583 Aftermath of Evil Santa - Part 1

    While she initially felt reluctant about it, Katerine understood that this was just a dungeon (even if it felt way too realistic) which was why she pressed the trigger button on the gun as a hail of bullets showered Krampus and Bu Dong. Bu Dong agreed to her decision as that was the most optimal choice that Katerine could have taken. If she had hesitated any longer all his painstakingly effort of pinning Krampus down would have been wasted.

    Trying to rescue Bu Dong would have jeopardized the whole dungeon run.

    Thus, the Angry Ape cultivator basked in the glory of the holy rain as he received a close up view of Krampus being torn to shreds before being teleported into the Luxury Recovery Instance.

    Everyone who was viewing it from the shop instance was quiet for a while before celebrating the first clear of this Boss Raid Instance. Bu Dong's name was once more placed on the Wall of Honour and everyone cheered for the surviving members when they returned back to the shop instance.

    Thanks to the first clear, Katerine and her gang earnt an astonishing 500 Raid Points which was sufficient to buy a multitude of things. One of the most desired items were naturally the limited edition plushies. Including a cute Krampus plushie which had been added the moment someone cleared the Boss Raid instance. (Jin wanted to find out how many would want to buy the villains for themselves or just for collection purposes.)

    Yue Han and Xing Li went forth to welcome Katerina back to China and personally congratulate the girls. They hadn't expected the arrival nor her awesome performance with Bu Dong. "He's a great leader, it's only thank to him that it was possible to win." Katerine said as they decided to wait for Bu Dong and Jasmin's return. They planned to check out the redemption store as a group before deciding on the rewards.

    In the meantime cultivators were already rushing into the general store as well as the weapons and armours department to buy fire related items in order to defeat Evil Santa Boss Instance. Yun who was on the scene and iterated that there are a number of ways to defeat Evil Santa to calm the crowd, and Bu Dong was just lucky to show them one of the ways. She also warned them that Krampus might adapt to this method over time.

    Ironically her statement actually intensified the buying frenzy and Yun merely shrugged her shoulders. "No reason not to accept the extra cash. Jin needs it anyways." Yun mumbled as she vaguely looked over Jin's business and personal account both of which were barely in the red in the past few days. She hadn't expected the instance to be this expensive...  unless he was planning on releasing another dungeon instance, using this as a filler.

    Even the Venus Four felt pumped up when they watched Bu Dong manage to defeat the Boss Raid Instance especially with only five people. They were under the impression that Boss Jin had been throwing out difficult dungeons in recent days especially after the Deep One Dungeon Instance to earn more money but it turned out this was quite beatable after all.

    "Guess, we just need to crack our brains more and less brawn." Yue Wen, the Healing Maiden cultivator joked and the others chuckled.

    "More brawn can't hurt either. Let's go to the store and get some fire inscriptions before they are sold out." Jing Ru added and asked if Yue Han wanted to follow along.

    "Nah, we had our fill of fun for dungeons today, maybe tomorrow!" Yue Han answered flustered unlike his usual self. After his sister's intense staring Xing Li blushingly came forward to tell them the truth.

    "Yue Han managed to get reservations for Christmas Dinner. So, we might be trying tomorrow instead with Kong Xian!" Xing Li said as they waved goodbye to the Venus Four.

    "I erm...I guess I'll play some Supa Robot Warz, I got the Christmas Edition robot parts through my subscription. I think I'll also try again h Se Lang tomorrow or the day after. Please guide me if you girls are there." Deng Long said and waved them goodbye.

    "I want to get the Christmas Panda Plushie for myself and the toy model for Se Lang." Jia Ying said and Shi Hui nodded her head agreeing to stay.

    "Very well, then it's just the four of us. If the five of them could do it, I don't see why the four of us who are seasoned Pandawans cannot!" Yue Wen smiled and they quickly proceeded towards the weapon store.

    Bu Dong and Jasmin eventually returned to the shop instance and Katerine immediately hugged Jasmin. "So sorry about what happened to you!"

    "Hahah! It's alright! It's alright!  You cleared the thing, right? As long as my sacrifice helped you guys, it's all good. Sooo what shall we do with all those points we earned?" Jasmin asked.

    Meanwhile Bu Dong gave Katerina a blank stare. "What about me? In my case you were the direct cause of my death?!"

    "I am more concerned about my close friend than you." Katerine replied as she pulled out her tongue making her friends giggle. Bu Dong's mood seemed to sour a bit after such an answer yet he was suddenly hugged by all of them.

    "We couldn't have done it without you!" Nia told him before letting go.

    "Thank you for leading us in this battle. It was terrifying and at the same time exhilarating" Shanice added.

    "Even though we were just doing preparations and you did most of the work, it kind of already shaved our life expectancy by half." Jasmin agreed with her friends.

    Suddenly Boss Jin appeared out of nowhere and started coughing.

    "Erm. Congrats for managing to get the first clear. Sorry I could not get here any sooner. I was stuck with other things." Boss Jin said towards Bu Dong who he clearly knew and shook hands with Katerine and the other three girls.

    "Boss, your dungeons are as fantastic as ever. Although it is a pity that I have to pay in Euros, the experience was worth it." Katerine said with an agenda in her eyes.

    "Unfortunately, that is how we plan to roll out our dungeons overseas in the future. If you like it, come back often and support my work. I can safely claim that I believe what I offer is worth every cent and superior to those places which charge you 40-50 Euros." Jin stood his ground on the matter at hand.

    "You are honestly planning to share your dungeons overseas as well?!" Katerine asked with bright wide eyes and it made the rest look at him with anticipation.

    "Yeah. Though I don't know when it will be in the future. I would need to have the capital to expand first." Jin answered as he shrugged his shoulders a little.

    "Please come to Germany first! If you need money to expand, I am willing to ask my parents!" Katerine offered and Jin hardly suppressed his laughter.

    "That is... very nice of you. But I don't think you par-" Katerine, seemingly used to such a reaction, grabbed the name card of her parents and handed it to Jin. The dungeon supplier found the name of the company rather familiar and asked the System to check.

    "Is god playing a fool with me? Or does he truly want to help me?" Jin thought as he was notified that the company was exactly the one which Ke Loong had subcontracted the building of the portals to.

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