Chapter 43: Ye Hong Yao

    Chapter 43: Ye Hong Yao

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    Zhong Xiu and Shi Mu were shocked as they saw the scene unfold.

    Then, the woman turned around and removed her head-cloak to reveal a charming and beautiful face. She appeared to be a 37-38 year-old woman. Her raised eyebrow gave-off a cold aura.

    She looked towards Zhong Xiu with fiery eyes.

    "I was out for my daily errands. But, I didn't expect to meet such a fine treasure in this manner. What's your name? Where do you live? Why was this person trying to kill you?" the woman murmured. Then, she asked Zhong Xiu the same questions in a pleasant manner. She didn't even cast a second glance at Shi Mu who stood behind Zhong Xiu.

    "Ma'am, my name is Xiu. I and my Big Brother used to live in the Feng City. But, we committed an offence against the Jin Family. So, we had no other choice but to escape from there that very night," Zhong Xiu loosened herself and answered truthfully. She had found this woman to be kind and amiable.

    "The Jin Family is very small and insignificant. Would you like to join our Tian Yin Sect? It's one of the three strongest sects in the Da Qi Kingdom. We have countless followers and a depository of every kind of Martial Arts technique. Our sect possesses the wonderful 'Art of Thousand Jade Sound-waves'. Once you reach the Consummate Stage in this art... you will be able to enter into the ranks of the legends of this land," the woman said in a single breath. Her voice grew more and more amiable as she looked at Zhong Xiu attentively.

    "One of the three strongest sects! The Tian Yin Sect! I need to think about it a little... But firstly, can you please look at Big Brother's wounds?" Zhong Xiu had started to speak in a confused manner. Then suddenly, she seemed to have remembered Shi Mu's injuries. She then started to plead with her.

    "What could possibly go wrong with such a tough boy? He has merely lost some of his power, and both of his arms are broken... that's all. Oh! The wounds caused by the Blood Palm can become a trouble.... But, forget about it. Luckily, I have a little medicinal Dan with me... So, this shouldn't be a problem." The cloaked-woman was startled as she heard Zhong Xiu's words. Then, she turned in Shi Mu's direction. She briefly looked at Shi Mu and spoke in a casual manner.

    Suddenly, a small white bottle flew out of her sleeve and fell near Shi Mu.

    Shi Mu was delighted as he heard the cloak-woman's words. He raised his hand to seize the small bottle. Suddenly, his face became pale and bean-sized sweat bead appeared on his forehead.

    Both of Shi Mu's arms were broken. So, one could easily imagine the pain he felt when he tried to exert his arm.

    Zhong Xiu saw this and walked hurriedly towards Shi Mu to pick up the bottle. She inverted the bottle to pour out the fiery aromatic red medicine. Then, she carefully took it near Shi Mu's mouth.

    Shi Mu opened his mouth and swallowed the medicine. Suddenly, he felt a surge of heat flowing through of his body; it quickly spread throughout his limbs. The itching and pain in his 'purpled' wound that had been caused by the Fifth Master's palm disappeared.

    The medicine lifted Shi Mu's spirits. He looked at the ice sculpture of the Fifth Master in shock. He couldn't help but secretly guess the realm of this woman's cultivation.

    Zhong Xiu was still gazing at Shi Mu's face with great concern.

    The cloaked-woman noticed Zhong Xiu as she looked at Shi Mu. This caused her eyebrows to wrinkle. She looked at Shi Mu for several minutes. Suddenly, an idea crossed her mind. She said slowly, "This is the secret medicine of our sect. This medicine doesn't only heal internal injuries miraculously but also greatly helps a person with his cultivation."

    "Ma'am, I thank you for all your help," Zhong Xiu looked at Shi Mu's face, which seemed much better now. She then cried out in happiness as she spoke to the cloaked-woman.

    "Miss Xiu, don't take offence... but I wish to check your bloodline first. Going by what you have demonstrated... I believe that you possess some special bloodline. But, it will be better if we conduct a test with the help of the device... just to be sure," the cloaked-woman seized the opportunity to express herself.

