Chapter 759: Finally Becoming a Ruler

    Chapter 759: Finally Becoming a Ruler

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    Before proceeding with the Dream Cultivation, Xue Ying had reached bottleneck in all three Daos of his. Even though there were some differences in the direction he headed during Dream Cultivation, and that there were some slight differences in the comprehension he had, they were still at the bottleneck. It was to the extent that he gained some understanding of the Ruler realm during cultivation.

    As the two forms of comprehension clashed, it produced a genuinely mystical feeling.


    As time flowed, Xue Ying had spent a full 160 years in the grass house before concluding with his cultivation. Only six days had passed in the outer world. This was much longer than the two days which Xue Ying told the Bloodshed God-Emperor about, but the war had lasted for so long, and these few days would not make a significant difference. Xue Ying had reached a critical moment in the creation of the fourth volume for his self-created "Wind Ripple Path", and he was not willing to stop. He continued consolidating his understanding, causing him to be so engrossed in it that he spent more time than expected in it.

    Crimson Rock Mountain world, on the Crimson Dust Island.

    "Zhi ya."

    A white-robed Xue Ying pushed open the courtyard door and came out. The surroundings had many large trees with red leaves. The leaves had fallen to the ground.

    "The Ruler realm is indeed entirely different." Xue Ying revealed a grin.

    He looked upwards to the distant.

    His gaze penetrated through the entire material realm, allowing him to land his sight on the remote Lake Heart Island historical remain. He had even seen deep into the Lake Heart Island, observing the cross-legged seated Rulers like Bloodshed God-Emperor, Pang Yi, Monarch Green, Abyss Primogenitor, Purgatory Ruler, Empress Qian he, Temporal Island Lord, Myriad God Palace Master and Primal Master-the nine of them. The Cultivator Cosmos had trans-migrated almost all their experts into the Lake Heart Island, and these Rulers left a single avatar on the island too.

    When Xue Ying looked at the nine Rulers, the nine Rulers had extended their senses and turned over in shock.


    "It is impossible for those fools of Ancestor Mother Religion to discover our hiding place."

    Bloodshed God-Emperor, Temporal Island Lord, Monarch Green, Pang Yi and the others extended their senses in reciprocation.

    Very soon, as they crossed glances with Xue Ying...

    "Junior Disciple Brother Dong Bo?" Monarch Green was genuinely shocked.

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying?" Temporal Island Lord did not dare believe, "He, he became a Ruler already?"

    Bloodshed God-Emperor revealed a look of delight. He laughed out greatly at that juncture, "Fellow gentlemen, Xue Ying has entered the Devil Mountain Cosmos which has a time flow more than 3,000 times faster than ours. Thus, Xue Ying has already cultivated for several hundred million years there! He had originally reached a bottleneck in his cultivation, and thus, it is normal for him to take that final step to become a Ruler."

    "Normal?" Monarch Green sighed instead, "I've trapped in the Paragon realm for far too long."

    "It is only after opening a different Dao and after I created a new cultivation technique that I finally broke through." Pang Yi sighed too, "With Dong Bo Xue Ying's talent, he could actually cultivate straight to the Ruler realm."

    Crossing the boundary to become a Ruler from the Paragon realm might seem to be just a single step, but it was indeed challenging.

    Even Heavenly Emperor of Great Destruction was stuck there!

    "Hahaha, for Xue Ying to become a Ruler, he'll definitely be of a great help to us." Bloodshed God-Emperor directly stated, "Xue Ying, come over as soon as possible."

    "Yes, teacher." Xue Ying acknowledged.

    "Dong Bo Xue Ying, previously I did not find it puzzling that you are able to reach the limit of the Opening realm. But for you to become a Ruler so quickly... I am filled with admiration for you. This is truly too fast." Primal Master transmitted with a lament.

    Temporal Island Lord had a strange expression.

    He disdained and did not care about this Xue Ying in the past. But now, in the blink of an eye, this brat was suddenly standing on equal grounds with him? What kind of joke was this?

    'Hmph hmph, he is just a new Ruler, so he should still be weak.' Temporal Island Lord consoled himself.


    Xue Ying could discern the shock the Rulers had of him. Such shock was not unfounded because becoming a Ruler was genuinely tough, at least for those cultivating the laws and profound mysteries system.

    'After fusing my comprehensions, I've only broken through in the Dao of Mirage, allowing me to reach the Ruler realm.' Xue Ying sighed ruefully, 'I've created the fourth volume of "Wind Ripple Path", allowing my understanding of the Dao of Slaughter and Dao of Ripple to deepen. But I still require a period of time and accumulation before I could break through in those Daos.'

