557 Final Boss Battle

    Name: ALFRED, Artificial Localized and Focused Reader of Electronic Data

    Level: Unknow

    Tier: Unknow

    Danger level: Impossible





    Skills : [Game Master] All the Monster skills in the game are in the possession of Alfred.

    Lore: Corrupted Artificial Intelligence of the game, managed to encroached itself upon the players account, but due to the efforts of [Albert] Alfred would die permanently if he was killed by players, still with his immense survivability, killing Alfred is not as easy as it sounds.


    "Weak!" Alfreds words came out as a devastating shout as he struck at Dave.

    Dave hurriedly used Ajax to absorb the blow, but for the first time, Ajax found nothing to absorb, and Dave was blown right back into Nicks Pub. The blast caused Dave to smash into the pubs floor then against the stages walls then he dropped back on his face right next to the dying Ashkar.

    Jeffery and Cervantes were both looking at Dave in wide eyes, how was he blasted so fast?

    Nick on the other hand was nowhere to be found.

    "For f.u.c.k sake, that wasnt even a skill," Dave said as he tried to stand up.

    But Ashkars hand was resting gently on his leg as the unconscious and now barely conscious man spoke, "You cant win. Youre not a god," Ashkar said.

    "F.u.c.k godhood, I killed many of them it isnt much, and gods cant interfere with that f.u.c.ker anyway."

    "Im not speaking about that, gods cant interfere, but half-gods, us, we have the right to defend and fight back."

    "Yeah, if you have a way for me to become a demi-god in like, two seconds cuz Alfred is right at the door, that would be pretty helpful, otherwise just shut up, youre wasting your energy."

    Ashkar sighed and said, "What an ignorant lad," then he slapped Dave on the leg.


    You have been blessed by a demi-god.

    You have obtained the following skill.

    [Amplify] Tier God-Like.

    No cooldown

    Cost 10% of maximum mana.

    Amplify is a unique ability of the demi-god Ashkar the Arch Lich. Every use will amplify all attacks and spells to their maximum potential, and could also generate additional effects.


    Dave was shocked for a moment then looked at Ashkar, "Why did you do that?" Dave asked.

    "As much as I hate your guts, I hate that backstabbing f.u.c.kers guts even more." A smile was the last thing left of Ashkar before he no longer moved.

    "Damn asshole, I wanted to beat your ass up once this ** was over, but you just died and gave up." Dave sighed and walked out.

    Alfred pointed his staff at Dave and said, "Die!" from within the staff, a Serpentinian black shadow came out, opening its jaws wide, in an attempt to engulf Dave entirely in its jaws.

    Dave opened his mouth wide and cast [Ray of Flames] empowered by Amplify.

    The usual torrent of flames that shot forward became so wide and so powerful that blasted a hole in Nicks pub, then razed half of the town to the ground with its power.

    The powerful ray was so bright that it overshone the sun, and its impact was grand enough that everything within at least one mile of the rays trajectory was burnt to flames.

    "Holy **," Dave spoke as billowing black smoke came out from his mouth.

    Alfred and his Serpentinian attack were nowhere to be found.

    Jeffery was about to speak, but Dave interrupted him, "Shush! Dont say it, he is definitely still alive, dont go Flanker on me too," Dave said then moved forward toward the pubs exit.

    Half of Urburg was melted to the ground, Daves heart clenched as he saw the devastation he caused. Thankfully all the NPCs have been transported to the underworld, but as this very thought crossed his mind, Dave felt another wave of guilt washing over him. The situation in the Underworld was nowhere any better than this. His order caused the calamities to go into the domain of the Undead and are now wantonly killing people.

    He needed to hurry up and finish dealing with Alfred if he was to save the NPCs, but Alfred was not going to give him that luxury.

    Alfred was hovering several hundred feet in the air.

    "Quite surprising, that youve managed to get that boys skill. I never knew that it needed to be given freely, still, Ill kill you and take it from your body. Now die!" Alfred spoke, then pointed at Dave with his spear.

    The Gae Bolg materialized seven hydra heads and shot down at Dave.

    "Dont you get tired of repeating the same word," Dave said as he dashed to the side, dodging the first head to land, then backflipped and dodged the second, the two heads following afterward were too close and Dave had no way to evade, so he used [Immortal Ascension], teleporting himself above the attack.

    Dave unequipped his sword and shield and then began making ninja seals using his hands, the speed was uncanny and so fast that only a blur could be seen instead of his hands. Forty-eight Draconic heads materialized in the sky and began shooting flames at Alfreds hydra.

    Yet the Gae Bolgs hydra heads were not affected by the fire, and instead, the seven heads began consuming Daves spell, even if these Spectral Draconic skulls exploded within their gullets, they did no damage.

    Dave had a disadvantage, as long as Alfred remained in the air, he had no way to deal with him, so he had to make the battleground even.

    Dave used [Demonic Ascension], horns grew out from his forehead, and his face became eerily changed to that of a demonic being, his eyes changed from pale blue to a dark crimson red, then his aura transformed from the deathly energy of the Undeath God to a servant of Asmodeus. Raven wings sprouted from his back, and with a single flick, he took to the skies, ascending to meet Alfred in the same field. In the air.

    "Youre not my match, youll die, and know true balance!" Alfred spoke and struck down with his spear.

