558 Never Fear

    "Were here!" Cervantes spoke. But just as he finished his words, a spear struck him right in the chest, the Gae Bolg took down one of the Devastators most elite players with one hit.



    Your account has been permanently banned from the game of Conquest!

    Cervantes woke up, frustrated at the notification, he got out of his gaming capsule and sat down, sighing.

    "Man, I hope you make it skelly, I did all I could," Cervantes muttered to himself.

    And now without him, there was no one else to share the feed of the battle between Skelly and Alfred.

    Cervantes got down to his living room, his mother and father were smiling at him, "You did good son," said the father, "You made us proud of you, now all is left is for Skelly to beat that old geezer and youll be remembered as a hero."

    "I hope so, pops, but thats very difficult, Albert currently has all the skills of the monsters he consumed in the game, and theyre not pretty."

    "Well just have to wait and see," the father said.

    "Is there anything to watch?" Asked Cervantes.

    "Yeah, the battles in the Underworld are ongoing, the players are fighting for all they got to defend the cities. Thankfully, the calamities have mostly ignored the NPCs, but some unfortunate ones fell to their hands."

    "Yeah, Skelly could have changed things if he was there," Cervantes said.

    "No," his father shook his head, remember, everyone has their own role, skelly is a hero, but heroes cannot be there for everyone, people and players alike need to rely on themselves and not wait to be saved by heroes."

    "I guess thats the main idea, Lets see what warlord and his buddies are doing, hopefully, theyll come out on top."

    The father changed the channel from CCN and back to another major tv company that was broadcasting the Devastators battle against the calamities. For now, the situation seemed rather disadvantageous, the players were overwhelmed, calamites from all sides came at them in droves, and even more, were reported to be heading toward the Dark Threading dungeon.

    Yet, not all hope was lost, the abyssal knights of the Undead Legion came in to help, Samael began a slaughter-fest as he transformed into his ghoulish form and began massacring calamities left and right, to his right, Dortha, the beast who changed into his Wolfen form and made even Samaels great efforts into child play. The many calamities that fell by his hands were countless.

    On other sites, the Pharaos tomb Dagla began casting mass magic and smite down the calamities left and right. In the city of mages and casters, the calamities were taking the heaviest of beatings.

    As for the Undead Frontier, it was Ouki, who stood, one man, holding off the front of the entire region, any calamity that dared stand in his way died by his Imperial arts. His glaive would swing, and dozens would die.

    The rest of the abyssal knights led groups of doom knights and death knights to hold off any of the monsters that tried to further infiltrate into the underworld. The battle thankfully was kept at a standstill, players used the enormous numerical advantage of the undead army to battle at a pace that they could follow. Having walls of shields and undead gave long-ranged players a great benefit in fighting and pouring all their might unhindered by their enemies.

    Warlord, White ghost, and Wan Yi led a group of players alongside a great number of doom knights to battle, they began marching around the calamities like a whirlwind, casting and grinding the enemy to nothing as every player struck and moved to the next target, causing the calamities to follow after them, only to be hit by more players, while the whole group moved in a large circle around the monsters, grinding them and killing them, every player did his part, everyone covered the other and everyone struck at least one blow onto every monster in the field.

    The grinder continued until no monsters were left, then the whole group teleported to the next city. And they continued doing so, killing the enemy.

    "Damn, this is frustrating, so far we didnt hear anything from skelly, he must have been fighting for hours now," Cervantes said.

    "Yeah, he is the only one in that area, and unless he personally sends the feed to CCN well never know whats going on, so far Im restless." Spoke to the father.

    A few minutes later, Cervantess phone rang. There was a message.

    "Hold up, I just got the news, switch channel! CCN is actually broadcasting, Skelly is going live!" Cervantes said.

    His father switched channels and all they could see was a dark blue atmosphere all around Skelly.

    In front of skelly was a battered old man that could barely stand on his feet, his spear was shaking in his hand.

    Skelly spoke, huffing, as if he had run an entire marathon, "Youre damn annoying and hard to kill." Skelly said.

    "Youll never kill me! Im immortal!" replied Alfred then struck down with his spear.

    The ground trembled and lighting, so much of it struck down at skelly, there was so much lighting that everything turned white. No monster in the game had this much power. And even with the Gae Bolg, Alfreds lighting shouldnt be this powerful.

    "Where the hell is going on, why is Alfred that strong?" Cervantes father asked.

    "No, its not the fact that Alfred is strong, its the area where they are. Skelly asked me to take them to a very special place. A place he accidentally created when he used the forbidden chapter Balance Breaker."

