829 Annihilated

    Many sacred followers were living within the black city. They flew out like locusts and looked up at that immensely huge fireball emitting an endless blaze; they were all shocked and stunned! After all, the strength of the sacred followers was much weaker-the strongest was only ordinary Void Gods, and many of them were still True Gods-facing a frightening suppression of power from something at the 'Primal Chaos realm'...

    They could not help but feel despondence arising deep in their hearts.

    "This is more frightening than the sun in the sky."

    "Too horrifying."

    These sacred followers did not have any thoughts of resisting.


    That immensely huge fireball suddenly shrank. It turned into a dazzling multi-colored light that smashed against the core of the entire black city.

    "Sacred palace hall!"

    "That's the sacred palace hall. Quickly, stop him!"

    The eyes of these sacred followers turned red. The loyalty which originated from their soul made them disregard all terror and rushed in the direction of the underground sacred palace hall. In their subconsciousness... even if they died, they had to protect the sacred palace hall!


    Xue Ying easily perceived everything happening in the region of five million kilometers using the void array. Naturally, he discovered the underground sacred palace hall. That immensely huge fireball rapidly shrank as it dived down abruptly. It broke apart many of the traps and forbidden areas before moving into the palace hall! The final level of power the Black Gourd had was about hiding in the fireball for defense, and attacking by relying on the fireball to smash against all obstacles!

    It might seem like a simple 'smash', but its power was horrifying.

    A fireball which matched the might of the Sun Star was condensed into one single point before it was used to smash against everything! In terms of tyranny, it was absolutely comparable to a Primal Chaos realm giant.

    Within the underground sacred palace hall.

    "Not good, he is here." The six-armed girl was trembling as she looked outside the hall entrance. The black-robed male, Sacred Emissary Chi Yun, and other sacred emissaries could feel as a frightening power broke through all obstacles and headed down into the underground sacred palace hall. "Hong long long", the fireball which shrank to a diameter of just 100 meters had appeared right at the entrance of the sacred palace hall. It rolled in.

    This fireball was resplendent. Even this group of sacred emissaries felt how eye-piercing it was. There seemed to be a fuzzy figure located within it.

    "We're doomed." The six-armed girl did not even have the thought of resisting.

    Just like someone at the peak Unity realm who got through the third level of Star Pagoda facing against an ordinary Unity realm who just passed through the first level of Star Pagoda, this gap was absolutely huge!

    Facing those who passed through the fifth level of Star Pagoda, a level that reached the boundary of Primal Chaos realm as a peak Unity realm was also similar-the Unity expert would just get slaughtered. Nevertheless, it was possible for the Unity realm experts to escape from a true Primal Chaos realm expert. The Black Gourd fireball had a pure power which reached that of an expert at the sixth level. But due to the weakness in how crude the technique was, it could only achieve the fifth level Star Pagoda power.

    Relying on the Black Gourd!

    As long as the true body of a Primal Chaos realm expert did not come, Xue Ying could defend himself for sure. One could see that the final realm existence 'Gu Qi' had protected his disciple really well.

    "Big brother, big brother." The black-robed male, Sacred Emissary Chi Yun, rapidly sent a transmission asking for help. His elder brother was located far away in the Ancient Sacred World. It was extremely difficult trying to send a voice transmission across such vast distance, and usually, members of the Ancient Sacred Religion located at the base would communicate via the Sacred Master sculpture. As for those who had their own communication treasure that could contact the Ancient Sacred World, there were only three people here.

    They were the cold male, the six-armed girl and Sacred Emissary Chi Yun. His communication treasure had been bestowed on him by his elder brother.

    "Big brother, big brother, save me, save me!" Sacred Emissary Chi Yun was filled with despair and terror at this moment. He did not know how to react. He did not see any hopes of escaping alive.

    The void was completely suppressed. He could not teleport and could only fly slowly.


    Escaping from this horrifying moving fireball which was under the control of Elder Dong Bo?

    The six-armed girl stared at Sacred Emissary Chi Yun. Seeing his anxiety, she could not help but sneer and transmitted over angrily: "Fool, we can't escape from this. Even if your elder brother wishes to save you, he is too far away in the Ancient Sacred World."