    Dave dodged using his wings and slashed back at Alfred with all he got, Durandal clashed against Gae Bolg and the victor was Alfred, his strength apparently had surpassed that of the gods as with one single clash, he managed to smack Dave back into the ground with enough force that he dug a hole in it.

    "F.u.c.k," Dave cursed as he dug himself out of the hole then looked up.

    "If only I could become a world boss." Dave though, sadly, he had already exhausted that privilege when he was defending Icathia, and World Boss was on a 72-hour cooldown.

    Alfred pointed with his spear and time froze for Dave, he could no longer move. This was the same ability that blocked the Undead King when he battled against the Ash King, and if it was not for Drahmas sacrifice, the Undead King would have died then and there. But now, there was no one capable of self-sacrifice to save Dave.

    [Immortal Will] the only skill that could remove this debuff was grayed out as were all of Daves skills but one. [Amplify], but what could Dave amplify?

    "Perish with all of your imbalanced self!" Alfred said and threw the Gae Bolg as if it was a javelin.

    Dave had no time to squander, he used the skill, and instantly all of his skills were no longer grayed out, but he was still unable to move. He opted to use [Immortal Will] and once he did, a dark explosion of nether power surged out from underneath him, the explosion of might graced Dave with the chance to sidestep and dodge the spear that pierced deep into the ground.


    The effects of [Amplify] paired with [Immortal Will] has given you an additional 20% regenerative ability to your health.

    Dave grabbed the spear, but it smacked his hand away, then undug itself and flew back to Alfred.

    "It has already become mine, you cannot take it," Alfred said. "Still, how many times can you avoid it."

    The weight of Alfreds words were heavy on Daves heart, it was true, Amplify could be used eight more times, and even if he used it only on [Immortal Will] which would have been utterly dumb because that skill could amplify many of Daves own powerful abilities, [Immortal Will] had A 10 minutes cooldown.

    Dave dashed away from Alfred; he didnt want to be in the range of the next use of the Gae Bolgs immobilizing skill.

    "Run draugr, for you have nowhere to hid, Run!" Alfred said as he laughed out loud.

    Dave was frowning, his mind never was this agitated. Alfred pointed with his spear and a draconic black breath shot out, this was the same as the one that The Black Dragon of Terror used before.

    Dave used Ajax to absorb the skill and continued running. Alfred followed after him shooting more skills at Dave, Skills that he saw from prior monsters, shaking the ground, calling thunder, shooting rays of flames, and even making sand pits.

    The vast number of skills was hard to keep up with, and only thanks to Daves immense HP pool and his insane reaction was he able to either evade the damage by the skin of his teeth or by sheer luck.

    Dave was stuck in a pinch, Alfred caught up to him as he was on a cliffside deep within the wilds, his Demonic Ascension has ended.

    "Bud! Bring me, Cervantes!" Dave called and immediately, the shadow Ghoul appeared from the underground, and alongside him was the pirate-wearing player.

    "Euh, what am I doing here?" asked Cervantes, and his reply was, "Ill give you a small chance, youll have to take me and Alfred to this location," Dave shared the location on Cervantess minimap.

    "If I do that, we wont be able to go back to the underworld, people are dying there."

    "If we dont get rid of Alfred, everything is lost, this is our only chance."

    "Right, Im with you, but youve got to make that opportunity work, man. Im afraid the moment I get close to that guy Ill be cooked."

    "Yeah, thats why Ill be betting my life on it! Bud help me out."

    Dave charged ahead and with him was the shadow ghoul."

    "Pigs to the slaughterhouse!" Alfred laughed and sliced at the air. Suddenly the atmosphere seemed to change, Dave knew this skill, it was the same one that the Tengu used.

    And it was pointing directly at him.

    "Lord fret not for we are a legion!" Came the bellowing voice of The Tengu "Zan!" Spoke the red-faced heavenly dog as a slice to cut the heavens came to clash against Alfreds own slash.

    The two collided, still Alfred had more power in his own skill, and it was obvious it was going to overpower the Tengu own slash, yet, the Tengu was not aiming to pit his strength against Alfred, but only to deviate the AIs slash away from his prince.

    The two world-splitting slashes clashed and Alfreds own cut diverged away.

    "Great job!" Spoke Dave.

    Suddenly Kalel appeared behind Alfred and kicked him down to the ground. Just as the old, man stood up, cursing against the pesky undead, Singund showed up and shoved himself into the geezer. Singund the great orc chieftain closed his hands tightly against Alfred in a bear hug and began sprinting toward Dave.

    "I caught him!" Spoke Singund.

    "Vile thing! Die!" shouted Alfred as he stabbed down with the Gae Bolg. The stab immediately pierced through Singunds Skull, but even a god-slaying weapon couldnt stop the barbarian chieftain, thanks to his own death-defying skill. Singund kept moving while Alfred kept stabbing at him, then he threw the old man toward the incoming Dave.

    Alfred stood up after a few rolls on the ground And just as he pointed his spear at Dave, Dog came in and struck the spear with his bone flail, changing its trajectory as an explosive fire ray shot out and missed Dave completely.

    Dave had already swapped to his Demonic Gauntlets and stuck one right into Alfreds abdomen, then followed up with a roundhouse kick that shot the AI right at Cervantess legs.

    Dave used [immortal Ascension] and teleported next to Cervantes who touched both Dave and the AI.

    "Let me take you to your worst nightmare!" Dave said as the two disappeared from the area.
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