    "Well... please go ahead with the test, Ma'am," Zong Xiu looked at Shi Mu as she nodded her head.

    "Well... I just happen to have a Ruyi[1] with me to check the bloodline. It's more accurate and effective than the other devices. It can accurately determine your bloodline with just a drop of your blood," the cloaked-woman was delighted as she heard Zhong Xiu's words. She immediately took out a jade Ruyi from her sleeve; it had a white handle, and a 'Jade Top'.

    Zhong Xiu bit one of her fingers and walked up to the clocked-woman. Then, she discarded a drop of her blood on the Ruyi.

    Suddenly, the Ruyi diffused a layer of pale golden light. It then issued a swirling and melodious sound... like that of a cry of a phoenix. Then, a strange white text began to emerge out of its surface.

    The cloaked-woman looked down to read the white characters that came out of the device. Then, she said with joy, "This surely can't be a mistake. You possess the third-grade 'Sound of Phoenix' bloodline... You possess the bloodline of the founder of our sect. Only this bloodline has the ability to reach the Consummate Stage of the 'Art of Thousand Jade Sound-waves'."

    "I possess the third-grade 'Sound of Phoenix' bloodline?" Zhong Xiu murmured when she heard the cloaked-woman. There was a sense of uncertainty on her face.

    "Miss Xiu, I am Ye Hong Yao. I am the current head of the 'Mist Cabinet' in the Tian Yin Sect. As the official representative of the Tian Yin Sect - I ask you... on behalf of the elders of the entire sect - will you be willing to join the Tian Yin Sect? If you agree... then you and I may have the same status upon your admission. This means that you will occupy the highest place among all the young scholars in our sect; regardless of your status in the outside world," the cloaked-woman said excitedly. She didn't even care to maintain a dignified look as she said this.

    "If I follow the teachers of the sect... then will I be able to become as strong as you?" Zhong Xiu couldn't help but ask.

    "If you really practice the 'Art of Thousand Jade Sound-waves'... then even if you are able to clear the basic levels... you can run amuck beginner-level Xian Tian warriors. How can I even compare?" Ye Hong Yao answered without any hesitation.

    "I don't have a place to go to... Big Brother Shi Mu, what do you think I should do?" Zhong Xiu was excited as she heard the cloak-woman's words. But still, she turned towards Shi Mu and whispered to him.

    "Ma'am, are you a Xian Tian warrior?" Shi Mu pondered for a while. Then, he finally expressed his doubts in front of Ye Hong Yao.

    "You have an unexpected strength of vision. I am indeed a Xian Tian warrior," the cloak-woman replied proudly. Though, she was quite surprised by Shi Mu's guess.

    "But I've heard that there are a very few Xian Tian warriors in the entire Da Qi Kingdom," Shi Mu said hesitantly.

    "The commoners don't know many Xian Tian Martial warriors. The ones they know are ones on whom the Da Qi Kingdom has bestowed the title of 'National Guardians'. But, the three major sects are not taken into account. We have nothing to do with the Da Qi kingdom. We only send some help when the country is in grave danger; danger which the commoners' world can't retaliate to. In fact, the Da Qi Kingdom was established by our three sects to achieve a balance amongst us. We have the power to annihilate them if they dare to offend us," Ye Hong Yao answered with contempt. It was clear that the title of 'National Guardian' meant nothing to her.

    "So... I believe that all the strong warriors are in the sect," Shi Mu blurted out after he had listened to the woman in amazement.

    "Naturally... This is also true for the other two sects. But if Miss Xiu joins our sect... she'll become an advanced Xian Tian warrior owing to her talent; sooner or later," Ye Hong Yao answered without a thought.

    "If this is the case... then the Tian Yin sect is an exceptionally good place for you, Miss Zhong. You should go with the Madam," Shi Mu spoke in a single breath, and in an awe-inspiring manner.


    [1] Ruyi: an S-shape-bodied sceptre which is also considered a symbol of good luck. It usually has a crowning-jewel, or top. In this case... the S-shaped body is made of something white. And the crown is made of jade (green in color).
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