    "You mean that chaotic area? No player ever survived there, most of them died the moment they got inside "

    "Yeah, but for some reason, skelly is still alive in there, even for after-hours while battling Alfred. I think he got an advantage there, lets keep watching pops."


    Damn annoying c.o.c.kroach! Dave cursed inwardly, he had been battling for hours now, and Alfred was not even hurt, with his infinite HP, Infinite magic, and physical defense, all Dave could do was exhaust the old man and slowly tater his clothes, while skellys own HP was dwindling.

    Dave, however, was thankful for the special area. He once again rapidly read through the notification of the chaotic Balance Breaker zone.

    Balance Breaker Zone

    The laws of the world have been broken!

    The following effects will last until you leave the area.

    All of your ability cooldowns have been reset, you can use all of your abilities (Besides Legacy Skill Abilities) as much as you wish.

    The laws of the world Have been broken!

    The seals on your Arch Godly Item: Cursed sword of Durandal have been removed.

    The seals on your Arch Godly Item: Cursed Shield of Ajax have been removed.

    Random and destructive additions have been granted to all abilities, some might be handy some might kill the user, sue all of your skill with caution!

    Beware of what might come out of chaos!


    "Damn good buff, I can spam all of my skill but so far this dumbass isnt dead, worse thing is, his own skills are much more powerful now."

    "Imprisoned!" Alfred spoke and Dave stopped moving momentarily, this was the most dangerous skill of the spear, but Dave had a smile on his battered face.

    "This again? Dont you get tired of doing the same trick? [Undying Will!]" Dave cast and his body became even stronger and his regeneration increased while he disregarded Alfreds spell. Thanks to the chaos area, all of his skills became without a cooldown.

    Dave spat out a ray of flame that increased its own potency and shot a ray of incinerating power, so high and so powerful that it razed everything in its path. But Alfred used his shielding skill, the same one that stopped Jefferys exploding Mecha and canceled out Daves devastating blow.

    Dave huffed, this battle was tiring, and he was becoming more and more exhausted, mentally than physically, the pressure on him was immense. With Alfred still alive, the whole gaming community would suffer and this whole game would die. Also, a lot of hope was being hung on him, he was struggling. Not even Nicks legacy could do much to him in this situation.

    Even if the Undeath God manages to sap half of Alfreds HP, half of infinity is still infinity, without Ralphs rewind he couldnt do much, and even if Nick was here, he would not hesitate to ask Dave to use the same Combo, even if he risked becoming two of himself, he would gladly trade that for the death of Alfred.

    But no wind blows in favor of a ship without direction, Dave was stuck, and he only had himself to rely on, like it was before, like it was from the start. He never got to where he is by relying on others, but by becoming who he is, his own commitment, his own will, and ceaseless attempts at glory. David Ruster a man that had nothing now had everything and was sure as hell that he would not let any AI take it from him.

    Skelly suddenly had an idea, it blossomed in his mind and became as big as a booming explosion of thoughts, the gears that have been slowed by the continuous battle worked once more, and a smile, so evil so wretched and so sinister slowly crept on his the dry skin of his face.

    Dave sent a message to Zoe, "Buy all of Conquests stocks with the money I have left." There was no other word after that, it was a simple request, and the moment Zoe received it, she didnt hesitate to execute. Dave had a great deal of money left, and with the market and the hope of Conquest continuing becoming further and further away from reality, Dave was about to risk it all and buy Conquests declining stocks at dirt-cheap prices. It was all a bet, a bet on an audacious and dangerous plot he was about to execute now, and it could never work outside of this area.

    Zoe sent an email to her friend who works as a broker to buy the stocks, the broker chose to follow up the Silvana girls words and used all of Daves money to buy anything available on the market. He, however, didnt dare risk his own money on a lost cause. There was no way Conquest would survive this. He had already seen how Alfred was immortal, and there was nothing Dave could do to kill him. There was no way to defeat a god, and this risk was not worth taking.

    Soon, as Dave continued to battle Alfred in a seemingly desperate attempt at defeating what cannot be killed, a message came to Dave confirming the purchase of all the stocks that his money could buy.

    "Ah! Finally! Thank you, Alfred, you made me rich, but youll make me richer if you die." Dave said.

    "die? Me! I was designed to not die! You have no means to do so, so please, perish with your ideals, and let me fix this rotten unbalanced world!" Alfred pointed with his spear at Dave but all he saw was a laughing draugr.

    "I guess you still underestimate people. Let me show you what we can do," Dave said and shouted, "Amplify! Defile!"

    Roots grand and massive as buildings climbed out from underground and clutched at Alfred.

