Chapter 589: Pull Them Up

    Chapter 589: Pull Them Up

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    The River of Time was genuinely vast and deep.

    His shadow was located deep within the river, and there seemed to be some slight intersection in it. During this junction with his shadow, Xue Ying saw countless of people he was familiar with. Some were alive, and some died. Even Xiang Pang Yun, Si Liang Hong, Uncle Tong, Chen Ling Shu and the others were clearly seen by him. Their lives were relatively short and unremarkable in this River of Time. Compared to Xue Ying, their bodies were just like ants.

    'In the future when I transcend, I'll similarly reincarnate Uncle Tong and the rest of you.' Xue Ying thought, 'And let you guys live a more spectacular life.'

    But he could anticipate that even if he reincarnated them, the majority would not become Deities still! The chances of becoming World Deities were even lower. Their lives would thus be brief, and they would live until their true deity heart disintegrated and died. By then, it was impossible for them to be reincarnated! Because their true deity heart would only disintegrate again.

    "White Sovereign King, if it is possible, can you reincarnate my good friend's wife as well?" Xue Ying said. He was very clear of the relationship between Chi Qiu Bai and his true love, "His wife is also a Transcendent, and a very weak one."

    "Hahaha... alright. I'll reincarnate them together." White Sovereign King laughed in reply as he stood by the edge on the void. Firstly, the Blood Demon Scripture had been of enormous help to him, brightening his mood. Another reason was that reincarnating a weak little Transcendent was unquestionably simple. If he had to reincarnate a Deity, he might hesitate.

    "Just these two."

    Xue Ying's colossal figure pointed out.

    Operating the strength of time-space, it enveloped around Chi Qiu Bai and another woman. The confluence between that woman and Chi Qiu Bai seemed to be dense. During Chi Qiu Bai's craziest state, only after Xue Ying had killed Howling Devil Cult Leader did his life finally ended. And that woman had been whipped until she dissipated.

    But Xue Ying had merely reached this stage. He was unable to reincarnate the two of them.

    "Leave the rest to me." White Sovereign king was extremely confident of himself.

    He stood by the side of the void bank, extending his hand. His arm elongated and continued into the void river.

    Just a palm was enough to grab Chi Qiu Bai and that woman. Following closely, he coercively teleported the positions of the two, moving them to the surface of the River of Time.

    "Hua hua hua."

    This was a long river.

    Different depths were representing different timelines. The deeper it was, the further in the past it would represent! And on the surface of the river, it marked the present!

    Under the protection of the right hand of White Sovereign King, Chi Qiu Bai and his wife had been coercively moved to the surface of the river. During the process of moving him, the entire stream had produced a resistance force! The mystical power of the River of Time was endless, but fortunately, the figures of Chi Qiu Bai and his wife were very small and were akin to ants. Moving them to the surface of the river produced minimal resistance force. It was relatively easy on the side of White Sovereign king as well.

    At the moment when they were moved to the surface of the river, it represented that the two of them had lived until this time period.

    "What is this happening?" In the distant, there was a figure much more prominent than Chi Qiu Bai by about 10,000 times, yet at about one-thousandth of Xue Ying's size. He looked upwards, looking at White Sovereign King and Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction who were both by the void bank, and seeing White Sovereign King extending his hand into the River of Time and pulling the lives within.

    "Is this reincarnating lives?" That stage two World Deity had just comprehended the Time-Space Deity Heart and was able to investigate through the River of Time to see this scene.

    Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction sensed it. He looked over to his direction.

    It frightened that stage two World Deity so much that he gave up looking at it. He brought consciousness out of the river, and his figure became muddled once again.


    In midair.

    By the side of Xue Ying, White Sovereign King, and Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction, two new figures appeared. The two characters were condensing-they were a white-robed male and a black-robed woman. But they were just soul bodies! The snowy-white-robed male was still maintaining his calmness, thought that black-robed woman's expression became distorted. Her entire soul body was trembling.

    "Mn?" White Sovereign King slightly frowned. Because he was the one saving them, and thus, the two lives had been moved to his side.

    "It seems as if she can't stand her memories?" White Sovereign King's strength permeated into the body of this black-robed woman, merely flipping through the memories of the black-robed woman and forcibly sealing out the latest memory of her torture. Operating the soul of a weak little Transcendent... was just too easy to White Sovereign King who was standing high above.

    After sealing the last section of the memories, the black-robed woman had regained her calmness.


    Chi Qiu Bai and the woman, 'Wu Xi', both opened their eyes and regained their consciousness.

    "Little Xi?" Chi Qiu Bai had a nice surprise.

    "Chi Bai." The black-robed woman was also filled with disbelief and excitement.

    Their final memory was different. Chi Qiu Bai was clear that he had been used by an Abyss Sovereign called 'Howling Devil Cult Leader' as a tool to train his secret technique, and had experienced terrifying torments, yet he had not dissipated. It's just that he had no memory of what happened after that.

    The black-robed woman had remembered that she had always been tortured. Chi Qiu Bai was also abused. As for what happened in the end, she did not know. It was just eternal torturous punishments. This section of memory had been sealed.

    "Aren't I already..." The black-robed woman looked around her.

    Chi Qiu Bai also gazed to his side.

    Astonishment closely followed because he could see White Sovereign King, Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction and Xue Ying right there. At the first moment when they saw them... Chi Qiu Bai could only sense the huge and unfathomable aura coming from them. The gap in life was too big, too big. Fortunately, Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction and the rest had kept their auras. Otherwise, a slight strand of aura was enough to exterminate them.

    Chi Qiu Bai soon had a closer look. One of the three vast auras was someone he recognized.

    "Xue Ying?" Chi Qiu Bai was startled. In his memory, he remembered that during the final battle, Xue Ying might be formidable, but it was far beneath the aura which this person in front of him was giving out! The Xue Ying in front of him gave him a feeling that far surpassed the Great Demonic God from the past, and also that of the high-status Abyss Sovereign, 'Howling Devil Cult Leader'.

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying, the two of them have already been reincarnated from the River of Time." White Sovereign King chuckled, "Our exchange is also about done. In a while, I'll send you away from the Dark Abyss."

    "I'll have to trouble you, White Sovereign King." Xue Ying replied.

    "I reckon that resculpting their fleshy body doesn't require for me to act right? Haha, if I was to act, then I'll most likely use the Dark Abyss energy to condense their body. To you material realm lifeform, you would most likely not like the power from the Dark Abyss." White Sovereign King said.

    "Just leave it to me." Xue Ying said. Resculpturing the fleshy body was still relatively easy.

    "Oh right, that woman's willpower is much weaker, and the experience of her torment has made her unable to withstand. Thus, I've temporarily sealed that part of her memory. Over time, this part of memory will slowly be regained, and it will be a gradual process so that the influence on her is lesser." White Sovereign King said. Although White Sovereign King was cunning, he would finish things perfectly when he had to do it.

    Xue Ying nodded.

    Chi Qiu Bai and the black-robed woman heard it from the side.

    "Eternal Wind, Sister-in-law." Xue Ying looked at Chi Qiu Bai and the black-robed woman, laughing, "I'll bring you two away from the Dark Abyss. Other matters can be spoken after we reached the Deity world."

    "Alright." Chi Qiu Bai nodded. In his eyes, there was a strand of gratitude. He looked towards his wife while lightly hugging her.

    Embracing his love, this was something he had been dreaming of doing for years, and finally, he had done it.
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