Chapter 281 – Secretly Hiding and Protecting

    Chapter 281: Secretly Hiding and Protecting

    On the lush green mountain peak, the young lady slowly turned her body. She watched the green colored shadow with one knee on the ground. A long while later, a somewhat gentle smile appeared on her exquisite face. She said softly, "It has been over a year. Xiao Yan ge-ge finally arrived at that place..."

    TL: ge-ge - means older brother (more intimate)

    Eyeing the gentle pretty face of the young lady, the green colored shadow had wisely remained silent. He waited for a long while before the sight of the former was once again focused on his body. Only then did he slowly and roughly speak about some of the experiences that Xiao Yan had during this period of time.

    Standing by the side of the cliff, Xun Er quietly heard the many soul stirring things that had popped out from the shadow's mouth. When she heard that Xiao Yan was seriously injured after fighting with two Dou Huang, some heartache and surprise flashed across her autumn water, gentle eyes.

    "Snake Spirit Ranked Lui Man, 'Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor'. The members of the Heaven Snake House have really become increasingly domineering during these few years..." Xun Er's long delicate hand gently caught a piece of leaf that had fallen from above her head as Xun Er said indiferently. The words which seemed to lack any waves had some coldness hidden in them. Regardless of whatever reason that Lui Man and the 'Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor' had acted, they had nearly caused Xiao Yan to suffer a serious injury and die. That was something true.

    "I will hold them accountable for this matter in the future... but have you clearly investigated the identity of the Dou Huang that is by Xiao Yan ge-ge side?" The green colored tree leaf was suspended half an inch from Xun Er's palm. She slowly rolled it, at times curling it and at times twisting it. She glanced at the shadow kneeling on the ground and said with slightly curled eyebrows.

    "After an investigation, that person's name is Hai Bo Dong. He was once one of the Ten Strong in the Jia Ma Empire and was called 'Ice Emperor'. His strength is around that of a Dou Huang class and is well versed in ice type Dou Qi. Moreover, he appears to have some deep relationship with the leader of the Primer clan... Ten years ago, he was sealed by Queen Medusa in the Tager Desert. After which, he had been living in isolation in Desert City until some time earlier when Young Master Xiao Yan visited and helped him undo the seal. After which, he has been following by Young Master Xiao Yan's side. His motive... I'm still not very clear on." The green colored shadow respectfully said.

    "Unsure of his motive."

    The young lady's eyebrows were gently pressed together. She appeared to be somewhat dissatisfied with this perfunctory reply. Regardless of whatever happened, as long as it involved that person, she would immediately turn into a wolf that was protecting its pup, becoming extremely sensitive and picky. She would not allow such a huge and unknown danger to lie low by Xiao Yan's side like a ticking time bomb.

    "I'm sorry, my lady. You should also know that within Xiao Yan's body, there is a spirit of a mysterious strong person. Until this moment, we do not have any information about him. However, he appears to be have a great understanding of us... During the period of time that Ling Shi had followed Young Master Xiao Yan, he may have hid himself perfectly, but according to the information that Ling Shi had sent over, that mysterious strong person appeared to have discovered his presence while he was secretly protecting Xiao Yan. It is only that the other party did not have any other action. I think he should have seen past Ling Shi's intention." The green colored shadow bitterly smiled and said.

    "Even Ling Shi's presence was discovered by that person?" Hearing this, shock flashed across Xun Er's bright eyes. She softly muttered, "What exactly is that person's identity? Even Ling Shi was actually... Ah, if it were not for Xiao Yan ge-ge disliking other people investigating him, I would definitely get to the bottom of that mysterious person's identity. Since he is able to possess such strength I think that he should not have been some unknown person in the past."

    "Although that mysterious person discovered Ling Shi's presence, it was fortunate that he did not inform Young Master Xiao Yan about it. Therefore, Young Master Xiao Yan does not know that ever since he left Wu Tan city, Young Miss has sent people to secretly protect him. However in this way, he would not be able to sense Young Miss' good..."The green colored shadow smiled and said. However, before he managed to say all he wanted to, the somewhat embarrassed Xun Er shot the leaf on her palm to stop him.

    Seeing Xun Er's somewhat sleek red exquisite face, the green colored shadow wisely did not continue to speak.

    "Remember, you must not let Xiao Yan ge-ge know about this matter. I don't want him to say that I have sent someone to follow and monitor him. He does not like things like this." The lovely embarrassed sleek red on the pretty face was slowly withdrawn and Xun Er immediately reminded sternly.


    The green colored shadow was naturally extremely clear of the kind of little girl thoughts that Xun Er had. He immediately nodded respectfully and responded with a 'yes'. At the same time, his heart lamented slightly. Although the Young Miss' face had a smile all the time, the green colored shadow who understand her character knew that this kind of reserved and restrained smile was sometimes even more difficult for others to approach compared to those people who adopted a cold face.

    With Xun Er's beauty and shockingly outstanding training talent, there had been an unknown number of outstanding and great men who were obsessed with her during the one year since she had arrived at the Jia Nan Academy. Although these people could be considered the top strong people even in this Jia Nan Academy which was filled with talent, there was not a single person who could really converse with her.

    "Uh, it seems that I have forgotten someone... that fellow who was called someone whom the Jia Nan academy could only find in a hundred years... could barely be considered a man that Young Miss could put aside her acting and converse with. However, it seemed that he had only reached at this step. What a pitiful fellow. It is likely he does not have any hope in this lifetime." Recalling the young man who was so shockingly outstanding in the academy, the green colored shadow shook her head quietly in her heart. It was somewhat pitiful that this otherworldly lotus that that genius was obsessed with would only bloom for the man called Xiao Yan...

