599 An Alternate Perspective

    "You got those from Odin...?" Jin asked and assumed those two birds were the pets of the legendary Norse God King.

    "He actually owed me something back in the days when we were still students." Que Er said as she laughed and recollected past memory on it. "I merely went to him for some collateral interest."

    "More than just collateral. We are now the property of Que Er, the Queen of Magpies." Muninn said with the one with the fake eye in the right.

    "We are not the property of that fake bird queen! We are only here for show!" Huginn on the left rebutted, and the ravens began to fight against each other above Que Er's head.

    "Oei." Que Er looked up with an annoyed look which they quickly simmered down and landed quietly on her shoulders once more.

    "So...does that mean that you can control ravens now?" Jin asked, and the Magpie Queen nodded her head, indicating that she managed to achieve her own version of side evolution without the need of Jin's help.

    "Now I can summon both ravens and crows out the same way I summon my magpies. Mu made it possible. Besides, those pretty little blackies and magpies are of the same class of birds according to your world's science books. But the interesting part is that the birds are erm...more offensive in nature." Que Er explained that while Muninn could allow her to summon the birds, it was Huginn that brought alive the innate latent powers of Que Er.

    "They made very good fireworks, in my opinion, though Peppers would beg to differ." Que Er said as she clasped her hand together and a crow emerged in front of her palm. It was like a nifty little magic trick by her as Que Er shadily pulled two more crows underneath the wings of the first crow, creating a total of three.

    She then asked the System to provide a dummy target for a little performance. A section of the dungeon maker room expanded specifically for the appearance of the dummy sandbag target. All the Magpie Queen needed was to point at the specific dummy and the crows moved silently towards it.

    When they were just a metre away, it exploded with a force that scattered their blood, bones and feathers all around the dummy target. Jin was shocked as it thought it would be just a normal magical explosion but not an implosion from within the bird itself.

    The System then pulled the dummy target towards Jin and saw that the feathers were of a piercing nature and blood of the crow corroded the outer layer of the sandbag.

    "A blood explosion. Usually utilised by Blood Mages from the olden days and later banned due to its extremely lethal potency against humans as well as the related matter of human sacrifices." The System stated that the feathers were strong enough to pierce through sheet metal, making it very useful against enemies like the Demon Rats who do not have advanced armour like Jin's world.

    "But I can only do this to my birds." Que Er said, and suddenly a slow clap was from the corner of the Dungeon Maker.

    "Amazing. Bloody amazing." Kraft said as he looked astonished by the blood explosion of the magical crow. "Boss, imagine strapping C4 explosives to them. You have your very own miniature kamikaze air force at your disposal."

    "What you do you actually mean?" Jin said and Kraft merely said two words.

    Mecha World.

    Suddenly, it clicked onto Jin. The dungeon supplier had been thinking about the various methods of invasion against the Mecha World, and he thought that building his own Mechas were the only viable way.

    He had been thinking it all wrong for the past few weeks.

    When he remembered what they say about being the bad guys, they did not necessarily mean to be the ultimate enemy against the two factions. Instead, Kraft seemed to be pointing the direction of wanting Jin to be an annoyance, the irritating thorn in their flesh.

    Similar to how poorly budgeted resistances and perhaps even how terrorist organisation operated, they did not use flashy mechas or top grade materials to stifle the war against their adversaries.

    Instead, they used creativity to undermine their heavily armoured opponents and to achieve their objective. That was exactly what Jin had, and besides, he was not looking to be a messiah or the conqueror of their world. He just wanted the Titan Mechanical Brain.

    Furthermore, he had the upper hand with him.

    All the weird monsters at his disposal would be a definite surprise for the inhabitants in the Mecha World which the System stated that there were no sightings of such beings in their world.

    Thus. all Jin had to do, could solely be a grab and run kind of mission where he does either maximum damage or chaos to the place by distracting the guards for the main objective and steal the item.

    He believed that the press release would probably be contained, and with odd monsters attacking, it was less likely to pinpoint that to the other military faction. In fact, Jin could conduct a similar raid attack against the Xeon Union and both factions would believe that it was an external intervention by some extremist groups.

    When Jin proposed the concept to the System, it had analysed that it would not immediately escalate tensions as to picking a side and fighting against the United Federation at all. That was when the dungeon supplier looked at Que Er with renewed direction.

    "I think I know what you are thinking about. I see what I can do in terms of information gathering." Que Er winked at Jin and immediately asked the System for the permission to transport her birds into military bases etc.

    The System acknowledged and opened various portals up for her to send the birds. They were based on Amura Rei's prior knowledge on certain military school bases he had enrolled in to teach the students. It was not much, but it was still a start for the birds to gather information gathering.

    Even if the crows and ravens were not a native species of the world, which the System nor Que Er had prior understanding of, they could still hide and take information in without the need for food or sleep. (since they were magical in nature).

    Thus, it made them the perfect spies in an urban environment.

    And before she left the dungeon maker, she returned the side evolution card to Jin which he guessed it was overall an unnecessary move by him.

    Nonetheless, Que Er did appreciate the thought, just that she did not show it out publicly.
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