685 Panda Inc

    "Panda...Inc?" Jin accidentally blurted out, and Ke Loong sniggered at the name.

    "Sounds too generic. That is so unlike you Jin. Get something more bombastic or more eye catching, especially for the younger generations. Besides, getting another name will also be easier to identify. There's already loads of panda named companies in the world." Ke Loong suggested and to prove his point, he did a quick search and it revealed various company names such as Panda Express, Panda Logistics, Panda Trash Recycling.

    "In my opinion, you could just go with Pandamonium Inc. Not only is the name not taken yet, but it sounds grand, mysterious and let's not forget that you have an established base of customers already using that app. On top of that, you easily set it up to look that it belongs to the clan who's actually backing you."

    "That's a rather good idea, but I'll stick to just my store for now. I have too much on my plate to create a new company." Jin admitted with a heavy heart.

    "But, you liked the idea of Pandamonium, right?" Ke Loong asked, and Jin nodded his head.

    "Well, then inform me if you change your mind and need help setting it up... because as the first act of our partnership, I've taken the liberty and bought the right to the name Pandamonium Inc." Ke Loong was already typing furiously on his phone to tell his secretary to secure the new company name as soon as possible. Jin was surprised by the gesture and thanked him for it. Ke Loong merely said it was recompensation for the sudden test he made Jin took.

    "I'll happily pass on to you when you feel ready unless you decide on something else. Sooo, what are we going to do about that police and military movement? From what I know, they plan to make at least 50% of the police force in Shenzhen participate. All their best people from the various districts and on top of that the bulk of the military. That will be at least a few thousand people using the teleportation device." Ke Loong explained the scenario. "Not to mention, we need to place an exit portal device too."

    "Don't they have border guards along with their city's police as well? If they need to involve police and the national guard from another state, then it clearly means that the threat is more severe than we were led to believe." Jin deduced the need to use their portal devices.

    "Besides, it does not make any real sense that they want to use our portals when they have only seen you using it once. Seriously, what would they have done without this technology? It's kind of hard to believe that they put so much trust in us." Jin complained.

    Ke Loong took out his smartphone again to give his partner the full picture. Aside from the live demonstration, he also showed him videos of groups of his research people doing experiments with the portal devices.

    The experiment proved a steady increase in the number of people being teleported to know the extended usage of the portal device and those people knew what they were getting into. (Ke Loong fail to mention, there was huge compensation if an accident happened to them during the research.)

    Nonetheless, the video showed that they were very successful in transporting a massive amount of people and also included the use of portals to move large objects without a hinge. Jin obviously knew all of this since it was already proven by the Orc-Goblin War, but he pretended to be amazed by it.

    Regardless, The last part of the experiment was what amazed the officials the most. "You are right, they don't just need it as an easy way to transport people. What they really want to use it for in this demonstration is to bring in the tanks and other transports via the portal." Ke Loong wrapped up the video viewing and subsequently showed him another document on his phone.

    "It will save them a lot of trouble and most importantly allow them to do this in secret without the public finding out what's really going on. Besides, Shenzhen is also the home of the elite leopard tank divisions. They cannot exactly move those armoured tanks through the cities. Otherwise, they might as well go directly to all those reporters and secret informers admitting what something big was going on." Ke Loong was a bit hesitant at first, but the more he spoke, the more he shared than what he might have supposed to. However, since they were now equal partners, he believed Jin had a right to know all of that as well.

    "Still, it is not much of a time sensitive issue considering they gave you a deadline for it. Else, you will be crawling to me for the activation key, or I don't know, sending a massive gang of triad members to my store." Jin replied, and Ke Loong laughed.

    "Yeah. Right now, the most crucial part for them is to get their vehicles and supplies safe and sound to the target location. Needless to say, such a big 'secret' operation also presents a stressful amount of logistical hell to them and us."

    "They should be happy as long as we can technically teleport them from their base to the place they want to reinforce, right? Why then bother coming to the Tree Mall if they want secrecy on their part? Why use my dungeon as a poor excuse for a training exercise. Ever since I learned about their hidden plot, this part did not make any sense to me."

    "Ah, that is most likely because of me. I told them that the police and military groups should convene here to use the portals. It's meant to be another layer to prevent detection and a way to attract more people to know about this place. Basically, if those buff guys know that a superbly good dungeon supplier exists here, all the more they would want to come here to train, don't you agree?" Ke Loong had pure intentions to send some business Jin's way. After all, if he prospers, Sea Mesh's CEO would indirectly rise up the ranks too.

    "Hmm, if that's the case...I think we should split things up." Jin decided as he too did not want too much attention from the media once this particular thing kicked in.

    "How so?"

    "I suggest procuring large container trucks that will host the Portal instance and send a few of those trucks to various military bases or police quarters. That way they can send their tanks, trucks, vans or whatever to the location they need. We can also send the trucks up north and not have to be on site to oversee the devices."

    "Ahh! I see! That is indeed a good idea, and with the dungeon instances, you can regulate the portal devices without being on site. Also, I am assuming you will be remotely operating those instances?" Ke Loong asked with an agenda in mind. He knew that remote operation of dungeon instances was made possible at least with his Sea Mesh dungeon instance technology.

    But upon learning that Jin had superior tech than his, Ke Loong could not help but get curious about the capability of the dungeon instances this particular supplier could do. He once had his Chief Engineer Bo Ze personally make a field trip with a group of instance technologists to experience Jin's instances.

    They were beyond shocked. Words were not able to come out of their mouths. Their instance technologists and even Bo Ze were crunching the numbers hard. If it was hardware, they already had the latest in the world, and yet they could not achieve such realism.

    Thus they concluded that Jin had a personal team of technologists that were capable of creating an instance engine which could be optimised so bloody well that it created such realism to life. Some of the instance technologists even commented that they could possibly be in the world's first real time alternate reality.

    "Hmm, that should not be a problem, but I apologise in advance if I say that when I create those portal instances, I will need some secrecy on my part. Also please make sure to tell them that this is a mid range portable prototype and if they ask, no I do not plan to make them long range any time soon." Jin kindly asked for permission to keep his copyrighted technology to himself, despite knowing that Ke Loong had already boasted on the 'China to Germany' portal advertising gimmick.

    While Ke Loong did not mind, he did feel a slight bit of pity that he could not see the creation of the dungeon instance. "Whatever it is, I believe we have somehow solved a part of the problem. All that's left is to coordinate with the police and military. But do not worry about that, I will let my human resource team assign some people to do that for us. You just concentrate on getting those trucks, unless you need me to procure them too?"

    "You do not have to worry. I'll have my own sources getting those trucks On my side, I see if I can get hold of Tiger Lord Yuan Ba to discuss on the intricacies since he personally requested this from me too." Jin smiled, and they eventually agreed to get it down by the end of next week since Jin said that he would be swamped for the next few days.

    While Ke Loong did query about it, Jin could only reveal that he would give the Sea Mesh company some special privileges in that particular instance he was about to 'create'. Jin was tight lipped about any other information regarding that, even after Ke Loong tried to give some monetary incentives.

    "Sigh, very well. Sometimes I do enjoy the surprises you throw out, so I shall be looking forward to it." Ke Loong smiled as they continued their dinner.
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