Chapter 82: Crushing Defeats

    Chapter 82: Crushing Defeats

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    Each of the ten rings had been occupied by an old disciple. But, none of the new disciples could dare to challenge them. So, the clamoring noise of the surrounding people had subsided; there was complete silence.

    Shi Mu was dumbfounded at the sight of this.

    He had seen several new disciples who were desperate to fight a moment ago; their eyes had been sparkling with an eagerness to test their strength. But now, they seemed to be waiting for a courageous person to challenge an old disciple so that they could learn from another person's mistakes before setting their own foot in the ring.

    Shi Mu's heart skipped a beat as he saw an anxious look on Bai Shi and Xiao Ming's faces. He was about to say something when a voice resounded, "New disciples... listen up. Today's competition would be considered as over if nobody steps out to challenge an old disciple within half-an-hour."

    Nobody had taken note when a white-haired old man with droopy eyes had appeared on the platform near the black stone monument; the same monument where the ranks of the primary disciples were recorded. Now, he could be seen sitting languidly on a purple wooden chair; he held a liquor bottle in his hand.

    His voice wasn't loud. But, everyone in the plaza could hear it as it reverberated in all directions.

    The audience became excited as they heard his words; a droning sound of the new disciples' discussions and whispers was spread all around. However, most of the noises stemmed from the ridiculing laughter and sneering of the old disciples.

    "I'll go!"

    A loud shout exploded nearby Shi Mu and the other new disciples.

    A person's silhouette emerged from the crowd; his arms were spread-out like a big bird's wings. Suddenly, he flew from the ground and took a quick turn midair. Then, he landed in the center of the ring.

    "My name is Kang Yong; I'd like to challenge Senior Jing Han - rank 1342," the person cupped his hands across his chest as he looked towards the junior referee, and said respectfully.

    The rank 1342 was the lowest rank in the old primary disciples' ranking list. The surrounding people broke into a discussion as they understood the situation. Their chatter and whispers gave rise to the clamoring sounds once again.

    Shi Mu gazed at the youth; he had bright and vivid eyes. His sturdy body was blazing with explosive strength; he didn't look like an ordinary person.

    "Kang Yong? This name sounds familiar."

    Shi Mu recalled that this person was the twelfth rank holder in the previous day's competition. He had expertise in a boxing style named 'Nine Style Wind Cannon'. His fist was as fast as the wind, and carried a formidable explosive force.

    "Is Jing Han present here? Come out to accept the challenge. This match will be forfeited if you don't show up till the count of three..." the junior referee sized Kang Yong up, and announced in a loud voice.

    Suddenly, a young man leapt-out of the crowd; he had a fierce look on his face. He flipped over in air, and landed in the ring. He was shorter than his opponent. He looked at Kang Yong fiercely.

    "I request Senior to give me some directions." Kang Yong's sturdy physique and imposing aura appeared feeble in front of his opponent. His grandeur was swept away by the ominous glint in Jing Han's eyes; whereas his malicious gaze sent a shiver down Kang Yong's spine. So, Kang Yong clasped his hands across his chest and politely reiterated his challenge.

    "Enough with the rubbish talk... Now, come on!" the ferocious youth glared at him as he spoke.

    Blood rushed to Kang Yong's brain as he heard this. He stamped his feet forcefully on the ground. Then, his stature flashed and appeared behind Jing Han. His right hand rumbled as it exuded a green light.

    A contemptuous look flashed through Jing Han's eyes. He didn't evade his opponents attack. Instead, he turned his body and welcomed it. A green and a red ray sparkled as the two of them clashed with each other. Then, the rays died out.


    There was a burst of muffled thumping sounds as Kang Yong was sent flying in the air like an unstrung kite. He was caught outside the ring. He was unconscious, and his face looked ashen. He seemed to be heavily injured.

    Jing Han patted his hands, and calmly walked down the ring.

    Everything had happened so quickly that most of the new disciples hadn't been able to see the developments. There were several new disciples who wanted to try their luck like Kang Yong. However, this thought disappeared from their minds as they saw Kang Yong's condition.

