Chapter 77: The Sect’s Seasonal Matches Begin!

    Chapter 77: The Sect's Seasonal Matches Begin!

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    "He's here again... He's here again."

    The huge parrot inside the golden cage on the second floor of the General Library fluttered its wings in excitement as he saw Shi Mu coming-up the stairs. Then, he started to chatter loudly.

    The mountain-like man was seated behind the table; he got angry as he heard the loud sounds of the parrot. Then, he started to poke the parrot's head with a wooden stock. The parrot started to issue a strange and painful screech as it begged for mercy.

    "Oh... it's you! You haven't showed-up since ages. So, what brought you here today? Could it be that you were unable to obtain Flaming Demon Tokens?" The fat-man stopped poking the parrot, and turned his head; he was surprised to see Shi Mu.

    "Master Ju, this humble disciple went through an appraisal process a few months back. Now, this disciple has became a registered magician practitioner... So, I've come here to look for books on formula arts and martial arts techniques," Shi Mu replied respectfully.

    "You've become a registered magician practitioner?"

    The fat man was taken aback as he heard Shi Mu's words; he sized Shi Mu up from top-to-bottom.

    He seemed to be startled by this news.

    "So, what kind of an element has been detected?" he scratched his head as he asked.

    Shi Mu didn't conceal anything; he narrated in detail his experience in the Hall of Magic.

    "Spatial attribute? So... do you intend to learn the formula arts?" The fat man knocked the table with his right index finger and straightened his back as he heard the narration. Then, he asked in a serious tone.

    "Yes... this child doesn't have many choices," Shi Mu replied in a dejected manner.

    "If that's the case... then I would suggest you to refrain from picking a martial arts technique for now."

    "Senior... may I ask why?" Shi Mu was startled.

    "Don't panic! I suggest that you also choose a charm magic art apart from a formula art. Do you know that formula magic and charm magic are complementary to each other... and can be mutually combined to reinforce your skill? These two arts have many skills in common. And, they can enhance one's abilities if practiced together. In fact, charm magic is a branch of formula magic. So, it would be easier to learn both of them at the same time," the fat man twitched his mouth and explained.

    "So, it means that I can learn the charm and formula magic arts together?"

    Shi Mu was astonished as he heard Master Ju's words. He had always considered the paper charm to be a mysterious magical power. Therefore, he was pleasantly surprised.

    "I'm a Spirit Magician. So, I only have a little understanding of the spatial attribute. But, I've been working in the General Library for several years. So, I've given you an appropriate advice." The fat man didn't pay attention to Shi Mu's curiosity. A hint of arrogance flashed across his face as he spoke these words.

    "Thanks a lot, Master Ju. This child will consider this matter carefully." Shi Mu quickly resumed his calmness. Then, he bowed to Master Ju.

    "On you go!" The fat man nodded and waved his plump hand. Then, Shi Mu left.

    Shi Mu spent some time to explore the row of shelves containing the magic arts.

    He picked-up two secret records after a quarter-of-an-hour. Then, he resolutely appeared before the fat man.

    One of the records contained methods to make charms; it was named - "The Sacred Book of Magical Charms". The other record was an elementary book on formulas; it was named - "Comprehensive Introduction to Formula Arts".

    The fat man didn't say anything. He took the records and twelve Flaming Demon Tokens from Shi Mu. Then, he pulled-out two jade slips, and started to copy the contents on them.

    Shi Mu received the jade slips, and put them into his bosom. Then, he bowed to Master Ju, and extended his sincere gratitude towards him. He left the General Library in high spirits; he wanted to go back to his room so he could start reading the slips.

    However, he came across something unusual on his way back home. Shi Mu was surprised as he heard a faint commotion in the valley. Then, he saw a few primary disciples hurriedly heading out of the valley; they looked extremely enthusiastic. They seemed to be discussing something in a low voice.

    Several primary disciples were carrying swords and other weapons; their faces were blazing with eagerness for a challenge.

    Shi Mu's brows wrinkled. Then, a bitter smile spread across his face.

    He wasn't aware of the situation in the valley since he had been busy with his closed-door practice for the last month. But, it seemed to him that something very important was about to take place.

    "Brother Shi!" Shi Mu was about to ask someone when he heard a familiar voice. Then, a sturdy youngster strode-over; he was none other than Huo Mao.

    He was dressed in a black uniform. Two double-edged axes were hung over his shoulder. The heavy axes seemed to be adding to his big stature.

    "Brother Huo!" Shi Mu's face beamed with happiness as he saw a familiar face. Then, he moved forward to greet him.

    "Haha... it's rare to see you wandering outside. What's the matter? Brother Shi has been going through such a painstaking training. So, is he interested in displaying his strength in the upcoming competition?" Huo Mao said with a smile.

    "Competition?" Shi Mu wrinkled his eyebrows as he understood the reason behind the commotion.

    It had been mentioned in the primary disciples' handbook that matches would be conducted every three months. Shi Mu realized that it had been three months since he had entered the Sect. However, he had forgotten about this matter since he had completely immersed himself in his training.

    "Don't tell me that you had forgotten about the competition..." Huo Mao couldn't help but laugh as he saw Shi Mu's expressions.

    Shi Mu faced Huo Mao, and clasped his hands across his chest. He then said, "I see that I made Brother Huo laugh. But, I've been truly careless to be honest..."

    Huo Mao didn't mean to ridicule him. He laughed as he said, "That's normal. In fact, this explains that you were practicing very earnestly. Moreover, I've heard from Bai Shi that your fist's strength is mind blowing... and that you excel in the blade art as well. And, you must've cultivated your Real Qi by now. So, your strength should've progressed magnificently. You can achieve a remarkable position in this competition with your strength. After all, these matches pay high rewards; even though they are small in scale."

    Shi Mu's complexion changed as he heard this; he then nodded.

    Shi Mu strained his mind, and remembered the details about the competition and rewards written in the handbook. It was indeed a great bonus for primary disciples like him.

    "You can come with me to the match venue. Bai Shi and the other disciples are already headed there. Brother Bai's strength has greatly progressed since he had joined the Holy Spirit Association. I think that he's going to exhibit a splendid performance in this match," Huo Mao said in a subtle tone.

    "Can Brother Huo wait a moment for me? I'll be back with my weapons," Shi Mu said after pondering for a while.

    "Hehe... sure, Brother Shi. Take your time," Huo Mao replied with a smile.

    Shi Mu nodded and started to walk towards his room.

    A hint of a strange look flashed in Huo Mao's eyes as he saw his receding figure.

    Suddenly, a person's shadow appeared and stood beside Huo Mao; it was the golden-haired youth - Jin Huan of the Holy Spirit Association.

    "Brother Jin..." Huo Mao greeted him respectfully.

    "I see... you've done a great job. I've known Shi Mu to be a loner; he barely exchanges words with anyone. But, I can see that he's very comfortable around you," Jin Huan said in a light tone as he looked at Shi Mu's receding figure.
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