Chapter 516: End of the Road for Venemous Ying

    Chapter 516: End of the Road for Venemous Ying

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    The Nine Rigid Prefecture Master and the Celestial Prefecture Master were the first two stage four World Deities to come over and pay Xue Ying visit. In that same month, more stage four World Deities had arrived one after another. Someone more ordinary or with weaker combat power would not have been able to stop themselves from accepting the precious gifts these people could give out! But a stronger expert would find it very easy to refuse such benefits.

    In the end, most of the visiting stage four World Deities brought Demon Bone Ash along with them! After all, they were normally difficult to purchase, and only the overlords from the Deity world found themselves able to bring out some, since they'd lived for longer than usual, and had deeper foundations.

    Xue Ying only had one thing to say to any of the visiting World Deities: "I will not receive any of them as gifts, but I am willing to purchase them. Five hundred grams of Demon Bone Ash I will take for fifty million Deity crystals, and I will not purchase any more than two and a half kilograms."

    While the cultivation process of the fourth volume of Xue Ying's"Luminous Sun" absolute art required more precious treasures, what it asked for the most of was still Demon Bone Ash. However, he did not have enough Deity crystals to purchase all of it unless he brought out the many treasures from the Crimson Rock Mountain and exchange them. At the same time, he was not too hurried, since he could only begin cultivating the fourth volume of once he became a stage four World Deity. As such, he could just until he had accumulated more Deity crystals and then begin to slowly purchase the necessary reagents.


    "Fifty million Deity crystals for five hundred grams? Ten million Deity crystals would be more than enough."

    In response, the stage four World Deities felt that the price Xue Ying set was too high.

    "Fifty million Deity crystals, and I won't purchase more than two and a half kilograms," Xue Ying simply restated. The price was neither low nor high, so it would not end up forming karma. It was nothing more than an exchange.

    In the end, those first five stage four to arrive World Deities still sold Xue Ying five hundred grams of Demon Bone Ash each, forming a bond of friendship with him in the process.


    "It's not so easy to form karma with Dong Bo after all."

    "His Highness Dong Bo is, after all, His Majesty's personal disciple. He wouldn't be so foolish as to just casually receive our gifts."

    In just one short month, a total of thirty-five stage four World Deities had come over to visit Xue Ying. Some wished to form karma with him, while others purely wanted to meet him. Most of these stage four World Deities had arrived from distant places. However, there had been no powerful existences among his visitors except for Forefather Scarlet Flame whom he was already familiar with. He was the only one to travel a large distance and congratulate him. After all, powerful existences had all transcended into eternity, making them less anxious than the stage four World Deities.

    The Sun Star was one of the two most mysterious and powerful stars. Together with the moon star, it formed a couple of extremes for the entire Deity world, eternally illuminating it together with the material realm and the Dark Abyss. Furthermore, they could not be reached just by flying in their general direction.


    The Sun Star took on the appearance of an immensely large ball of fire, the flames covering its surface taking on a liquid state, as if they were a planet's oceans. Even so, the fire continued to flow out of the star, reaching incomparably hot and terrifying temperatures, its power able to reflect upon the entire material realm, Deity world and Dark Abyss. It was easy to see just how terrifying it had to be. In fact, its laws were much more complex than those of the world. It was able to match the laws of the material realm and the Dark Abyss.

    Many of the powerful existences visited the Sun Star quite often.

    "Hahaha." A house stood on the very surface of the sun star, inside it a little courtyard no more than ten meters in diameter. The courtyard was filled in its entirety with the sun's flames.

    Within the courtyard there was a white-haired old man with a child-like countenance, who could be seen laughing out loud at this very moment. "I, Scarlet Flame, am a rather lucky fellow. Back when I helped that Dong Bo brat, I had no idea that he would have such huge achievements. There's some chance he'll surpass even me in the future. Haha, he owes me a favor, and the karma formed isn't light."

    The act of saving Jing Qiu was just as easy as lifting his hands for Forefather Scarlet Flame, but Xue Ying had been willing to use his own life if it meant healing Jing Qiu's soul at that time! He had begged the Temporal Temple, but they ignored him, thinking that Xue Ying was not valuable enough. After all, to save Jing Qiu, they would either have to cover the cost of a precious treasure that could reconstruct the soul, or ask for a powerful existence to act. Either option would be very expensive. Xue Ying had found himself at a roadblock, with nobody to look to for help!

    Yet that time, Xue Ying was someone willing to use his life to exchange for Jing Qiu's soul! He begged the Temporal Temple, yet the Temporal Temple ignored him, and thought that Xue Ying did not have that value. After all, it would require the cost of a precious treasure that could reconstruct the soul in order to save Jing Qiu, or that a powerful existence acted. Whichever one would require a huge cost. Xue Ying had no paths to walk, and nobody to look forward for help!

