645 Operation Mass Migration - Part 1

    "My birds have already covered most of the ruined kingdom and are in position. We are ready, Master." Que Er reported through the System Channel as she sat down on Mr Derpy's head and rubbed the smooth scales.

    "Peppers is still bitter about wearing my experimental vest, but we are ready too," Ayse replied the moment Qu Er gave her signal. Her mobile equipment was functioning well, and her Orcs had also brought extra electrical generators as back up. The readings from Peppers were stable, and the discrepancies were within limits. Thus, Ayse gave Peppers the heads up to prepare her Legendary Grade Scan spell after her report to Jin.

    "The Raid is proceeding smoothly, my men are distracting her as we speak." The Elder of the Dark Elves, Drex was overseeing the Raid Instance portion since Jin had his hands busy with the rescue operation. "We have also managed to revive an Item of Power which could potentially be useful against the Fey Maeve."

    "So, your relic still works?" Jin questioned Drex, and all he could give was a slight shrug. Drex had previously told Jin about how they might have a way to defeat the Feys, and this Dark Elf Relic from their village was supposed to be that game changer. However, because this relic was from his ancestor's era, they did not know how effective it would be against this particular Fey.

    But since the inverted black cross relic could be charged up, the Dark Elves felt it should work to a certain degree. If anything, it should distract her long enough for the rescue operation to commence with ease.

    Else, the only way to defeat it would be through overwhelming power against Maeve. Yet, Jin emphasised repeatedly that their objective was to rescue the animal people from the Giant World. Defeating Maeve was optional though he confessed, it would be beneficial for him and the System if the cultivators and the dark elves were able to do it.

    "Hamatarou, you ready? Everything else is going smoothly." Jin asked through the System Channel, and the Druid Sage was happily holding his wand in his mouth as he climbed up to the highest point of his tree hideout.

    "I --hmmm I am shooting the flare in 3 minutes!" With the all important wand was in his mouth, Hamatarou made sure that it doesn't drop off when he was speaking through the System Channel. (Maybe no one told him that he could use his mind thoughts to do it.)

    Jin acknowledged Hamatarou as he turned his back to check on Lynn's ninja penguins. Kido, who would be leading the ninja penguins, was making sure they had sufficient equipment for the subsequent fight as well as signal beacons to alert Peppers for the bombardment if needed.

    Kido and the penguins knew the danger those Giant Monsters could pose and would make every effort to ensure that they were well equipped for most unexpected situations.

    And because Jin was also afraid that monsters such as the Colossal Father Porkcupine could appear when the flare strikes, he had painstakingly assembled Goblins, Orcs, Werejackals and even diverted the Mousefolks to be on standby. With each of them being led by a prominent monster leader figure such as Gold, Nubwort and the Goblin Trios, he was not about to delegate what they were supposed to do in the battlefield.

    That much he had learnt to trust his minions in battle since they were more than capable of doing that. While he could have asked Qiu Yue and Moloch to assist with the operation, Jin wanted them to focus solely on the completion of the Dungeon City Fortress since the deadline for the closure of the Dungeon Core's Barrier were only a few days after New Year.

    With everything in place, all Jin had to worry was that the discovery of those migrating groups could successfully reach to the open surface for him to rescue them. He initially thought of sending the penguin ninjas straight to the village the moment Peppers scanned the area, but he felt that would incur unwarranted panic among the Animal People. That would waste more time than an already organised group leaving the village.

    Also, He initially wanted to insert the Penguin Ninjas at close proximity to the villages to make sure they attract the Giant Monsters, but Kido advised against that since a protracted battle would not be beneficial for both the ninja teams as well as protecting the escapees.

    That was where Que Er's birds would come into play. Acting as a scout as well as a mobile explosive unit would provide sufficient distraction to those Giant Monsters.

    "Flare's ready!" Hamatarou was panting a little as he held on to the wand. To said that he was prepared for this day was an overstatement. There was no way he could have predicted the migration and rescue of the common people would turn this way.

    Hamatarou did not have to do this, but through the years, something within him had always spurred him to save the common folk. He would never know that it was his duty ...his fate as the prince of this ruined kingdom to save his countrymen.

    "Alright, Peppers hit it. Get the first preliminary scan up so we can see if there are densely populated groups in the area before the flare goes up. The System will need some time to analyse your scan and prepare the coordinates to teleport our rescue groups to aid in their escape." Jin said through the System Channel, allowing for every monster on standby to hear it loud and clear.

    "Hamatarou also said that the mass movement of the animal people somehow would trigger the Giant Monsters to prey on them, so everyone time is of an essence. The lives of our new allies depend on all of you. Do a good job, and you all be generously rewarded." The monsters gave a resounding affirmation through the System Channel after Jin's short prep talk, and he wished everyone a speedy and successful operation.

    The Mage bellator took a deep breath in before giving her staff a twirl to start the activation of her spells. As Peppers raised her weapon up high, a gleaming ray of rainbow light shone upon the floating platform.

    "Operation Mass Migration commence now!" Jin shouted, and Peppers released the spell into the sky.
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