824 Greetings Elder Dong Bo

    The members of the Ancient Sacred Religion were gathered in three different locations, of which the location where this black-robed man was at had the strongest experts. Nevertheless, they had been exterminated by Xue Ying. The other two locations contained weaker experts-there was not a single Unity realm expert in those two gathering points! Even though they a coordination array imparted by the Ancient Sacred Religion, the coordination array passed down by the Great Void Heaven Temple was not any weaker. Furthermore, the team from the Great Void Heaven Temple was stronger.

    The reason why the battle lasted until now was because they had learned from the people who fought where Xue Ying was that the enemies were members of the Ancient Sacred Religion. Thus, they decided to capture the enemies alive!


    Xue Ying utilized his void maneuver, swiftly traveling from a point to another point of gathering.

    Over there, the team from the Celestial Water City had besieged nine Void Gods from the Ancient Sacred Religion. But to capture them alive required a longer time.

    "We can't escape."

    "What should we do?"

    "Let's stake it all. If we can kill one, it'll be one dead. For the sake of Sacred Master, we kill." These Void Gods were turning crazy.

    Xue Ying then stealthily appeared. He immediately unleashed the "Plate Ripple Diagram". For a moment, many thin silk strands appeared from nothingness and entangled around all the Void Gods. Furthermore, these strands had permeated through and started sealing the souls of the enemies. Still, these Void Gods remained extremely vigilant. The moment they felt the energy entering their bodies, they actually decided to just suicide!

    "Hong hong hong~"

    Six out of the nine Void Gods did not hesitate to self-explode, causing a frightening force to engulf in all directions. The shockwave was suppressed by the ripples. The remaining three Void Gods that were slightly slower in reaction had been contained by Xue Ying with their souls sealed.

    'They are all madman.' Xue Ying frowned after seeing this, 'Those from the Ancient Sacred Religion and the Ancestor Mother Religion.'

    Ancient Sacred Religion and Ancestor Mother Religion...

    They had spread across all five great sacred worlds and the primal chaos void. These were two extremely frightening superpowers. Behind the back of the Ancient Sacred Religion was the strongest final realm existence, and also the one who occupied the Ancient Sacred World, 'Sacred Master'. As for the Ancestor Mother Religion, it was straightforward to guess that they believed in Ancestor Mother who conquered the 'Ancestor Mother World' of the five great sacred worlds. These two religions were like two malignant tumors.

    The moment one entered the religion and believed in either the Sacred Master or Ancestor Mother, they would be eternally loyal to them!

    For instance, after entering the Ancient Sacred Religion, the follower would remain under control by the will of the Sacred Master. For the sake of the Sacred Master, the follower would be willing to die. Even if the other party were his or her true love or good friend, they would not hesitate to kill the other party for the Sacred Master! They would even unhesitantly suicide!

    This was a truly lamentable matter.

    Cultivators who had some slight ambition would not be willing to join the Ancient Sacred Religion or the Ancestor Mother Religion. Nevertheless, the methods of spreading religion by the Ancient Sacred Religion and Ancestor Mother Religion were too formidable.

    The other three great sacred worlds did not hesitate at all-the moment someone discovered anyone from the Ancient Sacred Religion or the Ancestor Mother Religion, he or she must kill them! Naturally, the relationship of the cultivation system and the follower system was not good. For instance, the Ancient Cultivation system was spread across the world. Even the 'Ancestor Mother Religion cultivation system' would not influence other systems during the early stages. It was to the extent that the cultivator could even give up on cultivating the Ancestor Mother Religion and choose to cultivate other systems.

    However, the moment one's soul was imprinted with the Ancient Sacred imprint, or the Ancestor Mother imprint, that would be the end! Want to save them? It was possible. The operating laws had left behind a strand of survival opportunity. For instance, the Sacred Master could take the initiative to collect back the imprint or if an extremely heaven-shattering ancient cultivator utilized a method to 'reverse time' and alter the imprint!

    Changing the past was a frightening matter, and one could usually only do minute adjusts! The affected area must be small as well, and the weaker the cultivators being affected, the better it would be.

    Regardless, the moment one was branded with an imprint, it spelled doom for the other party. Even Cosmos Gods had a hard time saving them.

    "Elder Dong Bo."

    The eight special emissaries from the Celestial Water City respectfully greeted.

    "They are really prepared to suicide." Xue Ying looked at the ruin below. He waved his hand and collected the treasures left behind by those who suicided. Even the three who had been captured alive were captured.


    The battle at the final location had ended too.

    Xue Ying and the others had already returned to the ruined courtyard where the black-robed male was previously. This was, after all, the core location of the enemy.


    Xue Ying looked at the five Void Gods whom he had captured and sealed. The items they had were all taken away. Xue Ying immediately ordered, "Bring out five of the captured ones and all Void Gods who have been taken away previously and send them to Celestial Water City."

    "Yes." The two Outer Hall Elders and 30 Deacons acknowledged.

