320 Jins Gearbox

    The Gearbox system that Jin created for Yang Ling was still saved within the database of the System. Since he had some time to himself in the past few days, Jin had made use of the time to modify it a little more, making it more durable by using higher quality metals. Jin also added more offensive and defensive options that enhanced the current schematic of Yang Ling's prototype Gearbox suit.

    A few simple looking boxes flew out from his living armour storage watch and immediately got attached to him. The first box fastened itself to his back, before expanding its metal pieces out from the box, strengthening his back, allowing him to fall to the steppes at ease.

    The following boxes attached to his arms and what was left of his legs. Because of the adrenaline he experienced, there was not much pain due to the sudden loss of his leg and the gearbox that attached to it numbed it even more with a mixture of anaesthesia provided by the System.

    In the previous full body gearbox prototype, the loss of legs or arms would impede the functions of the full body gearbox since it was meant to enhance the features of the existing extremities. Yet, Jin suspected that the fight against the Thunder Ram Demon would be a tough one and he already considered the worst case scenario. (In fact, he asked the System to calculate the possible consequences of this battle against a Lightning Goat Demon. The prognosis was not very cheerful.)

    Hence, he had added modifications for the new gearbox and it enabled him to 'grow new arms and legs' if necessary. The extended metal platings of the gearbox shaped itself to the size of Jin's feet and modelled itself accordingly to ensure the mobility for Jin.

    The Thunder Ram Demon Keyrin scoffed at Jin's attempt of revival. "Don't you get that your struggling is futile? Or are you simply enjoying the pain? All that you do is only prolonging your suffering. Do you think some metallic linings across your whole body can help you in any way? You are simply courting death." Keyrin did not hesitate to stomp towards Jin as he stabilised himself the moment he landed.

    "Hmph, you do not know the extent of my abilities yet."Jin smirked as he noticed that an opportunity finally arose. This was the perfect chance to execute his new ability. The Thunder Ram Demon did not him give any quarters by charging its horns with electricity, making the attack more potent than before.

    "Epic Sword Art, Bamboo Cyclone of the Lazy Panda." All seven pandas of Jin's cultivation appeared right above of him roaring excitedly. This was the first real technique that Ming had ever taught Jin in his sub consciousness. That's right. He never learnt any proper Basic Sword Style nor Intermediate Sword Style because there were no restrictions in the depth or width of the techniques he could learn. That was the beauty of the Nineteen Lazy Astral Panda Style. (not to mention Bam and Boo could shapeshift)

    However, there was a penalty to be incurred when Jin executed a technique above his current grade. Hence, even though Jin could theoretically learn a Legendary Sword Style but its powers would be diminished to his current level. Not only would it decrease in power, it would take a toll on his body. The higher the discrepancy the more he would suffer.

    Therefore, Jin decided to learn a technique which would not toll the body too much. By equipping the Gearbox system onto his body, he was able to take the strain of an Epic Sword Art without much hassle or restriction.

    With a side stroke from his sword, a gust of wind was summoned right in front of Keyrin who did not see it coming. Yet the moment he entered the area, he was entrapped by the sudden upheaval of wind. No matter how fast Keyrin tried to run or dash in his lightning form, he was still being spiraled around by the wind. Only then did he notice that there were ice petals mixed within the strong cyclone and he remained stuck in the eye of the cyclone.

    "Heh, an impromptu technique modification to stop your lightning from going through the harsh winds." Jin explained as he took a breather for a moment.

    "If I cannot go through, then I will go up!" Keyrin shouted as he prepared himself to jump. Suddenly, multiple shadows of bamboo swords were seen at the top of him and before he could evade them, the swords were falling at tremendous speeds.

    Keyrin immediately summoned a lightning storm barrier to surround him in order to negate the falling swords. Just then he felt a cut going through his torso area. More cuts and stabs followed as he roared in pain and anger.

    Trying to stop the bleeding he noticed that the swords were magically enchanted with White Ice too. Keyrin who was still in Rage Mode called upon a burst of lightning strike onto himself in order to heal him by absorbing the elemental power. Yet suddenly the shadowy swords that on the ground that just pierced through him vibrated at the power of electricity.