    Forefather Scarlet Flame, as a powerful existence was the only one to lend him a helping hand.

    In order to repay this act of kindness, Xue Ying was willing to use his own life.

    "Brat Dong Bo, your future is boundless. You better not reject this old man if I ever and up asking for your help." This was the sentence Forefather Scarlet Flame left Xue Ying with as he congratulated him.

    "Forefather only needs order me, and I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, will definitely do anything to accomplish, even if it costs me my life," Xue Ying crisply replied.

    "No rush, no rush. I'll only be asking for your help once you've at least become a powerful existence," Forefather Scarlet Flame replied.

    Xue Ying was very grateful upon hearing these words.

    This single sentence coming from Forefather Scarlet Flame mouth represented the fact that this karma would only have to be repaid after he became a powerful existence! As such, it would not be as big of a hindrance to him as he attempted to become a powerful existence as a stage four World Deity.


    About three months after Xue Ying became a stage three World Deity.

    At a bordering zone between the Deity world and the Dark Abyss.

    A titanic black hand descended through the void, enveloping a region half a trillion kilometers in width, completely solidifying it. Venomous Ying had been originally fleeing in a panic through that zone, but now she could only look at the enormous palm in terror, letting out an anxious shout, "Monarch, have mercy! Please! Let me go, let me live!" Her avatar had just been captured, and this true body of hers was doing its best to escape, but to no avail.

    "Spare your life? Hahaha. I'll be taking you over to Dong Bo Xue Ying as a gift." The terrifying black palm captured her with ease. Venomous Ying was struggling to the best of her ability, yet the space all around her had already solidified, leaving her unable to flee any further. A feeling of pure despair now overwhelmed her heart.

    The very moment she received news that Xue Ying had already become a stage three World Deity, she had fallen in a daze. Without any thought of relying on luck, she immediately tried fleeing as far as possible. While Xue Ying himself had yet to take any action, this ancient stage four World Deity who had lived for far too long had instead acted for him. This old man had thoroughly probed the area for three straight months, confirming the position of both of Venomous Ying's bodies. He then finally moved, grabbing both true body and avatar at the same time.

    Since he had shown no sign of hostility beforehand, Venomous Ying was left with no hope of escaping as soon as he put his plan into action.

    While the Venomous Ying World Deity was in the middle of being captured, Monarch Cang Yong finally arrived at the Eastern Region City to visit Xue Ying, .

    "Monarch Cang Yong."

    Many of the soldiers and female attendants at the supervisor envoy residence were sending him strange looks. Just three months earlier, Monarch Cang Yong had fought in the sky Xue Ying the Eastern Region City, yet now he actually dared show himself again? Whatever the case, his subordinate was still the one who killed Commander Bai Li Shang that time, so it was impossible that the two parties would had resolved their enmity.

    "Monarch, please, follow me." A World Deity attendant personally led Monarch Cang Yong.

    For some time already, they had been seeing too many stage four World Deities, so they were no longer startled by the huge waves.

    Very soon, the monarch arrived at the palace hall under the World Deity's guidance.

    Xue Ying was the only one to have taken a seat within for the moment. He pointed forward, "Monarch Cang Yong, please!"

    Monarch Cang Yong entered the hall. Facing Xue Ying directly, he said, "Your Highness Dong Bo, I feel truly ashamed. I am aware that I've offended you, yet I do hope that you won't think too much of it."

    Xue Ying laughed. "Monarch Cang Yong, let's skip the pleasantries. I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, might have a lot of confidence in my ability, but even I would not let a stage four World Deity issue a formal apology to me in person. Furthermore, I've done nothing more than kill your subordinate's avatar; for you to come here in person and formally apologize... I'm sure there's something you need from me, and I doubt its anything small."

    "Well thought," Monarch Cang Yong praised.

    "Please, speak freely," Xue Ying continued. He was quite curious as to Monarch Cang Yong's true motive. Was it truly about the black sphere?

    During the past three months, he had been researching the black sphere nearly without break. His true body had been pondering the reflected image back in the Xia Clan world, in the hundred-times accelerated environment of the Crimson Rock Mountain, yet he was still unable to discern its secrets. There was one thing he was certain of, however, and that is that the image was very mysterious and mystical, which meant the black sphere was bound to be an amazing treasure.

    Monarch Cang Yong looked to the palace entrance.

    Seeing this, Xue Ying laughed, waving his hand. Hong long long. The door immediately went shut.

    "I'll just talk to you directly, then. Your Highness must have already guessed what I'm here for." Monarch Cang Yong waved his hand and an illusory image of the black sphere appeared in mid-air. "This is the treasure I want from you."

    Xue Ying nodded with a smile. "Indeed, my guess seems to have proven correct. Are you, Monarch Cang Yong, going to let me know exactly what it is, as well as the secret it houses?"

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