Chapter 48: Jin Xiao Chai

    Chapter 48: Jin Xiao Chai

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    Half a day later...

    The other boys and girls were still sleeping. Shi Mu and the other four sober teenagers hadn't dared to act blindly.

    Han Xiang Xiu's face had become pale after she had witnessed Ma Yun Fei' death. She sat next to Shi Mu, and was very frightened.

    Shi Mu was leaned against the wall of the hold of the ship. His eyes were closed for rest.

    It was hard to tell how much time had gone by when a loud 'bang' was heard. The huge ship trembled. The distant and angry voice of an old person was heard in the ship, "Ning Ping, you have the impertinence to enter the borders of the Da Qi kingdom! And then you hurt the members of our Sect?! Don't think that you will be able to get away easily."

    This voice hadn't yet faded away when the entire body of the huge ship fiercely rumbled once again.

    "Who is it? Who dares to call me out? You must be aware that I'm not alone. And you must have your own helpers at hand as well. Why don't we show our cards at the same time?"The blue-robed man's voice echoed outside the ship. But, it sounded abnormally calm.

    "Yu needn't be polite if my friend Ning Ping says so," the cold voice of another man suddenly echoed.

    "Is that you... Yu Qian Ji?" the blue-robed man's calmness abandoned him as he heard the voice of his second enemy. He lost his voice and stood there looking frightened.

    "Hehe... Ning Ping, you would've never anticipated this. Young Disciple Yu was nearby. He came over when I notified him. You can ask Tiger Bone to come out. We will teach your evil Sect a good lesson this time," the older voice burst-out into laughter.

    "Since Senior-Star Level Warlock Yu has shown himself... then how can Tiger Bone not oblige?" another gloomy voice echoed; it was evident that he was afraid of Yu Qian Ji.

    Then, the huge ship rumbled as unending sounds reverberated. The multi-decked ship swayed from left to right as if it was treading on huge waves.

    "These people are from the Black Turtle Sect."

    "That's great! We have been saved."

    The boy with curly hair and wide mouth, and the girl with delicate features, whispered excitedly.

    Han Xiang Xiu's spirit rose too.

    There was a trace of joy on Shi Mu's face as well.

    The Black Turtle Sect was a much better option compared to the Blue-Robed man.

    "Yu Qian Ji, we aren't a worthy opponent to you. But you won't be taking these disciples back alive. My 'Water-Shock' charm is very ferocious," the blue-robed man's exasperated voice was heard outside the multi-decked ship a little while later.

    His voice had barely faded when loud sounds of huge overflowing waves were heard. The body of the ship began to sway from side-to-side as the waves continued to rise. The entire ship shuddered. Then, it slowly started to lean on one side, and into the river. It toppled over as huge torrents of water came pouring in.

    "Oh no! The ship will capsize."

    Shi Mu and the other sober teenagers were scared. They stood up one-by-one. Then, they all stood against the wall to prevent themselves from falling around the floor.

    As for the other unconscious boys and girls... they were rolling on the floor from one place to another. A few of them were really unlucky since they got knocked against tables and chairs; so much so that their heads sustained injuries and had started to bleed very badly.

    Surprisingly, these teenagers remained unconscious even though they were heavily injured.

    It was evident that the knockout drops given to these teenagers were several times stronger than the ones known to most people.

    Shi Mu was dumbstruck when he saw this.

    "You think it's easy to proceed with your evil plans in front of the Black Turtle Sect..." the older voice was suddenly heard again as the ship started to flip-over.

    'Boom!' another loud noise came from the other side of the hull.

    The multi-decked ship swayed. Then, it suddenly became steady again.

    The blue-robed man screamed and began to speak in an angry and flustered voice, "Well... well... I didn't expect an old cow of the Black Turtle Sect to have reached this realm. I shall teach you a lesson the next time we meet. Brother Bone, let's leave!" the blue-robed said in a broken voice. He had realized that he had been defeated. Then, he and his companions ran away.

    The sober teenagers stood up grinning from ear to ear.

    Someone soon opened the door of Shi Mu's room from outside. Then, a 20-year-old youth walked inside the room. His body was covered with a golden robe, and he had an extremely handsome face.

    "Oh... Some people are awake in this room. That's very good! It's pretty commendable that you've accomplished this under these circumstances. Move to the deck of the ship. It's very important to verify the number of people, right? I have a bottle of medicinal Dan. Give it to the ones who need it," the handsome youth spoke in a cold voice as he saw Shi Mu and the other sober teenagers. This young man was Yu Qian Ji; the man who had been referred to as Senior-Star Level Warlock.

    Then, he raised his hand and threw a small bottle towards the teenager with curly hair and wide mouth.

    The teenager respectfully promised in a loud voice when he received the bottle. Then, he started to give the medicine to his unconscious companions one by one.

    Then, Yu Qian Ji turned around to leave the room.

    "Senior Yu, I've discovered the Evil Sect's plan. They've installed a Flaming Thunder Spirit's Spirit Flame Wind at the bottom of the ship," Han Xiang Xiu suddenly rushed-out helter-skelter as she informed Yu Qian Ji.

    "What? A Flaming Thunder Spirit? Where is it located? How do you know?" Yu Qian Ji's expression changed as he heard this. He immediately turned around and asked.

    "Senior, there's not enough time. I'll first point out the hidden location of the Flaming Thunder Spirit. Then, I'll provide the details to the Senior." Han Xiang Xiu went outside the room. Her face looked terrified as she said this.

    "Well... I'll first take you to see Senior Brother Zhao." The youth's eyebrows wrinkled; he then this in a decisive manner.

    He grabbed the girl's wrist in a flash. Then, he started to float and depart from the room.

    Shi Mu and other people looked at each other in dismay when they saw this.

    Suddenly, the golden-robe-youth bellowed. Then, his wrist flicked and the young girl was ferociously thrown across the door.

    The girl was thrown with enough force to split her head open. Instead, the sounds of her delicate giggles echoed. She had unexpectedly changed her direction mid-air, and was now hanging from the ceiling. Her feet were firmly attached to the ceiling, while her head was hung upside down.

    The young man ferociously gazed at the girl. He then flicked his golden sleeves and a foot long snake jerked out of it, and landed on the floor. It was black in color. It seemed to have died.

    "The Black Demon Snake! It's a good and sinister trick. You're Jin Xiao Chai of the Black Demon Sect!" Yu Qian Ji spoke with an angry expression across his face as he looked at the tiny black snake lying on the ground.

    "You've managed to recognize me so fast. You're worthy of being dubbed the most promising prospects of the Da Qi Kingdom. However, you ought to be more careful. You will feel the effect of my little darling for a good while now," Han Xiang Xiu gorgeously smiled.

    "Tiger Bone, Ning Ping, you've dared to return!"

    Then a few rumbling sounds echoed outside on the deck of the ship. These sounds included "Senior Brother Zhao's" snarl.
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