Chapter 627: Emissary

    Chapter 627: Emissary

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    After meeting his teacher, Abyss Primogenitor, and Temporal Island Lord, Xue Ying went back to the Black Fog Sea to continue his closed-door cultivation. He was clear that he should try and transcend first.

    After comprehending the complete 'law of the world', he was not in a rush to transform his inner world, or to promote his true deity heart, or to escape from the River of Time. Instead, he would enter the 'Starting Ground' as a stage four World Deity. As long as he did not use any combat techniques utilizing the 'complete law of the world', and if he did not mention it, who would know that he had transcended?

    It was a standard way of doing things.

    Day passed by day.

    "Master." A voice resounded in the underground palace.

    Xue Ying who was seated cross-legged in the palace hall opened his eyes. His eyes had many deity imprints vaguely revolving within. They then concealed themselves, turning into nothingness before Xue Ying spoke, "What's the matter?"

    "There's a guest who wants to meet Master. This guest is quite domineering." The array spirit added.

    "Domineering? Where is he from?" Xue Ying asked.

    "He is an emissary under His Highness Water Devil King." The array spirit explained, "Saying that he is here under an order, and asking Master to hurry and meet him."

    Xue Ying frowned after hearing it.

    Water Devil King?

    Ranked 13th on the Cosmos Deity-Demon List!

    One had to know that adding up the mysterious Pang Yi and the eight Rulers, they had taken up the top 9 positions on the Cosmos Deity-Demon List. As for those who were not Rulers yet could fight against Rulers, they included just two-'Monarch Green' and 'Great Destruction Heavenly Emperor'. This added up to a total of 11.

    Water Devil King was ranked 13th, signifying how powerful he was! He was ranked even higher than Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master, Paragon Huo Cheng, and White Sovereign King.

    "This Water Devil King isn't someone to offend." Xue Ying thought.

    Water Devil King comprehended two Daos and had reached perfection in both. Fusing the two Daos together gave Water Devil King a heaven-shattering combat power. He was someone brutal and ruthless, and even the Rulers could not kill him.

    In fact, the few Paragons ranked in the forefront had the certainty of surviving against Rulers.

    Like Monarch Green and Great Destruction Heavenly Emperor, nothing had to be said for them. As for those on the second tier-Monarch Hex Cricket, Water Devil King, and White Sovereign King-they were Paragons who dared to challenge Rulers. Amongst which, Monarch Hex Cricket was the most friendly one. White Sovereign King, though, was cunning and scheming, yet he was relatively polite on the surface. Only Water Devil King had a peevish temperament. Even though he was an expert from the Deity world, he had this monicker, 'Devil King', showing his temperament.

    He was strong and had grasped two strange Daos. Ordinary Rulers had a hard time dealing with him, causing him to become arrogant.

    Because of how unbridled he was, he had eventually offended the ancient Primal Master. Primal Master was angry, yet he could not directly kill him. Thus, he decided to imprison Water Devil King for a total of 300 billion years! He made Water Devil King live forever in a little prison as big as a 'water droplet'! After 300 billion years, the kind-hearted Primal Master decided to let him go, "Cultivate properly. Become a Ruler soon. If you were to be deranged and tyrannical again, I'd lock you until the Cosmos Great Apocalypse, allowing you to die along with the Cosmos!"

    After experiencing that, Water Devil King had become much lowkey. At least, he remained respectful in front of Rulers.

    "He sent an emissary over?" Xue Ying felt puzzled. But he still left the underground palace.


    Within the guest hall, Xue Ying sat on the throne while his subordinate personal guards led the emissary in.

    "Emissary, please." The personal guard had personally brought him along to the guest hall, "Monarch is currently in the guest hall."

    This emissary soon entered the guest hall.

    Within the guest hall, other than Xue Ying who was seated above, there were several other female attendants.

    "Please have a seat." Xue Ying said.

    The emissary bowed before sitting down calmly. The female attendants naturally brought up the fruits, delicacies and good wine. This emissary had a bestial appearance. He had two sharp erected ears and a cat face. He sat there ramrod straight, emitting an aura that was of a stage three World Deity realm.

