Chapter 62: The Moon-Swallowing Art

    Chapter 62: The Moon-Swallowing Art

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    Shi Mu returned to the Aromatic Pills Pavilion after he departed from the Fragrant River Tavern. He bought a few more pills after he had gone through several shelves. The sun had vanished in the western sky by time he returned to his room.

    The information that he had gained about the magicians from Huo Mao had unfolded an entirely new world in front of his eyes; this was far beyond his imagination.

    It seemed that Yu Qian Ji - the senior disciple of the Black Turtle Sect who he had met on his way to the Black Demon Sect - was also a magician. Yu Qian Ji had attained the Senior Star Level as per the opinion of the people. His astounding strength had greatly impressed Shi Mu.

    There were more than two thousand common disciples in the Black Demon Sect. But, only a hundred of them were Scholar level magicians. And, there was hardly any chance of Shi Mu bumping into any one of these 'few' magicians.

    Shi Mu wanted to use his strength to obtain practice-resources from the Sect's. So, he had no other choice but to be prepared in advance.

    However, he would deal with these matters later. The most importance thing for him was to start his practice of the Art of Breeding Heavenly Elephants.

    Shi Mu pulled-out a packet from his bosom. Then, he opened it and took-out dozens of white and blue bottles.

    He had purchased some Blood Strengthening Pills besides the Bone Tempering Pills.

    He sat down cross-legged on his bed. He meditated for a while. Then, he picked up a white bottle and flung a Blood Strengthening Pill in his mouth.

    He then started to practice the Art of Breeding Heavenly Elephants. Shi Mu felt a tremendous growth in the absorption of spiritual energy in his body as the pill melted and spread inside his system.

    Shi Mu felt contented in his heart. But, he didn't dare to slack-off. He continued to transform the wisps of spiritual energy into the Real Qi. This Real Qi flowed through his meridians and then gathered in his dantian.

    Shi Mu opened his eyes after a while. Then, he took a blue bottle and poured a Bone Tempering Pill in his mouth.

    The pill turned into a blazing flow of energy as soon as it entered his stomach. This energy started to spread in his limbs and bones.

    Shi Mu's complexion changed as his skin turned dark-red and his muscles started to stick out of his skin.

    A sound of 'cracking' of bones started to come from the insides of his body.

    Shi Mu knitted his brows since he felt his entire body burning. He felt an extreme pain; it seemed as if his bones were on fire. This pill was rightly called the Bone Tempering Pill.

    Shi Mu sucked in a deep breath and continued to practice the Art of Breeding Heavenly Elephants. This made his Real Qi flow slower, and it became extremely difficult to achieve the desired result under the effect of the Bone Tempering Pill.

    Shi Mu's skin was restored to its original color after an hour. The bone-cracking sound also receded then.

    He was sweating profusely; so much so that his clothes were completely soaked. His body had exuded a layer of black impurities; these impurities emitted a nauseating odor.

    Shi Mu took off his clothes to wash his body. He felt refreshed after he had taken a shower.

    A trace of excitement appeared on his face as he moved his body.

    Shi Mu's Real Qi had condensed and purified after the tempering session. However, he was more excited about the enormous boost in his physical strength.

    According to the Art of Breeding Heavenly Elephants - the practitioner's strength increased as he progressed to the next level. It didn't seem to be wild-talk.

    Shi Mu continued to practice the Art of Breeding Heavenly Elephants in the following days. He also practiced his Gale-Force Blade Art in his leisure time.

    He knew that the Gale-Force Blade Art was more powerful than the Stone-breaking Fist Art in a real combat.

    Therefore, he kept improving his Thirteen Series of Gale-Force Blade along with the progress of Real Qi within his body. He soon attained the level of Ten Cuts in one Breath.

    However, something troubled him endlessly.

    Shi Mu knitted his eyebrows as he sat at his bedside in the bright moonlight.

    Shi Mu had been having the same dream of late... the white ape would listen to the old man every time he'd go to sleep under the moonlight trickling down his window. However, he couldn't recall the old man's words when he woke up.

    Shi Mu started to pace back and forth his room.

    Suddenly, he stopped. He seemed to have taken a decision. He shoved open the door and walked out.

    The moonlight was encompassing the entire valley. The people of the valley seemed to be asleep since there was complete silence. Only the sounds of the insects and frogs could be heard.

    Shi Mu looked around. Then, he started to walk towards a spot with light footsteps.

    He arrived at an open and spacious place in the woods after a while.

    It was a secluded place outside the immediate-vicinity of the thirteenth mountain peak. This place was hardly visited since it was far away from the main areas of the valley.

    Shi Mu examined the surroundings carefully. He felt relieved since he didn't find anyone else around.

    Then, he started to examine the surrounding trees. Suddenly, his gaze fell on a tall and sturdy tree. He advanced towards it and seated himself on top of it. He then raised his head and stared at the bright moon.

    He had been busy with his practice since the time he had entered the Black Demon Sect. Therefore, he wasn't familiar with every location of this valley. He had been afraid that people might notice his strange behavior. Consequently, he was unable perform his 'dream' task since many days.

    Shi Mu continued to stare at the moon for half-an-hour. However, he couldn't enter his dreamland since his spirit dispelled his efforts.

    "What's the matter?" Shi Mu's complexion changed as he murmured.

    Normally, he'd need to maintain this posture in the moonlight to fall asleep and enter the dreamland. However, he couldn't sleep today.

    "Could it be that my ability to enter the dreamland as per my own wish has somehow vanished?" Shi Mu felt low-spirited as this thought crossed his mind.

    This was a strange situation. Shi Mu didn't even know the reason behind his strange dreams and his ability to enter the dreamland. Therefore, it wouldn't be peculiar if he lost this ability. However, there was a huge disadvantage if he lost this ability since he wouldn't be able to increase the range of his eyesight; its progress had already slowed down.

    Shi Mu wasn't ready to accept this fact. So, he remained seated on the tree-top for another half- an-hour. But, he eventually had to get down as he didn't succeed.

    Shi Mu sighed. He was about to leave when he noticed a smooth area in the woods. This area was filled with the silver luster of the moonlight. Moreover, the area looked similar to the place where the white ape would listen to the old man's speech in his dream.

    Shi Mu's complexion changed; he felt a lightning strike his heart.

    The ape hadn't been climbing a tree in his dreams... he would sit cross-legged on the ground. So, could it be that...

    Shi Mu's heart quivered with excitement. He sat down in exactly the same posture as that of the white ape. Then, he started to look in the front... as if the old man was seated there.

    He had hardly sat for a few moments when a loud 'bang' resounded in his head. Then, his body went stiff.

    Shi Mu had entered the dreamland in the form of the white ape once again. But this time, he found himself seated on the grass of a mountain-peak. The old man with the long and white eyebrows sat in front of him. Suddenly, he raised his wooden ruler and patted the white ape on its head.

    One, two, three...

    A thunderous 'bang' resounded in Shi Mu's mind. Several silver-lights flickered before his eyes. Then, these lights condensed into small silver-words - it was the name of an Art.

    The first-three words dazzled brightly in Shi Mu's mind - Moon Swallowing Art!
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