Chapter 41: Fight As If Life Depends On It

    Chapter 41: Fight As If Life Depends On It

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    There was a loud explosion.

    The blood-dog at the front jumped. However, a blood spot abruptly emerged on its body. It let out a painful cry as it's body flew backwards. A 'bang' sound was heard as Shi Mu's arrow nailed the dog to a small tree.

    The other four dogs were startled but they didn't get any time to react. Two more arrows came flying and pierced through the foreheads of two dogs. The dogs couldn't even mutter a cry as they fell to the ground.

    "That's the Purple Steel Bow! Command the rest of the dogs to hide!" The Fifth Master was surprised to notice the purple steel bow in Shi Mu's hand. He immediately shouted his order as he saw the dogs getting butchered.

    Training these blood-dogs wasn't easy even with the Jin Clan's wealth.

    The dog-servant felt a raging pain in his chest as he saw three of his dogs die. He obeyed the Fifth Master's order, and commanded the dogs in an ear-piercing voice.

    The remaining two dogs immediately turned around. One of them crazily ran to a nearby bush and the other jumped behind a big tree.

    "Whoosh!", "Whoosh!" ...two muffled sounds were heard.

    The blood-dog that had rushed towards the bushes was shot in its neck with an arrow. Its body flew backwards with the impact.

    The other dog howled at the sight. However, an arrow penetrated through the tree trunk and nailed the dog to the ground.

    Shi Mu had killed the five blood-dogs very quickly.

    "I'll kill you," the Dog-servant's eyes reddened with rage. He shouted and darted in Shi Mu's direction on all fours - like a beast.

    The Dog-servant had personally raised the five blood-dogs; they were like his own sons. He lost his reasoning power when he saw his sons being killed by Shi Mu. He could only think of tearing Shi Mu apart with his own hands.

    The Fifth Master was furious as he saw the Dog-servant rushing towards Shi Mu. He hurriedly shouted, "You fool! Come back."

    But the warning fell on deaf ears. The servant crawled on the ground like a frantic wild beast, and zigzagged his way towards Shi Mu with great speed to pin him down.

    Shi Mu saw this with a dignified face. He silently stretched one of his arms backwards and grabbed three arrows. His fingers moved on the bow-string very fiercely. Yet, the movement of his fingers seemed as smooth as that of someone playing a piano.

    Three loud noises were heard in quick succession as three arrows lashed out from the giant bow; the seemed to have formed a black line in the air.

    Suddenly, the Dog-servant jumped-up to avoid the first arrow, and it flew-past beneath him. Then, he twisted his waist to avoid the second arrow as it flashed past his ear. However, he realized that he couldn't escape the third arrow.

    The third arrow pierced through his left eye. He flew backwards for a long distance, and then collapsed on the ground.

    The Fifth Master was enraged as he witnessed the scene.

    Some more sounds were heard in the distance. Three more arrows lashed out with incredible power. However, this time the target was the Eagle-servant who stood beside the Fifth Master.

    The Eagle-servant had witnessed the deaths of the five blood-dogs and the Dog-servant. He got scared when he realized that the arrows were aimed at him. He immediately fell to the ground and shouted, "Save me!"

    The Fifth Master snorted coldly as he saw this. 'Swish' 'Swish' 'Swish'. He shook his gold stick with his hands and struck the incoming arrows.

    There was a loud noise as the arrows snapped. The three arrows were broken into six, and fell to the ground.

    "Useless person; leave me alone. I've personally come to handle this lowly bastard," the Fifth Master scolded the Eagle-servant. Then, he jumped forward; it almost seemed as if he was flying. Each of his jumps covered no less than 15-20 meters. He moved as if he was as light as a feather; he had covered over 70 meters of distance in the blink of an eye.

    Shi Mu's pupil shrank as he saw this. One of his hands stretched-out to his back to grab the arrows. He pulled out three more arrows.

    Bang! Bang! Bang! There were three loud noises.

    The Fifth Master unexpectedly hit the three arrows with the gold stick in his hand

    For the first time... Shi Mu felt defeated. He inhaled in a cold manner to control his anger. He finally understood the difference between the might of a 'beginner' and a 'mid-level' Hou Tian warrior. Then, he subconsciously reached to his back to grab more arrows. But it was of no use now.

    Shi Mu was shocked to realize that his arrow sack was empty; he was left with no arrows.

    Now, the fifth master took several leaps again. He was now at a distance of thirty meters from Shi Mu.

    It was too late for Shi Mu to think of a plan. He clenched his teeth and threw away the purple steel bow. Then, he took out the Sun and Moon Daggers from his waist belt. He then forcefully stomped on the ground and ran towards the Fifth Master. He shook his wrist and tossed nine blade-shadows.

    "Humph! Nine cuts in one breath! You've been able to perfect the skill at last. But you'll still have to die today," the sound of the knife-shadows was overshadowed by the Fifth Master's icy voice.

    Then, a deafening gong-like sound was heard. The golden stick struck the nine shadows and dissipated them.

    Shi Mu felt a burning sensation in his hand. The energy emitted by the gold stick was twice as intense as the energy from Wu Tong's sword. The web between his thumb and fingers was ruptured as the 'Sun and Moon' daggers rocketed out of his hands with a 'swish' sound.

    A gale blew as a golden monster-like image appeared in front of Shi Mu; it was headed straight towards his face.

    It was too late for Shi Mu to dodge the attack. He shouted as he raised his arm. He then punched the golden stick.

    A 'Boom' sound was heard.

    Shi Mu's punch diverted the golden stick's trajectory, and it landed on Shi Mu's shoulder.

    Shi Mu felt as if a mountain had crashed onto his shoulder. He stepped backwards as he felt an insufferable pain piercing his heart.

    "Well! The Golden Armor you're wearing belonged to my son. That's why you've been able to resist my strike. That's good in a way. But get ready to taste the 'Blood Palm' skill that I've been practising since many years."

    The Fifth Master had been shocked and disappointed to find Shi Mu's bones intact after the blow from his stick. However, his confusion was cleared when he saw the Golden Armor beneath Shi Mu's rags. But this obviously infuriated him further.

    The Fifth Master dropped the gold stick. His body flew upwards-and-across several meters and came closer to Shi Mu. Meanwhile - Shi Mu's hand had become red. It had swollen to nearly twice its size regular size. His palms had started to stink from the bleeding; in fact, the smell was so bad that it would've made a person's nose to crinkle in nausea.

    Shi Mu stood to face this strange attack head-on. He made no attempts to avoid it - on the contrary, his eyes flashed with frenzy. Suddenly, he roared and shook his wrist. The thin chain wrapped around his wrist burst out with a jingling sound. This chain had previously been attached to the hilts of the Sun and Moon Daggers.

    His hands had lost the Sun and Moon Daggers previously. However, they suddenly shot back towards Shi Mu. They spiralled in the air to form a silver-ish disk. This giant and fierce disk seemed ready to behead someone.

    This Silver Disk charged towards Shi Mu and the Fifth Master of the Jin Clan. Its momentum was so fierce that it seemed as if it would cut the two of them into two pieces each.
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