch the battle." To the side, the Ink Cloud City Lord smiled.

    The White Sand City Lord smiled back and rubbed his pointed beard in a pleased manner. "Ink Cloud City Lord, your guess is not wrong. I have to go to the Bloodshed God Palace, even if just to see which powerful existence my brother Dong Bo will become the disciple of."

    "There's no need for you to worry about that. This Dong Bo chap's talent is pretty incredible," the Ink Cloud City Lord confidently stated. "He's only lived for 2,300 years, and he's this strong already. Furthermore, his Mirage and Star Deity Hearts are both on the brink of a breakthrough. With the guidance of a powerful existence, he's basically assured to get a grade one Deity Heart within 10,000 years. His talent is god enough to send powerful existences fighting over him."

    "It's not whether he'll be chosen as a disciple by a powerful existence that I'm worried about." The White Sand City Lord shook his head. "If they don't choose someone of Dong Bo's potential, how many people out there would qualify?"

    It might seem like Jiu She's strength was higher than Xue Ying's, but the former had already cultivated for nearly six million years!

    His potential was far from being comparable to Xue Ying's!

    "What I am worried about is whether Xue Ying will be chosen as a disciple by one of the three." The White Sand City Lord couldn't hide his expectation.

    "The three?" Marshal Qin, King Rong Hai, and the rest couldn't help but slightly shake their heads.


    "Reporting to the Prefecture Master: the Calm Sea Prefecture's selections are over. I will now return to the Bloodshed God Palace," the emissary said to the aforementioned Calm Sea Prefecture Master.

    "Alright. Go right ahead." The Calm Sea Prefecture Master nodded. Upon returning, the emissary would swiftly report the information of the survival battle to his superiors so it could be organised into more detailed intelligence, which could then be handed to the powerful existences.


    As per custom, the experts attending the Bloodshed God Palace Battle would all become members of the organization! This meant that, when the time for the battle arrived, there would be many powerful existences who came over to spectate, but only the ones belonging to the Bloodshed God Palace would be allowed to receive disciples.

    Hong long long~

    A vast river covered by thick fog was flowing out of the void, revolving around a vast land in the starry sky. Its waves carried inexhaustible might, such that even World Deities were unable to fly past it and were forced to instead cross it by ship. The river spanned millions upon millions of kilometers, with even a region as large as the Calm Sea Prefecture Capital barely fitting in the width of this river.

    Thousands of cultivators lived on that vast land, with an extravagant black palace at its very center. Within a garden inside the black palace was a black-robed old man with black hair sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. He exuded no aura, as if he was one with the entire palace, the entire continent, and even the rolling void river.

    "Reporting to master," a beautiful woman dressed in red garb stepped into that area, glancing somewhat nervously toward the man as she spoke in deferrence.

    The black robed old man opened his eyes and looked toward the red-clothed woman,

    "This is an intelligence report sent over by the Bloodshed God Palace. All nineteen prefectures under their command have completed their selections, with one hundred final participants from each of them. In total, there is information on a thousand nine hundred people here." The red-clothed woman respectfully handed over a blood-colored scroll, which unfurled in mid-air before the black-robed old man. It took him a mere glance to take in all of the information it contained.

    "Not bad."

    "This time's Myriad Flower Feast has truly unearthed some decent chaps." The black-robed old man sighed.

    "Are there any you've got your eye on, master?" the red-garbed woman asked with a smile.

    "Two or three of them," the old man answered. "The one I'm most fond of is this chap by the name of Dong Bo. Sadly, if I took a fancy to him, the other powerful existences have probably... Many of them have probably taken an interest in him already, so it's hard to say whose disciple he will end up as.

    "If master truly were to fight for him, I'm sure you could get him," the woman continued.

    "It's already been so long since His Majesty has last received a disciple, so it's not very likely for him to do so now," the old man said. "I'm more wary that those three will come out to fight me over a disciple."

    "Those three?" The red-garbed woman was shocked.

