Chapter 715: So it seems

    Chapter 715: So it seems

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    Xue Ying felt his heart swelling. He watched as that enormous sculpture emitting a foul and cold aura appear from underground: 'He said he is injured, but not dead yet? This Arcadia Flying Ship... No, I should call it the Primal Chaos Flying Ship instead! This Primal Chaos Flying Ship has parked in our cosmos for three epochs, yet its owner is heavily injured and alive? The cosmos epoch apocalypse reincarnation cycle did not pull him in at all?'

    'Even Lake Heart Island master and Ancestor Devil are no longer around. They should have left our cosmos. But this person has stayed here until now.' Xue Ying felt huge waves rising in his heart.

    Other Paragons and protectors were similarly astounded.

    Such a conclusion had far exceeded their expectations.

    The Ancestor mother Religion assumed that this Primal Chaos Flying Ship was ownerless. Thus, it was easy to gain control over it. Nevertheless, it seemed that its owner was still alive! That would be troublesome. With how impressive this 'Primal Chaos Flying Ship' was, the Ancestor Mother Religion and Cultivator Cosmos could not snatch this ship by force!

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying." A voice suddenly resounded in his mind.

    "Mn?" Xue Ying immediately reacted. This was the voice of the Black Gourd treasure spirit.

    "Don't be alarmed by this person. I've inspected him. He should only be a Ruler." The Black Gourd sneered. He transmitted, "Furthermore, he is heavily wounded. He should have recovered slightly over a long period by relying on his secret technique. But I reckon he will have to continue slumbering not too long later!"

    "Ruler realm?" Xue Ying let out a sigh of relief.

    It was good.

    At least he was at a level the Cultivator Cosmos could still accept.

    "Judging by how strong his soul and aura is, even if they were complete, he should be approaching the level of your Bloodshed God-Emperor. In spite of that, he would not be on par with your teacher still!" The Black Gourd said, "Naturally, it will be hard to determine if he possesses any great external treasures! But even if he did, his injuries would prevent him from fighting at his best condition. That is presumably the reason why he forbade Rulers from entering the Primal Chaos Flying Ship."

    Xue Ying was enlightened. No wonder Rulers could not enter.


    There was an uproar amongst the Rulers outside the flying ship.

    "He is still alive?"

    "The Primal Chaos Flying Ship owner could survive through the cosmos epoch's reincarnation cycle?" Temporal Island Lord, Empress Qian He, and the others were feeling disturbed.

    Primal Master said rather calmly, "It might be hard for us to withstand against the reincarnation cycle at the end of each cosmos epoch because this is our hometown. We are given birth from this cosmos so our it will greatly restrain us. Besides, he should have other secrets for being able to resist the cosmos epoch apocalypse reincarnation cycle! That is something we are unaware of."


    Bloodshed God-Emperor nodded. He could perceive that sculpture through the flying ship from outside, "I can discern that he should be a Ruler. He should be someone powerful even amongst Rulers since he could possess this mysterious Primal Chaos Flying Ship and withstand the cosmos apocalyptic reincarnation cycle. Furthermore, he even announced his identity as the supposed seventh sacred son of the Ancestor Bone Throne. But this isn't worth being concerned of since he is heavily injured and has slept till now. He has always been hiding in the ship, implying that he is afraid."

    "That's right."

    "If his injuries aren't heavy, he will not remain so low-profile for three epochs." Bloody Ruler Nile added. All of them agreed unanimously.


    Within that vast palace hall where the Ancestor Mother Religion was based in, the Religious leaders were frowning.

    It seemed that the overall situation had changed.

    "It is actually a ship with an owner. I wonder if we could succeed with our plan still." These Religious Leaders were slightly troubled. They were not confident of fighting directly with the Cultivator Rulers. Firstly, the Rulers were stronger than them. Even though they had a numerical advantage, they would only be slightly on the upper hand after relying on treasures. Secondly, the Cultivator Rulers could rapidly refine new avatars.

    The battle within the Primal Chaos Flying Ship showed that they could depend on their endless resources to form more avatars, and squander the Ancestor Mother Religion to death!

    Thus, they were not confident of a direct confrontation. They would prefer to control this Primal Chaos Flying Ship.

    "This expert from outside the cosmos is heavily injured and require our help. It isn't impossible for him to temporarily lend us control of the Primal Chaos Flying Ship." These Religious Leaders were slightly anxious and hopeful because they could not afford to lose.

    If they lost, their entire race and all who had transcended would die!