    In this chaotic area, even Ashkars amplification magic was boosted and the rooting power from Daves spell was so massive that Alfred had no way to get out of his current prison.

    "I have eight amplifications left, better use them now, Amplify [Zealot] Amplify [Doubler Strength] Amplify [Herculean Strength] Amplify [Precarious Chaos] Amplify [World Boss]! Amplify [Durandal]!"


    You have amplified the following effects.

    World boss!

    You have turned into a World Boss!

    You have gained, [Abyssal Knight Glory!] For 12 in-game hours you will obtain the following effects:

    All of your skills and abilities will have a damaging and effect increase of 10,000%

    Your HP has been multiplied by 1000!

    Your defensive states have been multiplied by 100

    Your Regeneration has been multiplied by 1000!

    You are limited to the area of the Northern Kingdoms Capital. Once you leave the area, you will lose your [Abyssal Knight Glory] buff.

    You have amplified [Durandal]

    The fully unsealed Durandal has permitted you to use his godly powers without being suppressed by the law of [Godhood]!

    You have amplified [Chaos]

    You have attained a state where you can sustain the power of Chaos without it negatively affecting your body. You are one with Chaos. This state will be kept for as long as your HP doesnt fall below 50% of the time of activation. Once your HP drops you will return to Chaos Imbalance that is imbued in your Chaos runes.

    Chaos Empowerment, 3000%

    You have amplified the following skill [Doubler Strength] Amplification and the chaos area has increased the base strength by ten times!

    You have Amplified the following Effect [Herculean Strength] Effect amplified 10 times, added to the special area another empowerment has been added to Herculean Strength! Amplification is now 100 times!

    You currently possess more than 100,000 points of Strength! You gained the following Passive!

    [Gods Might] Your strength has attained godhood level, you have been temporarily ascended to a demi-god!


    Your power has increased beyond the normal scope of humans, your body has been changed and adjusted to contain the strength you currently possess!

    [Indomitable Body] Your muscles have become supercharged!

    You can now contend with ASCENDED gods in battle!

    You have achieved Godhood! You can now create a legacy!


    Daves body became robust, he grew several times larger and bigger, Durandal gained a golden sheen around it, and writings engraved themselves upon the rough-looking sword.

    Daves hair grew and fell to his waist, his muscles became ripped with power, and gained a silver sheen to them, his own armor morphed and changed, the skulls on his armor became alive as they laughed eerily with the powerful buffs he currently has. Dave cracked his neck and the sound of it was enough to break the sound barrier.

    He spoke, and with each word, the ground around him shook, "Ill crush you now!"

    "No matter how much strength you have! You cannot kill me! Im immortal!" Alfred shouted within the roots that were trapping him

    "With this following strike, its either you die, or Ill split Conquest in two, ready up!"

    It all comes down to this!" Dave muttered to himself as he raised Durandal with both hands above himself.

    Durandal a sword that can change its size to match that of the wielder began to grow. The sword grew so high that it made the largest building that man ever made look like a needle compared to a sword.

    "It all comes down to this, I have one last amplification, I hope it works. Amplify [Twin Strike]" Dave said and struck down.

    As Durandal came down, numerous afterimages appeared behind it, as the sword came down, images behind it followed after. But instead of the twin strike, the amplification, and addition of the bonus from the chaos area, made the sword strike down so many times that even Dave was surprised at the amount.

    The first blow came down and everyone on the world of conquest felt it, as the vibration of the sword was felt all over the world.

    "That didnt kill me!" Alfred shouted!

    The second sword came down, and it was even more vicious and louder.

    Then came the third, the fourth, and the tenth, then more swords came down, striking uncaringly wantonly and devastatingly against Alfreds rooted body.

    Alfred had no way to get himself out of his current predicament, but he still laughed, he couldnt feel the pain, and even the blow from a god was nothing to him. Soon were the swords going to exhaust themselves and he will be back to kill the draugr that plagued his days.

    "Cmon!" Dave said as the swords kept falling at Alfred.

    "Cmon!" Dave shouted as hundreds of them fell!

    "CMON WORK GOD DAMN IT!" Daves last shout came as the final swords came down.

    Suddenly a notification appeared and alongside it a loud bellowing and regretful sound of gurgling denials.


    Your passive Never Fear has activated! You have caused [Horror] to Alfred.

    Alfred has been executed!

    You have slain Alfred!

    The system will go under maintenance in 10 seconds!


    Dave slumped down on his ass and fell on his back, he began laughing hysterically.

    "F.u.c.k! That was close!" He said then closed his eyes, the game is going to go on an update, the mess that Alfred has caused is finally over, and his risk with the stocks will shock the world soon.

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