    "Monarch, I am here under the orders of the great Water Devil King." The emissary said.

    Xue Ying laughed, "The Water Devil King rarely comes out nowadays. Is he cultivating in closed doors?"

    "The magnificent Water Devil King is single-mindedly cultivating. Naturally, he wants to break through and become a Ruler." The emissary said boldly, "This time, I came under orders because the magnificent Water Devil King requires several treasures for some testing purposes."

    "Treasures?" Xue Ying felt his heart moving.

    "The Water Devil King requires a Sun Stone Nucleus Stone. Hearing that you, Monarch Dong Bo, has a piece." The emissary responded, "He decided to come and ask for your help."

    Xue Ying frowned slightly.

    Sun Star Nucleus Stone?

    This Sun Star Nucleus Stone was indeed very valuable. Being a material that originated from the core of the Sun Star's 'Sun Nucleus', other than using it to cultivate on the Sun Star, it was also a rare material! It could be used for refining weapons, researching flames and other purposes. Even the Ancestor Mother Religion desired the Sun Star Nucleus Stone very much, and they had ways of sensing it from afar. That was why it made Bamboo Saint act.

    In most cases, nobody would broadcast they had a Sun Star Nucleus Stone.

    Those who dared do so were usually Paragons.

    Xue Ying was one of the weaker ones amongst those who publicized it, though he had a solid backing.

    "The Sun Star Nucleus Stone is extremely precious, and it has a great use for me." Xue Ying tactfully declined.

    The emissary frowned, "The magnificent Water Devil King requires a Sun Star Nucleus Stone currently. Is the monarch not planning to give face to him at this moment?"

    Xue Ying did not suspect him at all. The two Dao paths that the Water Devil King opened were of the 'water' aspect. Water and fire were two very similar yet opposing energy. The Water Devil King wanted to borrow the 'Sun Star Nucleus Stone' to improve his Dao-it was something reasonable.

    "If it is an ordinary treasure, it is fine. I'll give it to Water Devil King. But I believe you all have heard already that I paid a huge price for this piece of Sun Star Nucleus Stone! After Bamboo Saint took it away, I've even killed my way to the Ink Bamboo Great Land to get it back." Xue Ying answered, "It is essential to me, and I will not be giving it away."

    The emissary became gloomy as he continued, "Monarch, the magnificent Water Devil King has let me bring a treasure over as well to exchange for the Sun Star Nucleus Stone. Monarch should have a look first?"

    "Oh?" Xue Ying said.

    "Monarch, please have a look." The emissary felt rather contended as he waved his hand, causing a golden liquid to float in midair. The golden liquid had many imprints moving on it, "This is the third volume of the absolute art "One Line Attraction". Monarch can inherit it once."

    Xue Ying's expression turned grave after hearing it.

    The reputation of "One Line Attraction" was tremendous. It was one of the absolute arts which he heard of from the intelligence reports that were created by Lake Heart Island. The absolute art "One Line Attraction"'s original copy was of six droplets of golden liquid, and furthermore, these six droplets of liquid would not appear in a single cosmos epoch at the same time! There would be five droplets appearing at most in a single cosmos epoch.

    According to the narrative of cultivation, six droplets, the first two volumes were meant for World Deities to cultivate. The third volume was for True God to cultivate. The fourth volume for Paragons, the fifth volume for Rulers, and the sixth volume for those at a higher realm. One could see how powerful the strongest expert across many cosmos epochs was for an absolute art he created to be so terrifying.

    "Just a third volume without containing the first and second meant that I couldn't cultivate." Xue Ying coldly answered.

    "Monarch can use it as a reference." The emissary retorted.

    "It's a pity that I am a stage four World Deity." Xue Ying indifferently said. An absolute art which could not be cultivated and neither could it be used as a reference, along with him inheriting it just once, and the other party wanted to exchange it for the 'Sun Star Nucleus Stone'?

    His own "Blood Devil Scripture" was one of the six grand inheritances of Ancestor Devil, and for the sake of requesting Ripple Lady Planet Master for help, he imparted the upper half of the "Blood Demon Scripture" to a disciple of hers, and he still owed her a favor and had to repair the array diagram. Furthermore, he had to personally give the Void Black Soil and 12 precious materials only to get a single Sun Star Nucleus Stone.

