834 Extra: Interrogation of the Banned Emperors Assassin

    "Heh, for an assassin, you have quite a durable body." The Royal Tiger Police interrogator said as he whipped the Banned Emperor's lackey with a spiked whip and yet the assassin continued to keep quiet.

    Despite the highly advanced surveillance technology which China was proud to possess, there was no ID match on this particular assassin. He didn't have any type of fingerprints they could check, no DNA match could be found, and the house which they raided was perfectly clean.

    Aside from the failed attempt on Royal Tiger Head Bai Hu, there was no other evidence that pointed towards the Banned Emperor terror group or faction.

    Even Criminal Forensics with Mage assistance had been unable to find any traces of magic in the house they had raided. The Investigation department had dug deep into his past movements. Surveillance cameras were scoured throughout the past week thoroughly, and the Tigers used their exclusive rights to obtain footage from restricted or limited access cameras for any criminating evidence. And yet, he had merely been acting as a sales representative to bid for the Gearbox that Yang Ling was introducing.

    Thus, with no physical evidence at hand, the Royal Tiger Interrogators only had one way to get information out of him.

    The hard way.

    It's rare for the Royal Tigers to even consider such an anarchic method as torture since they usually were able to gather enough incriminating evidence to indict a prosecution. As for this case, the attempted assassination was not just on anyone but their own Royal Zodiac Tiger Head. It was enough to put the nameless Banned Emperor assassin behind bars for some time before compiling a case for execution.

    The police's upper hierarchy had been dealing with this particular elusive group for far too long without achieving any results. Since there was one in their custody, they might as well resort to underhanded tactics to finally retrieve as much information out of him as possible before the assassin was taken away by the Special State agents. (The police did request for some 'personal' time with the perpetrator from the State Agents since they nearly killed their head.)

    Alas, all the Banned Emperor assassin offered them was a muffled laugh at the interrogator, as if there was nothing that could be done to get any information out of him. "You **, you think we won't be able to extract information out of your head?" The interrogator cursed as he decided to change his tactics a little.

    He called upon his colleagues, who wore masks to prevent identification by the assassin, to uncuff him from the prone position where he had been whipping the half-naked assassin. Now they grappled him and ensured that his fists were locked in titanium cuffs mixed with granite to ensure he was unable to manipulate his techniques. After which, they placed him on a chair with a seat that had a large gaping hole at the bottom.

    They didn't even hesitate a moment when they removed his pants, and his genitals were hanging right below the chair as they fully secured him on the seat. The assassin knew what was going to happen the moment he sat stark naked while the interrogator tied the ends of his whip into a heavy knot with spikes on it.

    "Spare me the brave front and tell me about the workings of your organisation. Give me the leader of the organisation and don't you **ing dare to tell me it's the Banned Emperor!" The interrogator demanded as he tightened the knot and already started swinging his whip gently.

    "Banned Emperor." The assassin continued to smile, and his answer already prompted the interrogator to gently swing the knot to the assassin's genitals.

    The pain. The sensation. That odd ecstasy.

    "Sometimes, the simplest of torture is the best way to get information from people." The interrogator mumbled as he started shaking his knotted whip once more and the assassin was breathing heavily, anticipating the swing to his genitals once more. Despite the slight bleeding from his thighs and intense pain imaginable from the initial one, the assassin continued to keep his mouth shut.

    "Don't worry, I have all day." The interrogator said with pleasure, but there was a knock on the door, which prompted him to stop.

    "Sir, the State Agents are here." The masked officer who sent the message had left the door slightly ajar, and the interrogator panicked.

    "Already? I thought that they would only be here later in the night."

    "Nothing we can do to stop them. You might want to talk to them and request for additional time." The officer replied which made the interrogator drop his weapon at the torture table and open the door to find that all his colleagues murdered in cold blood.

    Before that horrid scene was able to etch itself into the interrogator's mind, that brain of his exploded into smithereens by the masked officer who stood there with his literal hand 'gun' pointing at the body.

    "Bang." The officer said as he unveiled his mask and blew imaginary smoke off his finger.

    "Took you long enough." The assassin said with bated breath.

    "Well, I always thought that you deserved a nice hit to your balls for being an arse." The imposter officer shrugged as he grinned from ear to ear.

    "Fucker. They really did a number on me. You could have left him half dead, so I could give him a taste of his own medicine." The assassin heaved a sigh of relief as the officer pointed his finger on the titanium and granite cuff. He pushed his thumb down like he was priming his finger gun and the action of receiving a gun recoil caused his chi to ignite and explode the cuffs off the assassin. But oddly enough, the assassin's hands were undamaged after the mini-explosion.

    "You could have used the keys on the interrogator, you arsehole."The assassin complained as he checked the movement of his wrist before catching the bag of new clothes which the imposter officer threw his way.

    "Shut up. I don't wish to touch him with all that blood on him." The imposter officer argued as he hurried the assassin to change.

    "So now that I failed to kill the Royal Tiger Head, has anything changed?" The assassin asked as he put on the clothes.

    "Yung, the plan was never going to change. The assassination was optional, and we knew there were risks involved. If you could have killed him, it would be one less problem in the future. Still, you could have at least fled so I wouldn't have to save your sorry ass. Anyway, right now, we have to focus on our objective to rescue the Elder." The imposter officer said.

    "Yeah, my bad, Huan. Nevertheless, this will definitely be a big blow to the Royal Tigers. Wonder, how the headlines will read." Yung spat at the dead interrogator.

    "What do you think? Probably something completely normal. They will keep it quiet from the public, and the State Agents will be looking for us desperately." Huan answered while he waved goodbye to the dead bodies as the two 'officers' pretended to walk out of the interrogation room as if everything was as per normal.
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