    The enormous sculpture that was emitting a cold and foul aura grinned. It looked at this group of Paragons and protectors as if they were ants. He continued, "I need your help, so be assured that I'll not harm you. I'll even initiate an ancient oath, and by then, you should understand that this oath isn't easily disobeyed."

    "We are willing to provide help." The golden-haired monkey covertly transmitted a message over, "But we will need to use your Primal Chaos Flying Ship temporarily. We don't need to refine it. We just hope that you could let us use it temporarily."

    The colossal sculpture glanced at that golden-haired monkey.

    "We are willing to help you, but we have to know what you require us to do? Furthermore, you must not assist that group of protectors from the Ancestor Mother Religion." Monarch Hex Cricket also transmitted covertly to that sculpture.

    Both parties made their decisions at the same time.

    Regardless, they would first accept before deciding what to do next.

    After all, they had not sworn an oath yet. It would be best if they could take the initiative to grab this power into their hands before deciding the next action.


    "I've been to many cosmos, and my cultivation system is far beyond all yours-it is much stronger." The colossal sculpture casually pointed his finger. At that moment, a transparent water droplet appeared and landed on the body of 'Leaf Saint'. Xue Ying and the others turned towards him, and Leaf Saint himself was astonished too. Following that, his expression turned into agony as that water droplet dissolved into his skin and his bone. But soon after, Leaf Saint revealed a look of joy. He lowered his head to give that right arm of his a look. It seemed that it was covered in silver armor. That silver armor contained a terrifying power, and he could use it with a single thought.

    "Hong~" Leaf Saint casually chopped down with his hand by the surrounding. The contacted space vibrated, causing the expressions of the protectors to change. This Leaf Saint had a massive increase in power, so much so that he could match that of the ordinary protectors.

    One had to know that the Ancestor Mother Religion was most exultant of their strength. Yet now, Leaf Saint had power equivalent to that of ordinary protectors. Also, his advantage in the laws and profound mysteries gave him the chance to fight against apex protectors.

    "This, his power increased just like this?"

    All the Paragons present including Xue Ying were speechless. It wasn't easy for him to attain the Myriad Devil True Body. However, a single unique water droplet dissolved into the arm of Leaf Saint, forming an armor. That itself boosted his strength tremendously. Even though it was weaker than the Myriad Devil True Body, it was stronger than his previous fifth level of Extreme Annihilation Mysterious Body and fifth volume of Luminous Sun.

    "I said before, my cultivation system is stronger than all yours." The enormous sculpture chuckled, "I can help you just as you can help me! By then, it isn't just a single drop. It'll be a huge bucket of this liquid which I will give you to immerse yourself in. That will allow you to have complete body armor. Your power will be much stronger than now. This is merely one of the benefits. If you helped me, I'd not mistreat my new-found friends."

    Xue Ying and the others held their breath. They were dumbstruck.

    "But I only need one person to help me." The enormous sculpture swept its gaze across the Paragons and protectors, "I am feeling anguish. Who should I choose?"

    "How about this!"

    That huge sculpture laughed even more boisterously, "I can see that this side with a weaker body should be the natives of this cosmos. Your cultivation laws and profound mysteries are the same as how they were when I came! And the other side, the so-called Ancestor Mother Religion should be cultivating the supposed 'Ancestor Mother Cultivation System'."

    The protectors from the Ancestor Mother Religion were in great alarm.

    Xue Ying and the rest were carefully listening. They lacked in an understanding of the Ancestor Mother Religion.

    "The Ancestor Mother Religion cultivation system requires the installation of the Ancestor Mother Altar, transforming the entire cosmos. It will cause the cosmos to turn into the Ancestor Mother Cosmos! The moment it is transformed, the many plebians of this cosmos will not be able to adapt to the new environment. They will die. Even the apex cultivators like World Deities and True Gods might be stronger and could survive, yet they will be expelled by the Ancestor Mother Cosmos. Either they throw themselves into believing the Ancestor Mother, or they get forced out of the cosmos!"

    "Both of your races aren't able to co-exist!"

    The huge sculpture chuckled, "Since that's the case, then fight and kill each other! Fight until there is only a single brat left on this Primal Chaos Flying Ship. I will naturally choose him as my helper."


    "Install the Ancestor Mother Altar?" Xue Ying and the other Paragons, as well as the group of Rulers outside, were startled. They finally understood what the Ancestor Mother Religion planned!

    "So this is the case!" Bloodshed God-Emperor was enlightened. He had a burst of lingering fear after that.
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