    Shi Mu's complexion also darkened.

    He was standing far from the ring. However, he had noticed every minor detail of the match.

    Kang Yong's action had been fast; his fist had nearly hit his opponent. However, Jing Han's Real Qi was extremely profound. Therefore, the strength of his fire-style fist had sent Kang Yong flying in the air.

    Jing Han's brutal aura lingered-on... even though he had walked down the ring. No one dared to challenge another old disciple for some time.

    Shi Mu was still pondering over the last match when he noticed Bai Shi leaping-up into the ring; he had a broad smile on his face. He challenged the old disciple named Gong Chun Peng. The man was ranked 1341.

    A black-robed youth with ordinary facial features appeared in front of Bai Shi. They greeted each other formally. Then, the match began.

    Bai Shi entered his violent mode at once. The muscles of his arms swelled up, and he started to bombard fists on his opponent. His fists produced winds with loud and intermittent rumbles; a wide-stretched and faint-red light bubbled-up, and filled the air with scorching-hot airwaves. The people close to the ring felt a fervent air against their faces.

    Shi Mu's vision became intense.

    It seemed that Bai Shi had strengthened his Real Qi after he had joined the Holy Spirit Association. He had probably reached a higher stage of the 'All-Yang' Art. The progress could be substantiated on the basis of his blazing-fire-fist since it was shrouded in a faint-red glow.

    However, the black-robed youth looked calm and unperturbed. He stood motionless as Bai Shi launched his attack. Then, he lifted his right hand. It transformed into a light-blue palm's shadow, and spread in all directions. His palm blocked Bai Shi's attack.

    Bai Shi was startled at the sight of this. However, the muscles of his arms bulged even thicker. Then, he started to bombard his fists' shadows in all directions; the size of the shadows had increased by three inches. After that, his fists' shadows shrouded the black-robed youth like a group of fervent airwaves.

    The black-robed youth finally moved.

    He took a quick rotation. Suddenly, a blue cyclone emerged, and crushed the surrounding fist-shadows. Then, his figure split into three shadows - which pounced on Bai Shi.

    Suddenly, something flashed before Bai Shi's eyes. He realized that the black-robed youth was standing in front of him. He quickly held-up his arms to shield his chest, stomach and other vital organs. But, his efforts went in vain as a huge blue-colored palm - as hard as steel - got engraved on his body.

    "Bang" a loud sound echoed.

    It seemed as if a huge mountain-like force had welled up.

    Bai Shi's arms had become numb because of the brutal force of the attack; he couldn't breathe.

    However, the black-robed youth didn't stop. His black figure flashed as he thrust his right leg into Bai Shi's chest; like a long spear. Bai Shi felt like throwing-up, and his body started to tremble. He was thrown into the air like a worn-out sack.

    Everyone outside the ring was in shock. Suddenly, Xiao Ming leapt-up and grasped Bai Shi in midair. He landed on the ground with a formidable force. In fact, he was forced three steps backwards before he was able to steady himself.

    All this had happened within a fleeting moment even though it looked like a long process.

    The new disciples had only noticed Bai Shi throwing fist shadows in all directions, and the black-robed youth's figure flashing... and then Bai Shi was flying by the force of his foot. They were astounded and scared; they started to discuss among each other.

    Bai Shi sat down cross-legged with Xiao Ming's support. He closed his eyes and rested for a moment. His complexion gradually returned to its normal color.

    "Brother Bai, are you alright?"

    Shi Mu walked over to him and looked at the terrible footprint on his chest. Then, he asked in a dignified tone.

    Bai Shi slowly opened his eyes. He shook his head as he flashed a bitter smile at Shi Mu.

    Suddenly, Shi Mu caught a glimpse of a familiar figure. Bai Shi and Xiao Ming were also looking in the same direction. The three of them had turned at the same time to glance at the figure.

    They found Lan Feng standing in a ring at a distance. She had chosen her competitor; it was a pretty girl in pink clothing. Her opponent stood in the rings as well - right in front of her!
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