Chapter 91: The Strange Meteoric Iron

    Chapter 91: The Strange Meteoric Iron

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    "Brother Zhao, if you want to share something... please feel free to say it," Shi Mu wrinkled his brows as he spoke.

    "I've already told you that this blade is impeccable... as far as the degree of sharpness or the quality of material is concerned. But, you must be thinking that why this blade is so heavy, right? In fact, this blade is so heavy that even a martial warrior - with gifted innate strength - can't wield it," Zhao Ping said.

    Shi Mu's eyes flashed as he heard these words. He didn't say anything. However, a question bubbled-up in his mind.

    The blade art wasn't famous for its agility and elegancy - like sword art; it relied on swift movements and variations. So, an extremely heavy blade was more of a disadvantage rather than an advantage to an ordinary warrior who couldn't wield it with agility.

    There were only a few mighty warriors like Shi Mu who were born with an extraordinary strength. These warriors could further enhance their strength with the help of charm magic.

    "I was ecstatic to discover this chunk of meteoric iron. So, I exerted painstaking efforts to forge it into a blade. But, there is something that I haven't mentioned as yet. I'm afraid Brother Shi won't believe me. When this weapon was forged... it weighed only fifty kilograms or a little more," Zhao Ping smiled bitterly as he said.

    "Only fifty kilograms?"

    Shi Mu was astonished.

    "When I had forged this blade... I didn't have any plans to sell it right away. But, a strange thing happened - the weight of this blade continued to rise. In a span of one month... its weight was almost twice as much as its original weight. By the end of the second month... its weight had increased by fifty kilograms," Zhao Ping sighed as he explained.

    "Did this strange thing really occur?" Shi Mu asked; he couldn't believe this story.

    "It's hard to believe. But, this is an absolute truth. Since then... it has been constantly gaining weight - but at a slower rate. It weighs two-hundred-and-fifty kilograms as of now. It's expected to become heavier in the future. No one can wield this weapon since it has become so heavy. So, it's lying in the shop... unwanted," Zhao Ping said with a bitter smile.

    "This is bewildering. The reason behind its increasing weight must be the quality of its material - the meteoric iron," Shi Mu said.

    It was unprecedented for a blade to get heavier without any reason. But, the story didn't seem to be a lie as far as Zhao Ping's expressions were concerned.

    "I also think so. I asked a few experts to examine this blade. But, nobody could recognize this material. If Brother Shi doesn't mind the fact that this blade might get even heavier than now... then I'd like you to have it. But, the price would be exorbitant. Still... I'll be glad to sell this blade," Zhao Ping said with a sigh.

    "Well... this blade is so mysterious that I really wish to have it. May I ask the price?" Shi pondered for a while. Then, he asked without any hesitation.

    He had a feeling that his physical strength would rise with his progress in the 'Art of Breeding Heavenly Elephants'. Therefore, he was least concerned about the blade's growing weight. Zhao Ping hesitated for a moment. Then, he raised five fingers.

    "Fifty-thousand silvers?" Shi Mu's brows wrinkled as he asked.

    "It's five-hundred-thousand silvers."

    Shi Mu's face became pale as he heard the figure.

    "Brother Shi, I'm not demanding an exorbitant price. I've already told you that I spent innumerable precious materials to forge this blade. I even used some precious stones and stuff that are used only for magic weapons. This five-hundred-thousand silvers will barely cover the cost." Zhao Ping noticed the change in Shi Mu's complexion. So, he added a few more words of explanation.

    However, his words failed to soothe Shi Mu's knitted brows.

    Shi Mu had only four-hundred-thousand silvers or so; even if he added-up all his money. Perhaps, he must take-up some task to cover-up the shortage of one-hundred-thousand silvers since it wasn't a negligible sum of money. This black blade had satisfied him in every respect. However, it was illogical to spend all his money to purchase this weapon.

