349 Clash of Gods

    Fortress looked back at Tess and said, "Damn, I always wanted to say that!"

    "Ha, you looked badass, hun! But didn't we kill the Kraken already?" Tess asked."Yeah, we did, but..." Dave didn't finish his words as a wide draugr smile was plastered along his face.The gentle sea breeze stopped, and the churning sea stilled. Its water calmed down like the surface of a mirror.

    The pirates at the opposite side of the Leviathan were surprised at first but then after understanding the meaning behind the stillness of the sea, panic began to spread throughout their ranks.

    "Huh, you don't deserve to be called Undead if you Fear!" Dave said while grinning.

    "Guys, get ready for a fight!" Dave said and hopped down from the ship and then ran towards the dozens of ships in front of him.

    The party jumped from the ship's railings and onto the sea surface.

    Unlike when Dave faced the Kraken the last time, this time, the Kraken was an ally so he could summon his undead.

    He stomped on the water surface, and hundreds of undead materialized around him. They were all Death Knights.

    Dave pointed at the incoming ships and roared, "Kill Them All!"

    The Tengu flew up high in the air, his wings flipping widely, summoning black clouds. The clouds began spinning into a vortex in the sky, and iron feathers shot down from the sky.

    Singund rode on his battle boar and led hundreds of undead in a charge towards the enemy ships.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Gangplank slammed his fist on his ship's railing and shouted, "Curses! We're in the Kraken's Dead Sea. Lads!, we'll fight till the bitter end, show 'em the might of Pirate King Gangplanks Crew!"

    The enemy ships were already stationed for battle. They shot their cannons at the incoming undead.

    The Death Knights held up their Tower Shields, blocking the cannon balls , but some were unfortunate and were blasted back to the Dead Realm with one cannon shot.

    "Hmm, those cannons deal a lot of damage, but where the hell is the Kraken?!" Dave cursed.

    Just as he finished his words, several pink tentacles burst out from the waters surface and latched themselves to one of the ships.

    The Kraken's tentacles e rapidly coiled around the ship's hull, deck and  then rose all the way toward the masts.

    With a simple tug, the ship's masts broke and fell on the undead pirates below.

    Dave stomped his foot on the seawater, and more black fog emerged out. He  used [Blot the Sun] and summoned all of his Captain Ranked Undead to the battle.

    Tens of thousands of undead materializes around Dave and on the sea.

    "Boyz! Kill your way forwards, and don't destroy the ships too much!" Dave said.

    The undead around Dave hollered their Battlecry!

    "Never Hunger!"

    "Never Tire!"

    "Never Fear!"

    Then they ran across the seawater and toward the ships.

    The pirates shot hundreds of cannon balls  toward the army of Undead. Each cannon blasted dozens of Undead back to the Dead Realm, but compared to the sheer number of Dave's Sub-Division, the death toll was like a drop of water in the sea.

    The Undead reached the ship's hull and began helping each other climb up, more undead climbed up on each other, and helped themselves to the pirate ships' deck.

    Dave's Undead Captains were strong enough to take on the undead at the decks with ease.

    The rest of his party followed behind Dave. Flanker stayed with Fortress and Perfect, while the rest separated, each climbing up to a ship and then started to fight there.

    The Kraken had just finished squeezing the ship into rubble. Then its tentacles  went to latch onto another nearby ship.

    "Oi Kraken, easy on the ships, we need them," Dave shouted aloud, the Kraken's limbs retreated, and it swam under the sea. It picked off any stragglers that tried to abandon ship in an attempt to run away.

    Dave went toward the largest of the ships where Gangplank was leading a hopeless defense against the massive numbers of Undead.

    Dave patted his side bag as he ran. Tiny peaked out from the bag, while pointing at the largest ship Dave said, "I need you to throw me there"

    Tiny changed its form to his massive size and grabbed Dave. He then threw him toward the ship.

    Dave flew across the water and was headed directly toward Gangplank. The pirate noticed the incoming Dave and drew his pistole.

    "DIE!" The pirate shouted and pulled  the trigger.

    Dave drew his shield and blocked the bullet. He was still flying toward Gangplank like a meteor. The pirate took a step back and blocked in front of him as Dave smashed into him.

    The pirate fell on the ground, and Dave rolled a few times on the deck.

    "Curses!" The pirate said and stood up.

    Dave scrambled to his feet. He was the only one on the pirate's main ship, he was surrounded but wasn't worried.

    Dave's eyes met with the pirate, and he noticed something different about him. The undead skin on his face had peeled off and revealed a healthy pink skin color.

    "Huh? You're not an Undead," Dave said.

    The pirate rubbed at his face. He realized that the dead skin on his face had peeled off.