    Information spread quickly, and a large portion of the powerful existences who would attend the Myriad Flower Feast were now aware of the youngsters with a lot of potential. Drunk Guest, for instance, was among the better ones, but he was already the personal disciple of a powerful existence who went by 'Yu Gong.' The number of people with great talent who were not disciples under powerful existences was overly small, while those who didn't show enough potential could not attract the attention of powerful existences. When it came to such people, the powerful existences would not gain anything from taking them as disciples.

    All things considered, there were only a few worth vying for, with Xue Ying being one of them.

    In the Calm Sea Prefecture, inside the cultivation room within Xue Ying's abode.

    The best outcome I can hope for in the Myriad Flower Feast is to become a disciple under His Majesty, Xue Ying inwardly said. But His Majesty is the strongest existence in the Deity World, and there's not much meaning in him accepting disciples. It's already been so very long since he's last taken a disciple. Being apprenticed to one of those three would also be a good outcome.

    Powerful Existences.

    Detached from the endless river of time, they were truly eternal existences. Stage four World Deities were very rare, and crossing the final step to become a powerful existence was very difficult. Even so, after countless years...twenty three powerful existences had accumulated in the Bloodshed God Palace!

    And the most dazzling figure of them all was His Majesty, the Bloodshed God Emperor!

    Second to him in status were the three ancestors!

    The other nineteen powerful existences followed after them.

    The three ancestors...

    The first was known as the 'Overlord of Destruction.' He started out as the ruler of a world from the Dark Abyss and was known as one of the oldest powerful existences from the Dark Abyss; his age was definitely ranked in the top three oldest. At one point, his avatar arrived to the Deity World and walked about it, eventually taking on a disciple-a disciple now known as the Bloodshed God Emperor! As one of the oldest rulers of the Dark Abyss, he also gradually improved as he instructed the Bloodshed God Emperor. His current strength might have been inferior to his disciple's, but he was still stronger than any ordinary powerful existence.

    Furthermore, he was best known for his talent in instructing disciples!

    Over countless years, he taught a total of five powerful existences other than the Bloodshed God Emperor!

    Therefore, despite having been born in the Dark Abyss, the status which the Overlord of Destruction held within the Bloodshed God Palace was extremely high, and he was treated with utmost respect. He usually resided within the territory ruled by the Bloodshed God Palace.

    The second ancestor went by 'Pang Yi.'

    He was a savage creature who spawned very soon after the Deity world's birth! During the first stages of the Deity world's life, countless creatures roamed its territory who would kill each other at every turn. Ultimately, only five of these creatures survived, and they all became powerful existences. They were known as the 'Fierce Five of the Deity World.'

    Pang Yi was the head of this group! While the other four were only at the level of ordinary powerful existences, the strength of their ruler was much higher.

    The third ancestor was the Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master.

    The Bamboo Mountain was one of the nineteen prefectures ruled by the Bloodshed God Palace, and its Prefecture Master was only a stage four World Deity!

    According to common sense, any stage four World Deity who lived for too long would see their nature gradually changed, and they would eventually find it unable to keep their original heart secure! The lifespan of any ordinary stage four World Deity was around ten billion years, and it was very rare to see it go beyond a few billion years more than that. It was very rare to see a stage four World Deity live for more than twenty billion years.

    However, the Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master had already lived for five hundred billion years and was known as the stage four World Deity with the longest lifespan in history. To this very day, not even the slightest sign of his True Deity Heart crumbling could be detected. Furthermore, his strength was especially high, even more so than any ordinary powerful existence! It assured him a spot within the ranks of the three ancestors! There was no one in the Deity world or the Dark Abyss who still hoped to see his True Deity Heart crumble, seeing how ordinary stage four World Deities would only live for ten billion years, yet he lived for this long. There had even been powerful existences who did not manage to live for as long as he did. Altogether, he was not a powerful existence, but everyone treated him as one. Even ordinary powerful existences would treat him with courtesy and respect.

    Even the Holy Master, Crimson Dust, did not live for as long as this man did.

    All three ancestors are more powerful than any ordinary powerful existence, Xue Ying thought to himself. The only issue is that, with their strength being what it is, they don't place much importance on receiving disciples.

    "Xue Ying, Seventh Mei Yu has come over to pay you a visit." Jing Qiu's voice arrived from outside the cultivation room.

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