    "How about this - you can pay sixty percent of the amount if you don't have sufficient funds... As for the remaining amount... you must make some magic charms for me. Then, it'll be counter-balanced... What say?" Zhao Ping noticed Shi Mu's hesitation. Suddenly, he thought of an idea. Then, he came up with the suggestion.

    "Well... this idea is good. But, I'd like to know what kind of magic charms Brother Zhao wants me to make?" Shi Mu's eyes sparkled as he nodded.

    "Brother Shi, just wait a moment." Zhao Ping's face beamed with happiness. He hurriedly turned around and went back into the inner room. He returned with a piece of white paper, and handed it over to Shi Mu.

    "Well... it's settled then."

    Shi Mu threw a cursory glance at the content and nodded in agreement.

    "Brother Shi... please feel relieved. I'll send someone to deliver the materials to make these charms." Zhao Ping felt exhilarated as he saw that everything had gone smoothly.

    Shi Mu nodded. Then, he took out three-hundred-thousand silver notes from his shirt and gave them to Zhao Ping.

    "Oh! By the way... Brother Zhao, you mentioned that you used some magic material to forge this blade. So, I wonder if I can inscribe some magic characters on it to turn into a genuine magic weapon..." Shi Mu thought for a while and then asked.

    Shi Mu didn't know much about magic weapons. However, he had come across a few of them in 'The Sacred Book of Charm Magic'. He knew that some weapons could transform into magic weapons once some magic characters were attached to them. Then, these weapons could be bestowed with magic powers. As a result, they'd become far mightier than any ordinary weapon.

    For instance, a weapon could exude rotating flames if some fire element magic characters were imprinted on it. Therefore, the magic weapons commanded incredible might in comparison to ordinary weapons.

    However, not all weapons could be turned into a magic weapon. The reason was simple - a material of extremely high quality was needed to promote an ordinary weapon to a magic weapon. An ordinary weapon couldn't withstand magic powers.

    It was said that some mystical weapons were far superior to any magic weapons. They belonged to the realm of godly power; they even had their own intelligence.

    It was also said that there was fiercer and abstruse existence above spirit tools. But, that was far beyond Shi Mu's reach...

    "I thought about this once. It's true that I know the ways to make magic weapons. Unfortunately, this blade became more solid after it was forged. So, an ordinary flame couldn't smelt it... forget about imprinting patterns on it." Zhao Ping shook his head and threw a wry smile.

    Shi Mu's complexion changed as he heard these words.

    The only reason he wanted to spend such a huge amount of money for this blade was its special material quality. He wanted to transform it into a magic weapon later.

    "But, it isn't impossible. I once heard from a senior disciple in the Flaming Beast Group that Young Master Ju of the General Library has a Golden lizard. It has been summoned from another space. That lizard's spitted-venom has the power to corrode almost all kind of metals. The venom could make this metal a bit soft," Zhao Ping hurriedly added as he noticed the change in Shi Mu's complexion.

    "Really?!" Shi Mu was dumbfounded.

    "Yes, it's true. I even saw that senior disciple beg Young Master Ju for a bit of the lizard's venom. Then, he imprinted magic characters on his high-quality long sword... which was previously impossible to dent. The venom was extremely fierce. This black blade has a special material quality. But, it's still a metal. So, there won't be any issue," Zhao Ping replied in a confident manner.

    "Brother Zhao, thanks a lot for your guidance. Now, I must pay Young Master Ju a visit." Shi Mu pondered for a moment. Then, he clasped his hands across his chest and spoke respectfully. Then, he returned the black blade into the wooden box. After that, he picked-up the box and hurriedly walked-out of the shop.

    He arrived at the second floor of the General Library half-an-hour later.

    "Well... how are you kid? Why did you show-up here this time?" he had barely set his foot on the floor when a shrill voice resounded.

    The parrot in the huge golden cage started to flap its wings when he saw him. Then, it tilted its head to look at Shi Mu, and shouted out loudly.
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