    In the heart of the green colored shadow, he was clear that as long as Xiao Yan's name was mentioned in front of the Young Miss, Xun Er, whose character was indifferent until it was somewhat cold would remove the defensive smile that rejected people and really become a woman who was in love. That extremely rarely seen shyness and annoyance was something that those outsiders definitely did not have the luck to see.

    "He is really a guy who causes people to be envious and jealous... I really don't know how he obtained Young Miss heart. It is really unbelievable. That haughty character of the Young Miss would actually take fancy to a man..." The green colored shadow sighed and shook his head, unable to understand anything. However, if he were to know that the somebody had accidentally run into the room of little girl Xun Er when he was young and had used the reason for keeping the Qi Paths warm to touch all of the little girl's body without any shame was what resulted in him inexplicably abducting the ignorant little girl, the shadow would be likely get a heart attack on the spot..

    "That woman called Yun Zhi should be... the leader of the Misty Cloud Sect Yun Yun, right." Uncertain about the shadow's thoughts in front of her, Xun Er, whose heart was randomly imagining things, glanced at the shadow kneeling on the ground and suddenly asked softly.


    Hearing this question, the green colored shadow became slightly sluggish. According to the information he received, he was naturally able to know that the relationship between Xiao Yan and the lady called Yun Zhi was somewhat unnatural. At that moment, he smiled bitterly and nodded. He said, "She is indeed the Misty Cloud Sect's leader, Yun Yun."

    Although her heart already had the answer, Xun Er still could not help but sigh after it was confirmed. The expression of her face was somewhat interesting. A long while later, she shook her head and said with a bitter smile, "Xiao Yan ge-ge seems to be quite foolish. Aren't these things obvious? When you go to the Misty Cloud Sect in the future, I want to see how you handle this complicated relationship."

    "Young Miss, that lady seemed to, toward Xiao Yan..." The green colored shadow mumbling voice had not completed his sentence when he realized that the pretty face of the young lady in front of him had became slightly still. Immediately, he hurriedly and wisely swallowed the words that had reached his mouth.

    "You have sensed wrongly..." That calm and indifferent voice of the young lady had a faint resentment that could be sensed.

    "Yes, yes..." The green colored shadow wiped his cold sweat and hurriedly nodded. He no longer dared to bring this matter up. Although he knew that the status of the young woman in front of him was extraordinary, she was a woman regardless of how extraordinary she was. For a woman, being jealous... seemed to be a talent that could not be wiped away.

    "Pass a message to Ling Shi. Tell him to secretly protect Xiao Yan ge-ge when he goes to the Misty Cloud Sect. He has killed the First Elder of the Mo clan. Those stubborn old fellows of the Misty Cloud Sect would definitely not allow him to leave easily so that they can protect the reputation of the Misty Cloud Sect." Xun Er knit her eyebrows together and said.

    "And also pay attention to Hai Bo Dong by his side. I keep feeling that the fellow is difficult to understand. If there is any change in the situation, let Ling Shi..." After saying till this point, Xun Er's delicate hand gently cut through the empty air in front of her. A somewhat daunting cold and stern look was contained on her pretty face.

    "Yes." Seeing the situation, the green colored shadow respectfully nodded his head.

    "That's right. According to what you have said, that 'Seven Colored Heaven Swallowing Python' by Xiao Yan ge-ge side should be Queen Medusa, right?" Xun Er said as her delicate hand pulled aside the black hair on her forehead.

    "Yes, But the current Queen Medusa seems to have been suppressed by the spirit of the 'Seven Colored Heaven Swallowing Python'. If she wants to control it again, she would have to perhaps wait for another period of time. However, once Queen Medusa controls the 'Seven Colored Heaven Swallowing Python's' body, then she would leap and become a Dou Zhong. When that time comes, it would be a little troublesome if she wants to kill Xiao Yan..." The green colored shadow voiced his thoughts.

    "Ugh, I didn't expect that there are all these terrifying bombs placed all over Xiao Yan ge-ge's side. What a headache..." Xun Er helplessly shook her head as she rubbed her clean forehead. She thought for a while before saying, "During this period of time, Queen Medusa will not be able to control the 'Seven Colored Heaven Swallowing Python's' body. Once Xiao Yan ge-ge arrives at the Jia Nan Academy in the future, let's then think of ways to settle all these problems..."


    "Alright. You should leave the Jia Nan Academy now. Don't stay here too long. If you are discovered, you would get encircled and caught by the rude and unreasonable old headmaster." After giving orders for everything, Xun Er finally waved her hand and reminded.

    "Ke ke, that old fellow's strength is very strong. If we were to face each other head on, I would be a little inferior. However, if one were to talk about going into hiding, I am still confident." The green colored shadow smiled and nodded. He once again bowed respectfully toward Xun Er before turning around and leaping away. He actually melted into the tree beside him. The tree shook slightly and immediately became quiet...

    Eyeing the shadow that had disappeared, Xun Er slowly turned her body around. She watched the cloud that shrouded the cliff. A moment later, she smiled warmly. Her smile was stunning.

    "Xiao Yan ge-ge. Your improvement in this one year is shocking even to Xun Er... After going to the Misty Cloud Sect, you should come to the Jia Nan Academy. Xun Er is quite lonely here."
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