Chapter 46: Mistakenly Aboard the Wrong Ship

    Chapter 46: Mistakenly Aboard the Wrong Ship

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    "Han Xian Xiu... the third daughter of the Han Family of the Chaun Zhou Prefecture... recommended by the Senior Emissary Kong Yue."

    "Zhang Da Li... I belong to the Zhang Village near the Feng City in the Zhong Zhou Prefecture... recommended by the Senior Emissary Zhao Huo."

    All the boys and girls earnestly stated their names and ancestry; as well as the names and surnames of the emissaries who had recommended them. Then, it was Shi Mu's turn to do the same.

    "Shi Mu... I belong to the Feng City... recommended by the Emissary of the Tian Yin Sect - Senior Ye Hong Yao," Shi Mu said after a moment's hesitation.

    "What? Ye Hong Yao of the Tian Yin Sect? It's very rude of you to amuse yourself by saying such nonsense," spoke the blue-robed man fiercely. His head was lowered since he had been writing the details in his register. But, he raised his head in anger and as he heard Shi Mu's words.

    "A person from the younger generation wouldn't dare to do that. I have the letter that Senior Ye Hong Yao wrote to Weird-Old Sun; as well as the black token." Then, Shi Mu took out the letter and the token, and showed them to the blue-robed man.

    "Weird-Old Sun? You're referring to Master Sun Tian Long of the Upper House or the Outer Xuan Tian Hall's Old Sun?" the blue-robed man's face was blank as he asked in a doubtful manner.

    "The person from the younger generation isn't sure about this," Shi Mu replied frankly.

    "So, you aren't here to participate in the Sect's tests. You're instead a disciple of the Tian Yin Sect?" The blue-robed man didn't take the letter and the black token. Instead, he asked this; a strange shade was visible on his face.

    "The person from the younger generation is here to join the Black Turtle Sect. The letter provided by Senior Ye Tong Yao is to be treated as a letter of recommendation - as this person from the younger generation mentioned earlier," Shi Mu forced a smile on his face.

    The other boys and girls were astonished to hear Shi Mu's words. They all gathered closer to peek.

    The blue-robed man's eyes flickered a few times as he heard Shi Mu's words. Then, he suddenly waved his arm and hit Shi Mu's hand. The letter and the black token were sent flying. Then, he said ferociously, "Well, since you're here to join the Sect... I don't have anything else to say. This letter of recommendation is a wasted paper in my eyes... regardless of whoever wrote it. All of you go to the lower deck. And stay there. It's my command that you're prohibited to come to the upper deck. I will punish anyone who dares to violate the order."

    The other boys and girls didn't dare to defy the blue-robed man's order when they saw the fierce look on his face. They all nodded in agreement.

    Then, a tall servant emerged from hold of the ship[1]. He wore grey clothes and had a scar across his face. The students were led to the lower deck by him.

    Shi Mu was bewildered. But, he plainly picked-up the letter and the black token from the floor. He then followed the others without uttering another word.

    The blue-robed man coldly observed Shi Mu's movements. Surprisingly, he didn't find any degree of disagreement or an intention to disobey. His face revealed the trace of an unexpected color.

    "Hehe... this young guy is quite clever! He has seen through things."

    A black mist suddenly appeared behind the blue-robed man as the youngsters proceeded to the lower deck. Then, a man wearing a black robe and a tiger-mask appeared out of thin air.

    "Tiger Bone, you shouldn't show yourself. Remember that I've been given the charge of this trip by the Master. So, follow my orders." The blue-robed man's face sank as he saw this.

    "Relax! I don't intend to disturb you or the manner in which you're handling your work. I just feel that it wasn't good to throw that youngster aboard the ship. We've already provoked the Black Turtle Sect. Therefore, it isn't a wise move to provoke the Tian Yin Sect," the man with the tiger mask said in an unconcerned manner.

    "Humph! Does that insignificant Ye Hong Yao represents the entire Tian Yin Sect? The Yan Kingdom's two sects aren't capable of dealing with Da Qi kingdom's three sects. How could it get worse? Let's not talk about it. The youngster doesn't seem important... or close to Ye Hong Yao. However, he's quite smart. If he had disagreed with my order... I would've killed him and made an example out of him. But, he has gotten away this time" the blue-robed man said with a sneer.

    "I have nothing left to say... Anyways, let's wait until the people of the Black Turtle Sect arrive here... I'm only responsible for helping you in dealing with the power of our enemy... that's all!" the man with the tiger mask excitedly shrugged his shoulders as he said this.

    "You and I joined forced and lethally injured that 'welcome' party of the Black Turtle Sect. Their Xian Tian Warriors would take a day to catch us. We will have reached our nation's side of the river with the help of that 'Smooth sailing' charm by that time. We have nothing to fear," the blue-robed man said in a confident manner.

    "I will cast the spell," The man with the tiger mask nodded. He then took out something from his robes. It was yellow in color and square-shaped in make. Its surface was engraved with silver text and an unknown decorative design.

    "Unfortunately this tiger-skinned 'Smooth sailing' charm only has enough energy for one-last use," the blue-robed man said. There was a trace of pity on his face as he saw the tiger-skinned charm.

    "Our hard-work allowed us to penetrate this deep into the Da Qi Kingdom. This shall be our sect's retaliation towards the Black Turtle Sect," Bone Tiger said faintly. He then mumbled a few words and tossed the tiger-skinned charm high in the air.

    A 'pop' sound was heard.

    The animal's skin whirled and turned. It left blue-green rays in air. These rays interwove and shuttled from one place to another. They spread and formed an impressive blue-green curtain in the air. Then, they settled on the main-sail of the ship.

    That multi-decked ship suddenly trembled. It seemed as if the main-sail of the ship had caught a very strong gale. The ship darted forward under the influence of the strong winds.

    The blue-robed man burst into laughter as he saw this.

    The traces of that tiger-masked man's mischievous laughter echoed as he vanished in thin air.

    *** ***

    The hold of the ship was divided into seven or eight rooms. There was enough space to accommodate hundreds of boys and girls.

    Shi Mu had been accommodated in the same room as ten other boys and girls. The teenagers couldn't help and started to talk to each other when the huge ship shuddered and started to move at great speed.

    However, Shi Mu sat silently in a corner. His head was hung low.

    "Elder Brother, I heard you say that an Elder of the Tian Yin Sect gave you a recommendation. Is it true? But then why didn't you become a member of the Tian Yin Sect instead?"

    Shi Mu and this 12-or-13-year-old girl had been thrown aboard together. She had sat down next to Shi Mu and had been looking at him secretly. Then, she suddenly faced towards him, and asked with a smile.

    Shi Mu raised his head and glanced at the girl when he heard this.

    It turned out that this girl had a slender built. She looked pretty even though she was still young. She was a beautiful young woman.

    "I would've loved to join the Tian Yin Sect. But, Senior Ye Hong Yao told me that only women can join the Sect. That's the reason I've come here", Shi Mu sighed as he slowly recalled.


    Hold of a ship: the storage space in a ship. It is usually on the lower decks.
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