1 Welcome to the System

    "Jin, I guess if you were reading this letter, it meant that I passed away."  Xie Jin continued to read the letter as he packs the empty house of his grandfather Xie Ming who recently passed on.

    He was given a key to open his grandfather's safe by the lawyer handling the inheritance of his only caretaker. Jin's parents gave birth to him when they were in their late teens but were killed in a brutal murder by a rogue psychopath cultivator.

    Yes, in this modern world, people can be cultivators if they had the potential. For example, people with sufficient cultivation can fly or run in high speeds that rivals modern day transportation systems. Public transports are still available for both commoners and cultivators.

    However, that does not mean the commoners are at a disadvantage against modern day cultivators. In order not to impact safety and order, the top ten most supreme cultivators in the past, during the golden age of cultivation, came together and drastically changed the law of nature.

    All babies that were borned after the change in the law of nature had their dantian chi point solidified. All humans at that point regardless of cultivation or not can never be truly be killed.

    This means if either a commoner or a cultivator was accused wrongly or killed due to collateral damage by another cultivator's fight, they can be resurrected again. However, the cost of resurrection is extremely high.

    There were rituals that needed to be done, expensive but obtainable materials to be used as well as experts needed for the after resurrection care. The hospitals and rescue service will not resurrect unless the person killed was cleared by the courts as innocent.

    Hence the law was strict and the penalties for breaking the law were extremely harsh towards cultivators who committed felony.  With an ecocycle being developed around this new law of nature, it allowed commoners and cultivators to work together forward and subsequently brought upon the age of innovation and modified science to make things easier for everyone.

    However, that does not mean cultivators were not allowed to fight, they fight at their own risk. As long as duel pacts were initiated properly, the government will not accuse them of murder and they have to settle the resurrection rituals themselves.

    Duels used to need a third party witness but with the advent of technology and numerous security cameras around, all the cultivators need was to apply online via their phone app.

    Unfortunately, for Jin's parents, the psychopath cultivator found a way of an old defunct cult to circumvent the law of nature and destroyed their dantian permanently. They were the first victims and the last when police and military cultivators mercilessly hunted the rogue cultivator down with no prejudice since Jin's grandfather Ming was a two star General. The case was later labelled as highly classified in order to not let the public know the existence of a method to destroy the dantian.

    In order to take care of Jin, his grandfather Ming stepped down from his long military service and lived a humble life with Jin. Jin's grandmother passed away early making his grandfather the only relative taking care of him.

    The paternal side of the family did not wish to acknowledge Jin since they did not approve the actions of their son and refused to partake any responsibilities with regards to him. Hence, Ming with his egoistic pride as a General did not probed any further with the paternal side and absorbed all responsibility taking care of Jin.

    Ming knew his daughter and his son in law to be was deeply in love and determined to amend their mistake for that moment of recklessness.

    "Jin, you are now 23 years of age. Please understand that no matter how highly cultivated one can be, no one can beat the grim reaper or the onset of illness. I will leave this terrace to you. Do not worry, the house had already been paid for and there is definitely enough money in the bank for you to live very comfortably for a few years ."

    "However, I know that you have always wanted to be self sufficient and be an entrepreneur. Old habits made me monitor what you had been surfing the net and I knew what you wanted to be although you were trying to keep it hidden from me (ahem, your taste in girls were nearly same as mine. I strongly approve.)" Jin do not know whether to laugh or cry but he continued reading his letter.

    "So instead of giving you my full inheritance, I had it locked and my lawyer will give it to you bit by bit when he felt that you had fulfilled the conditions I had in mind. However, I bought a piece of land right beside the shopping street that we often visit for you to create what you want. It should be sufficient for future expansions as well."  Jin teared a little upon seeing the efforts his grandfather Ming did for him.

    "Lastly, I had a very special secret just for you and even the military did not know about it. This was a secret I had kept with to my grave and it served me well."

    The letter ended there but there was another silk coated paper behind the letter filled with an encrypted code which his grandfather Ming and Jin alone knew the encryption algorithm because it was homebrewed. He wiped his tears and started to decode the letter.

    The code was unusually difficult, the hardest encryption he done took him at most half an hour but this code had been taking more time with the introduction of a new element in the algorithm which his grandfather sneakily added in at times.

    Thankfully, he managed to broke the code after one and a half hour but it interpreted as just a single line out of the many gibberish sentences.

    "Welcome to the System." Jin say it out loud.

    Suddenly, an intense pain course through his whole body. He immediately fell to the ground and he was convulsing. Like a pair of invisible hand grabbing his throat, he was unable to say a single word nor call for help. Jin experienced high tension headaches that he felt his brain was going to explode. The five seconds that passed seem like five decades of pain but the pain eventually stop and there was a serene feeling passing through him.

    He took his time to breathe and there was a sweet heavenly voice that felt so familiar.

    "Welcome to the System, Jin. I have analysed your dreams and desire and made certain adjustments for the System as per request from my Dad."

    "Your Dad?....then you are Mom?" Jin questioned while still lying on the floor.

    "In a way yes, I was Yun Er, your mother. Ming had this system module incurred to him before I was borned but he used it only when he needed it because it felt that it does not suit him at all."

    "Later he managed to fused the remaining spirit of me from my broken Dantian into the system as per his request to the system. Subsequently, the system acknowledged my presence and put me as the person in charge."  Yun spoke in Jin's head.

    "You mean..the system as in the fantasy novels we read as THAT system? Such things exist?"

    Jin was shocked.

    "Yes, Jin. Your grandfather was one of the chosen by a system but he did not wish to utilise the system because...it was not what he wanted. The system was related more towards business building than pursuing cultivation which he had passion for."

    "So should I call you Mom?" Jin hesitated a little before he decided to say it out.

    "Just call me Yun, I have no rights to be called that and I had no recollection of you being my child. Apparently, the system told me that it was the consequences of spirit transferring when the Dantian is broken."

    "Okay Yun, thank you for welcoming me. So what does this system do?"Jin finally sat up and a screen appeared in front of him.

    "To make you the number one Dungeon Supplier." Yun's voice had a tinge of happiness when she said it.
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