1091 Seven Cities Assault -FINAL -unedited

    "So North side, Check." Kraft was saying as he played with his digital tablet and browsed through the checklist he had created on a whim. "Oh triple checks since all the battles are proceeding rather smoothly."

    "Hey! Just because you sent me some of your dark elves to my side, doesnt mean my side is all cleared, okay?" Moloch heavily reminded Kraft that the battle was not entirely over.

    "Anddd South Side, total annihilation check. So, when are the churches coming to seriously attack us?" Kraft pouted as he completely ignored Molochs side of the argument and started to be bored. With nothing on hand, he was at the point of moving on to the next phase of his perfect masterplan to conquer the seven cities.

    "Arent you forgetting about the aerial attack plans that the Church Agent had revealed to us?" Kiyu yawned while sitting right beside the devil foxs throne, playing her portable game console.

    "Nah, they would not go through with that." Kraft stood up as he threw his tablet on his throne seat and started walking around the war table and subsequently ended up standing right beside Jin."You. Stop slacking around already. We need more money to be coming in for the incoming days."

    "What? Dont you need my help in the upcoming fights or anything?" Jin said as suddenly two Night Foxes emerged from his sides and grabbed both of his arms. "ARENT YOU THE ONE WHOS SLACKING?" Jin immediately yelled as he could feel that the grip from the Night Foxes were getting tougher. He did not want to use any strength or commands against his own minions but this was a tad too disrespectful to their master. (While he was not wrong about the chain of command in the hierarchy, the Drows technically still have to obey Kraft who was their direct master.)

    "Shhhh. I was browsing my checklist and I noticed that you have a lot of incomplete stuff to do. The zoo, the advanced training centre blah blah blah." Kraft said as he knocked Jin on his head to shut him up a little.

    "What?! What does that have to do with you? Arent I helping with this whole Demopolis Defence thingy just so that we have enough people for the  Ow!"

    "You entrusted me to do this, and I promised my brother Rex that I would do a good job. So, therefore. I do not need you anymore. Guards! Take this lazy master of ours and put him in a cage inside of the Dungeon Maker! He is not allowed to come out until he finishes all of his tasks!" Kraft shouted and the Night Foxes immediately started pulling Jin away from the current War Table Room.

    "This is part of the Dungeon Maker room! How would you even put me in a cage when I am already inside this room? Is it because I did not showcase my skills, thats why you are being very angsty right now?" Jin shouted but before he could have a reply, the floor beneath him suddenly gave way and the Night Foxes that were holding him quickly threw him downwards, causing him to fall faster.

    "Perhaps." Kraft shrugged his shoulders and walked away, while the rest of the foxes who were at the scene smirked.

    "You are doing this just for your own self interest arent it?" Qiu Yue who was at one corner of the War Table commented while the North Eastern battle was starting to have a clear winner. The soldiers barely had a chance from the ambush from both the Night Foxes who came in later and Tyrs Gauntlet. While General Ana was meant to be a power player in this particular wargame, Neil the Shadow King was no pushover either. The Night Foxes who came in late had managed to subdue most of the officers of Merah City and even began cooperating with Neil to take down Ana.

    "Sometimes, I wonder if you are innately kind," Lynn remarked too as she was at the sidelines resting from the fight she had with the Tyr Elites. "Though, I had to remind you that I am now in charge of the Zoos work."

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I just do not want Jin to see what we are going to do." Kraft said as he returned to his big funky throne.

    "And for you to include us, the Sub System Users? Thats something new in my book." Qiu Yue replied and started to move towards Moloch. With a nudge, the little Minotaur plushie instantly shared his command units with her and they both managed the North Western battle together.

    "You sure about this?" Moloch posed a question with two meanings in it. One of which was leaving her battlefield and assisting with his and the other was taking part in Krafts masterplan.

    "We got the money, the resources and even the necessary talent. But we do not have the troops. They are all easy picking right now because we have technology on our side. Unlike the Demon Rats, who would copy our tech stuff just by seeing it is terrifying. We need whatever advantage we could get. And that involves me helping you to clear this so we can quickly move to the next stage." Qiu Yue said while giving a stare at Kraft.

    "But I still think its too fast to move to the next stage when we have not resolved the aerial portion of this particular invasion." Qiu Yue added.

    "Blah! Come on. Give me some credit. I had already sent the Devil Dragons and our trusty Goblin Wyvern Knights to annihilate them long before you guys even started fighting with those hummies. When it comes to air battles, offense is the best defence." Kraft said as he flipped his digital tablet and showed everyone the current aerial battle that no one could have noticed.

    With the tablet screen being uncomfortably small to see, the System automatically projected it to the wider screens around the War Table Room and they could see that the Devil Dragons and Goblin Wyvern Knights were working in synchronicity. Their upgrades from the Southern Region battle in the Farming World had come in handy and Marquis Forneus even recommended that both forces should have a friendly match to speculate who could have the most kills.

    Naturally, Wyrstriker did not back down and had been competitively keeping up with the scores despite the fact that the Goblin Wyvern Knights were not meant to take apart big aerial airsh.i.p.s down.

    "No wonder, you pushed Jin away." Lynn nodded her head.

    "It cannot be helped, his idea of putting Milk and Peppers as the figurehead of our new religion is at best meagre in terms of influence. We had to be more whats the word? Empathetic to get people to learn about our new godly Waifus for this dungeon world." Kraft commented as he dramatically raised his hand and pretended to look understanding towards the rest in the group. "And that cannot be done without a show of a miracle." And in his mind, it would be a good chance for Jin to finally be isolated and started to work on finishing all his incomplete projects for good.

    "A miracle that would dirty Demopolis and drain some money and resources away." Rex finally spoke in agreement with Kraft.

    "Thats right, we got to do it and you get to see it." Kraft said as he stared at the two Sub System Users. "Especially you Qiu Yue, you are our main star for the show to get our Panda Religion going."

    "We will see about that. Lets see if the Church response in the way you predicted it to be." Qiu Yue kept quiet and continued to assist Moloch.

    "Dont you worry. They will. I had already ensured their cooperation." Kraft leaned back with his legs crossed.

    And that sly pure evil smirk across his face.
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