    "Hong!" The immensely huge fireball rapidly rolled over. It directly smashed against the bodies of the sacred emissaries.

    It was not about how hot the fireball was. Instead, it was the smashing force which was the main driving strength.

    "Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!"

    The fireball directly clashed against everything like an apparition. Xue Ying smashed his way over. As long as the sacred emissary was smashed, their bodies would instantly turn into smithereens. Nonetheless, the treasures they brought along had been kept untouched by Xue Ying as he relied on the void array.

    "Peng." The black-robed male Sacred Emissary Chi Yun was the third sacred emissary to be smashed. There was a protective glow which appeared on his body, but the very first moment when the colossal fireball clashed against him, it had broken the protective black film on the black-robed male. The fireball stopped momentarily before continuing its motion. That black-robed male could only open his eyes wide and watch as the fireball smashed into him. His eyes were filled with despair.

    Following that, the fireball smashed the black-robed male into smithereens. His treasures flew directly into the fireball as Xue Ying kept them by controlling the void array.

    Xue Ying was within the fireball. He did not suffer from any injuries. He was only collecting the treasures left behind.

    The six-armed girl still madly rushed forward as she faced the suppression from the fireball. Her six arms were carrying a saber each, and for a moment, she turned into an enchanting blood light. But after being smashed by the fireball, her body exploded into pieces too...

    None could resist against it!

    The black-robed male Sacred Emissary Chi Yun's protective treasure could only stop the fireball momentarily only.


    Not a breath of time had passed when all sacred emissaries were dead.

    Xue Ying stood within the fireball looking at that Sacred Master sculpture.

    The Sacred Master sculpture was entirely black and made of jade rock. It had a cotton shirt on, and its eyes were calm and filled with endless profound mysteries. Looking at this Sacred Master sculpture, it would make any others want to be subservient to it.

    'Sacred Master?' Xue Ying thought, 'The sole ruler of the Ancient Sacred World, and unquestionably the strongest expert at the final realm?'


    Xue Ying did not hesitate in controlling his fireball to smash against that sculpture. "Hong~" The fireball directly clashed against the Sacred Master sculpture. The Sacred Master sculpture was constructed together as one single entity with the sacred palace hall. It could not be moved. But since the sacred emissaries had already dismantled part of the sacred palace hall previously, this full-powered smash smacked the Sacred Master sculpture away, causing it to smash against the distant hall wall. The two legs of the sculpture were still stuck to the black metal of the floor, though its chest had caved in slightly.

    'According to the intelligence, the Sacred Master sculpture must be destroyed after acquiring it.' Xue Ying thought, 'But the sculpture is quite tough; I can only cause slight caving in with my full force?'


    Xue Ying controlled the void to store this Sacred Master sculpture into a new Eden treasure of his. It was the only item located within the Eden treasure now.

    'I think I should send it back to the Great Void Heaven Temple and let the Sky Palace destroy it..' Xue Ying thought.

    After briefly observing this broken underground sacred palace hall, Xue Ying then rode on the fireball with a 'sou', and flew out of the place. He shot into the sky before flying along the passage he came from.

    In the outer world.

    Many of the sacred followers located in the black city were rushing in his direction. But seeing the Sacred Master sculpture flying after being smashed, they stopped. They revealed looks of despair.

    "Sacred Master."

    "Sacred Master."

    All the sacred followers immediately stood tall and majestically. Their hands were cupped together as they shouted 'Sacred Master'.

    Closely following that, their bodies all turned into nothingness. When Xue Ying had just flown out after keeping the Sacred Master sculpture, he saw many sacred followers standing within the black city with their bodies dissipating.

    Xue Ying watched this happen silently.

    All the sacred followers within the black city had died. All had turned into nothingness. Currently, there was only Xue Ying left in this black city.

    The fireball floated in the black city.

    Xue Ying observed this desolate place.

    "Everyone believing the Ancient Sacred Religion and Ancestor Mother Religion must be killed." Xue Ying could not help but mutter to himself. Those religions were wantonly preaching out and were even forcing their control on the cultivators. From then on, these cultivators would remain eternally loyal to the Sacred Master and Ancestor Mother. If they were not controlled, why would they perish after the Sacred Master sculpture had been seized?
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