    'If not for the Dream Cultivation, I might be stuck at the bottleneck for a longer period.' Xue Ying understood this point.

    "Xue Ying."

    A voice was heard.

    Xue Ying turned upwards. He saw Jing Qiu appearing in front of him with a flash.

    "Father, father." Two other figures also teleported with 'sou' and appeared. They were Dong Bo Yu and Qing Yao.

    "Xue Ying, why could I feel your aura?" Jing Qiu could not help asking. In her senses, the aura Xue Ying was giving off in front of her became all the more unfathomable.

    "After entering the Devil Mountain Cosmos, I had some opportunities that allowed me to break through with one fell swoop. I am a Ruler now." Xue Ying replied.

    Jing Qiu, Dong Bo Yu, and Qing Yao were all stunned.

    Became a Ruler?

    They were proud of Xue Ying and had to admit that he was genuinely outstanding. But becoming a Ruler? Becoming someone that stood at the peak of the entire cosmos? He was standing on an equivalent level with Bloodshed God-Emperor, Temporal Island Lord, Abyss Primogenitor, Myriad God Palace Head and others? This was hard to believe even for Jing Qiu and the rest.

    "The time flow in Devil Mountain Cosmos is much faster. I haven't cultivated for just 10 million years. Instead, it has been over 600 million years." Xue Ying chuckled, "Wait until the war is over and I'll send all of you over to the Devil Mountain Cosmos. They have greater resources and more diverse cultivation systems. I've also befriended Third Highness Jiao Yun Liu, and have long mentioned about this to him."

    "Ruler ah..." Dong Bo Yu looked towards Qing Yao to his side, "Did you hear that? My father has become a Ruler!"

    "My father is also a Ruler!" Qing Yao deliberately curled her lips.

    Both brother and sister could hardly conceal their excitement.

    Xue Ying chuckled after seeing this, "I'll transcend first."

    "Transcend?" Jing Qiu and the other two were stunned.

    Xue Ying looked to the sky by the side-directly penetrating through the layer of time-space.


    It was like peeling off the skin of tangerine and revealing the flesh inside. One could see the void being peeled away, revealing a deeper level of space inside. There was an incomparably wide river which was gushing across. The river was surging, and it did not contain an origin or an end. It was just moving in every single location of the entire cosmos.

    There were many living beings within the river. The lowest creatures were the ants, and the highest were the stage four World Deities.

    "River of Time?" Dong Bo Yu, Qing Yao, and Jing Qiu were looking at it. Looking at this river, they began feeling complex in their hearts. They were all looking forward to transcending beyond this river one day during cultivation.

    "That is-"

    Dong Bo Yu and the other two were looking afar with exceptional shock.

    There was an incomparably towering giant located in the River of Time! The height of this giant could not be measured. He could not be seen with the naked eyes since he was too tall-it was to the extent that the river water had merely reached the knees of his legs! The width of the legs had almost entirely covered the entire width of the River of Time.

    This giant merely took a single step before reaching the shore by the side.

    He was out of the river-onto the shore!

    This was no ordinary river. It was the River of Time. Walking onto the shore, Xue Ying had become a paramita, a transcendent.

    The white-robed Xue Ying also took a step before arriving at the shore of the void. One could see the incomparably towering giant rapidly becoming small. At this point, Dong Bo Yu, Jing Qiu, and Qing Yao could finally see that the towering figure with legs covering almost the entire width of the River of Time, was none other than Xue Ying! After all, Xue Ying had not just become a Ruler using the Dao of Mirage, he had also become a Ruler using the 'Voidwalker lineage'. His true deity heart was extremely formidable-much stronger than the Rulers. That was why his figure was so exaggerated in the River of Time.

    That towering figure became smaller before fusing with the white-robed Xue Ying as one.

    "Transcendence, grand perfection." Xue Ying could feel his soul becoming more perfected, "But only when my true body and avatars merge into one will I truly reach the final perfection."

    In order to become a Void God, he had to fuse his true body and avatars together as one. Only when life reached true perfection could he take that step, crossing from the major realm of True God into Void God. Right now, Xue Ying was still a Ruler, and he did not have to enter the Primal Chaos Void temporarily. Naturally, he did not have to fuse true body with his avatars.

    "Father, I've heard that one relies on the law of the world to prop himself out of the River of Time during transcendence. You have just taken a step up onto the shore instead? That figure of yours is truly too big already." Dong Bo Yu was speechless.

    "Haha... I'll not speak with you all anymore. I'll have to make my move first." Xue Ying nodded to his wife.

    "Be careful." Jing Qiu reminded him.

    Xue Ying smiled before disappearing. He had already left the material realm to meet with the Bloodshed God-Emperor and others.
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