    Golden Wing Nation King added from the side, "This Ancient Sacred Religion actually dared to spread their religion in my Golden Wing Nation. Elder Dong Bo, may I ask if you have any orders? I'll definitely do my best to accomplish them."

    Xue Ying gave him a look.

    The Golden Wing Nation King felt his heart trembling.

    Over this month, he had actually gradually known that it was the Ancient Sacred Religion which permeated into his nation. But he had pretended that he was unaware of this matter! The Ancient Sacred Religion and the Ancestor Mother Religion were two superpowers which could fight head-on against the other three great sacred worlds! Casually sending a claw or tooth could easily exterminate their Golden Wing Nation. How would he dare to intervene? As long as the Ancient Sacred Religion was not too rampant, he would act as if he did not see anything.

    "Search through the area thoroughly. I want to see if I can find any further traces of this Ancient Sacred Religion." Xue Ying ordered. He casually entered the closest courtyard. This was a courtyard located next to the base of the Ancient Sacred Religion and was naturally extravagant. But currently, the Golden Wing Nation King had temporarily arranged for the owner of the courtyard to temporarily leave the place and allow the special emissary team to rest there.

    Xue Ying entered the house. He waved his hand before letting out all the treasures he had gotten from the Ancient Sacred Religion members. He then started refining them one by one, investigating through them in search for any clues.

    'I hope I can find some traces that will lead me to an important base of the Ancient Sacred Religion.' Xue Ying thought.

    This base at the Golden Wing Nation belonged to just a small scale base.

    There must definitely be a more important base! As long as he finds it, he would have significantly contributed, and Xue Ying would definitely be earning more contribution points as a result! Having more treasures was always good.


    Those caged cultivators were being released one by one. They were interrogated after that. These cultivators were relatively well-known in the Golden Wing Nation. Besides, they had suffered within the cages and were definitely worth trusting. After interrogating them, they were then released from their seals. Nevertheless, they could not temporarily leave. They had to stay within the royal palace of the Golden Wing Nation until all investigations had been done.

    "Too formidable."

    "Even our king is wary towards that one who is called Elder Dong Bo."

    "He is so formidable that it feels terrifying. Shua shua shua, as those fishes flew over, so many Void Gods were just killed instantly."

    The cultivators who had been released were much more casual now. They could not go anywhere temporarily and were chatting to each other.

    Of which there was a muscular male looking around at that moment. He had a trace of anxiety on his face: 'Qing Ruo is not around! She should not have been captured.'

    Because previously, the communication treasure has been taken away so he had no way of contacting her.


    Because the muscular male had regained his power after being released from the seal, he began utilizing his secret technique. Being a genius of the Golden Wing Nation, and his wife was someone much more dazzling than him. Other than tampering themselves, the two had met some miraculous opportunities before which allowed their souls to undergo a transformation. But at the same time, it generated a link between their souls.

    He utilized a secret technique, and his soul was trying to sense the other party distantly.

    "Not good." The muscular man's expression changed.

    Relying on soul sensing...

    He was able to detect that the soul of his wife was very far away from here. She was somewhere far away from the Golden Wing Nation and was even moving further at a breakneck speed. Moving at such a fast speed meant that she should be penetrating through the void... but his wife was a Ruler and could not travel through the void.

    'Unless...' The muscular man had his guesses. He turned pale.

    He immediately walked towards the two Outer Hall Elders who seemed to be leading that group of Void Gods from the Celestial Water City. He then respectfully mentioned to one of them, "Senior, I would like to see Elder Dong Bo."

    "You want to see Elder Dong Bo?" The two Outer Hall Elders looked towards this muscular male who had just been saved, "Not anyone is qualified to see Elder Dong Bo."

    What a joke.

    That was an Inner Hall Elder from the Great Void Heaven Temple! He had a high status even across the five great sacred worlds. Even Primal Chaos realm giants attached importance to them.

    "It's related to the Ancient Sacred Religion." The muscular male transmitted.

    The two Outer Hall Elders looked towards each other.

    "I'll bring him over to see Elder Dong bo. You, come with me!" The Outer Hall Elder who had a jade horn on his head said. He brought the muscular male rapidly towards where Xue Ying was. He was not worried since a True God Ruler without any treasures would not threaten them at all.

    Within a nearby courtyard.

    Within the hall.

    The white-robed Xue Yin was seated by the side. There were many materials placed right in front of him at this moment. The articles were floating off the ground. Xue Ying was thoroughly checking through the items, yet he frowned. It seemed that he could not find any leads! The base where the Ancient Sacred Religion intruded in was kept extraordinarily secretive, and it was not easily leaked.

    "Mn?" Xue Ying looked up outside the hall. Currently, the lone horned Outer Hall Elder was bringing a muscular male over.

    That muscular male directly stated, "Elder Dong Bo, I know where that leader 'black-robed man' of the Ancient Sacred Religion is!"

    Xue Ying's eyes brightened.
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