    "Boom, bitch! Oh, wait. You are a guy. Nevermind." Jin cheered a little as he saw his plan working even better than expected. Those shadowy swords were not just enchanted with White Ice. They were compressed spiral boxes that were shaped into swords which he prepared in advance. They could be triggered remotely by a sudden surge of chi or energy.

    In this case, it was the lightning strike that triggered the spiral 'swords' and a series of black fire explosion was seen emanating out of the ongoing cyclone. Jin hoped that would kill or at the very least incapacitate him, because he was nearly out of tricks to use. He initially wanted to hold the spiral swords and use them at close range, but he got a sudden inspiration and decided to combine it with his Epic Sword Art.

    As the explosions subsided, Keyrin was still standing at the centre of it all. Jin did not know what else could he do but he prepared his arms for two simultaneous Lazy Swipe in case Keyrin dashed towards him once more.

    "Jin. You proved yourself worthy! Even though it was a short fight, you have bested me. I had underestimated you in battle multiple times and even though I am standing, it is through sheer will. My life is now within your hands. I ask of you, what do you need from me? Are you seeking my heart in the hopes of gaining eternal youth? Are you willing to bind me down to a demon's pact? Or do you simply desire taking my head as a war trophy?!" Keyrin emphasized his words with power even though he was near defeat. His fate was no longer his own, but at least he wished to keep his pride as a King.

    "Oh? Can you heart really provide eternal youth? Nah, I do not need that nor the pact. I also don't want to end your life, I merely require one of your hooves. It is to strengthen my armour." Jin answered bluntly and Keyrin stared blankly at Jin.

    "Wait...you want my hoof for your armour? That's it?" Keyrin was puzzled. Throughout his life he had been ambushed many times, and whenever he cared enough to ask those adventurers what they'd hoped to achieve the answers varied. Some wanted revenge, others fame, some pretended to it for justice while hoping for his treasures. Yet this adventurer right in front of him had been strange since the start of their encounter. Even though he could have taken much more things from Keyrin, he would be satisfied with exchanging a life threatening battle for a hoof...  for his armour. This was quite an insult to Keyrin himself.

    "You must be kidding me. I can offer you something more than this. A magical ability? A rare Artefact? Please at least take something else!" Keyrin was practically begging Jin to rob him, but the young man shook his head.

    "Well if you insist... Maybe a part of your horn and some of your skin?" Jin could not understand why Keyrin was insisting on parting with a stronger item. Was it a challenge hidden for him behind the prize that Jin did not know about?

    "Why are you insisting on my body parts? I am offering you something more precious than my body part!" Keyrin was a little frustrated trying to offer a reward for his defeat.

    "Because my monsters asked me to? They said your body parts were useful in the upcoming fight against the Water Snake Demon and perhaps, the Burning Lion Demon. I have no idea what other artefacts might be good against them." Jin shrugged his shoulder as he conversed with the Thunder Ram Demon.

    "Against the Water Snake Demon? And the Burning Lion Demon? What is your goal?! Do you wish to be chased after by the beasts demon all over the world?!" Keyrin suddenly went into a battle stance again.

    "Wait wait wait! It's not what you think!!! I also only require some pieces of those few demons and nothing more. It's all to create a suit of living armour with those parts!" Jin declared his intention with honesty as he knew there was no way to fight one on one against Keyrin in his current state.

    "Living armour? How did you manage to find those precious items? Why would you want such a sacred thing to be mixed with items associated with evil? Your intention does not make any sense at all!" Keyrin was not yet convinced as he charged up a lightning bolt on his horns.

    "That was what my monsters told me. They said, it would provide a good set of armour against my enemies, that's all, I swear!" Jin guessed if he was about to be zapped to death, he might as well do it with style.

    "You keep talking about your 'monsters', who are they?!" Keyrin halted his thunderbolt and gave Jin one last chance.

    "Gold, the leader of the Jacks?" Jin answered honestly and quickly which made Keyrin startled for a while.

    "Gold...? The leader of Jacks? The one who used to be the 'Grand Scholar of the East', before he was infected by the therianthropy virus?" Keyrin released his charge into the air, dismissing any animosity against Jin.
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