    Just a broken and useless third volume absolute art, with only the opportunity to learn it once, and he wanted to use it to exchange for the Sun Star Nucleus Stone?

    The value was more than ten times difference.

    "The Sun Star Nucleus Stone is critical to me. Forgive me, but I am unable to give it to Water Devil King." Xue Ying stood up.

    "Monarch Dong Bo, the magnificent Water Devil King requires this piece of Sun Star Nucleus Stone. Unless you dare to disobey the magnificent Water Devil King?" The emissary felt worried. That Water Devil King's temperament was very unreasonable. In the past, he did not place Rulers in his eyes, and now that he had suffered from the hands of Primal Master, he had become respectful to Rulers. To the other Paragons, he remained disdainful as well. As for Xue Ying who was a stage four World Deity, he did not even care about him.

    He felt that by giving him a chance to step down, Xue Ying would obediently hand it over.

    He was used to this behavior after so many years. Ordinary powerful existences would not dare to disobey after hearing the name of 'Water Devil King', and would obediently give up their treasure. Because the trade wasn't fair, they were full of resentment inwardly. The name 'Devil King' was not solely a name, but also in reality.

    "Disobey?" Xue Ying's eyes became cold, "You, a measly stage three World Deity, dares to act so rampantly in my territory?!"


    Xue Ying's eyes were frosty.

    A terrifying strength surged out and enveloped that emissary. The emissary felt his entire world turning dark as the frightening power suppressed him entirely. He could not even move, and neither could he see nor hear.

    Following which, when he regained his consciousness, looking up, he realized that he had arrived outside the entrance of Monarch Dong Bo's residence.

    "Scram!" A voice exploded by the side of his ears.

    The emissary felt his heart trembling.

    "Too daring, too daring." The emissary did not dare to seek trouble with Xue Ying. He was a stage three World Deity, and Xue Ying could extinguish him with a flip of his hands.


    Within the palace hall.

    Xue Ying's eyes were cold. Previously, Leaf Saint had caused him to feel a strand of being mocked and belittled. But this 'Water Devil King's feeling of disdain was even stronger! But Xue Ying had to admit... that being someone who could challenge the Rulers, he had the qualifications of doing so.

    'I might be a little stage four World Deity, but does Water Devil King dare to come barging in my Black Fog Sea?' Xue Ying sneered.

    The Bloodshed God Palace territory.

    The ordinary battles were fine. But if an existence like Water Devil King dared to act here, much less Xue Ying, even any of the other powerful existences who had decided to rely on the Bloodshed God Emperor! The Bloodshed God Emperor would personally act. It was also one of the obligations which the Bloodshed God Emperor had to perform... after one relied on him. Otherwise, why would those powerful existences want to rely on him?

    Bloodshed God Emperor was top-ranked on the Cosmos Deity-Demon List. his deterrence was much stronger than even Primal Master.

    Xue Ying originally did not want to offend that Water Devil King. As long as he had given a slightly 'fairer' price, he would not care even if he suffered from a minor loss. After all, the Sun Star Nucleus Stone was not being used by Forefather Scarlet Flame currently, and neither was he temporarily using it.


    Wanting to pay a price that was worth nothing, meaning to say taking it for free! The Sun Star Nucleus Stone was not that cheap!


    After forcing that emissary away, the days after regained its usual peacefulness. Water Devil King did not dare to act in many ways. He revered the Rulers, especially 'Bloodshed God Emperor'.

    Time passed.

    In the blink of an eye, it had been over 2,000 years since the death of Bamboo Saint.

    'I feel that I've accumulated quite a resounding foundation already. The law of the world also feels faint as if I can grasp hold of it anytime. But no matter how, I can't seem to comprehend it. It appears that burying myself in cultivating isn't too appropriate... just like Big brother Huo Cheng has mentioned before, I should go out and have a walk, experience all sorts of sceneries and encounters. Who knows, a specific encounter might simulate me.' Xue Ying mentioned to his wife, Jing Qiu before leaving the Black Fog Sea by himself. He began traveling in all directions in search of an opportunity to break through.
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