    "Right, guess it's not important anymore." The pirate snapped his fingers, and a black aura shrouded his avatar.

    The black aura disappeared and revealed a man wearing a purple hooded robe that covered his whole body.

    Only his hands and half of his face was revealed. They looked ... human?

    Dave inspected the man.


    Duradel Ashkar.

    Stats: ???

    Information: ???


    "Huh, why do you have Ashkar in your name. Are you related to the Necromancer King Ashkar?" Dave asked as he went around the hooded man.

    "Well, I might as well say yes. Ashkar was like a father to me. I took his name in honor of his efforts. Sadly, his quest for immortality failed, unlike mine," The man grinned and pointed his finger toward Dave.

    A black lightning bolt shot at Dave.

    Dave's [Block] was on cooldown, so he gritted his teeth and took the attack head-on.

    However, the moment the lighting bolt touched Dave, he was smashed into the ship's bow.



    Passive [Unyielding] activated!

    You are immune from Death for 5 seconds.


    "What the **?" Dave cursed.

    This attack had left him with 1% HP. He was still confused at how he was hit this hard.

    "Ooo, you didn't die? That's interesting." The man said.

    He approached Dave slowly, and pointed his hand again.

    "Shit!" Dave cursed and was about to use [Immortal Apparition] to leave the area when the sky shuddered and a skull-shaped Guitar fell onto the ship Dave was on.

    'Huh? I didn't activate my Legacy skill.'

    Duradel looked back at the guitar and stepped back, "Damn, you're protected by a deity. That's unfair!"

    "Nothing is unfair, little **. There are rules to follow. And I'm not a fan of rule breakers!" the space behind Duradel twisted as a black tornado materialized. Nick appeared from the tornado. His brows were knit together in a frown.

    "You're a step away from reaching godhood. Why do you interfere with the people of this world?" Nick asked.

    "Huh, you're the Undeath God, why would you care?" the robed man asked.

    "Because he is my Champion, messing with him is the same as messing with me. Now, beat it, or I'll make you regret it." Nick waved his hand, and his guitar flew into his hands.

    The guitar strings hummed a dangerous tune that made the clouds from Dave's skill churn and became denser.

    "Oh, this is turning into a battle of gods rather too fast," Dave said as he stood up while drinking a potion to get himself out of critical health.

    The robed man held both his arms up and said, "Alright, I give up - no need to get pesky. I just wanted to see what's behind the Vault. Guess I'm done playing around ."

    The man's robes fluttered as a powerful wind blew by, he then disappeared from on top of the ship.

    Just as he disappeared, all the undead pirates fell down and started to turn to ash.

    Nick looked around. He looked irritated.

    "What's wrong, bud? And who's that?" Dave asked.

    "A lot is wrong. That was a godling. When enough time passes, he will be one of us."

    "You mean, that dude is a god?" Dave asked.

    "Not a god, a godling. Between a god and ...well not." Nick said. He then looked at the horizon and spoke solemnly, "I've been away for a long time. And I guess that many have forgotten how we did things in my time. New young gods think themselves beyond the rules, and old gods have grown senile and are lazing around. Guess it's time we turn things back to the way they were in the old days."

    The Undeath God struck on his guitar strings, and a blasting tune echoed across the water.

    The still water shook and surged in waves.

    The sky tore open, and a large bell appeared in the air. The bell was old and cracked in many places.

    "Kid. You are my Champion. And I chose you to fight for me in this battle." Nick said as he looked at the bell.

    "What do you mean?" Dave asked.

    But before Nick could answer the bell moved and it rang, a loud toll of the bell sounded through the waves of the seawater.

    Dave's party covered their ears with their hands as the bell was tolling.

    Then a notification appeared in front of Dave.


    Clash of the Gods!

    You have been chosen by the Undeath God Nicholas to battle the  Champions of other Deities !

    Killing Champions will increase your god's influence in the world.

    The more influence your god has, the more territory he can control.

    You now have the ability to expand your territory.


    Then another notification appeared in front of Dave.


    Conquest Server announcement!

    Player Kis'Shtiengbrah started the event, Clash of the Gods.

    All Legacy holders can choose to enter this event.

    By emerging victorious in this event, you may increase the rating of your Legacy Class.

    In 24h the first series of battles will commence. Prove yourselves worthy and help your deity reach greater heights and help yourselves become stronger.


    "What did you do, Nick?" Dave asked.

    Nick was looking at the dissipating bell and said, "Made things a bit more interesting. This way, the old gods will have to pay more attention to what's going on, and the new ones will have to earn their place in this world. I'm counting on you, kid."

    Then the Undeath God disappeared in a swirl of black smoke, leaving Dave alone on the ship.
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