Chapter 92: To Communicate with another Dimension

    Chapter 92: To Communicate with another Dimension

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    "I'm looking for Young Master Ju. Is he available?" Shi Mu strolled his eyes around the General Library as he spoke. But, he couldn't see the familiar mountain-like shadow anywhere.

    "Master Ju is practicing in another room. So, you'll have to wait here," the parrot replied in an impatiently. Then, it started to comb and prune its wings with its beak.

    Shi Mu nodded. Then, he started to look for a chair.

    He had visited the General Library several times during the past six months. Therefore, he had become close to Young Master Ju. He had met this shouting parrot a number of times as well.

    Young Master Ju had started to value him even more once he had got the hang of making magic charms. He felt that Shi Mu had more potential than any other disciple.

    Shi Mu had seized the opportunity to learn several techniques related to charm and formulas magic from Young Master Ju.

    "Young boy, what do you wish to talk to the Master about?" Cai - the parrot - waited for a moment. But, it got bored since Shi Mu didn't speak anything. So, it asked.

    Shi Mu heard the question. However, he didn't answer Cai. Instead, he shot a glance at it and asked, "Cai, you've been with Young Master Ju for so long. Are you aware of a golden lizard that Master Ju has summoned from another dimension?"

    "Oh... you are talking about that annoying lizard. Of course, I know it. It can only rely on its coarse and thick skin. It almost bit me once. I'll swallow it alive... sooner or later," the parrot replied angrily.

    Shi Mu's eyes lit-up as he heard this.

    "Why are you asking about that lizard?" the parrot squinted its eyes and asked Shi Mu.

    Shi Mu hesitated for a moment. But then, he brought up the matter of him going to request one bottle lizard's venom from Young Master Ju.

    The parrot flapped its wings as he listened to him. Meanwhile, a strange look flashed through its eyes; there was a touch of consideration in them. However, it remained silent with its beak tightly shut.

    "So, do you know anything about it?" Shi Mu's heart was beating fast.

    The parrot glanced at Shi Mu, but remained silent. Suddenly, it outstretched its wings and patted the small bowl in the cage with its wings. It was an indication for Shi Mu to put something in its bowl.

    A mild smile spread across Shi Mu's face as he saw this. He quickly fished out a few black nuts from his bosom. Those nuts were the size of an infant's fist. Then, he threw them into its bowl.

    The parrot issued a cheerful cry. Then, it picked up one nut with its beak and swallowed it. A contented look flashed across its eyes.

    Shi Mu burst-out laughing as he saw this.

    The parrot knew a lot of important information even though it was boisterous. Therefore, Shi Mu always carried the parrot's favorite food - a kind of a round fruit - whenever he visited this place.

    "Cai, you can say it now."

    "Tsk... wait for the Master... You can request him to help you... Master Ju is carrying out an experiment. So, he's running out of money... Your request will be fulfilled if you can support him financially..." the parrot clicked its tongue and replied in an ambiguous manner as he continued to enjoy the flavor of its foods.

    Shi Mu revealed a pensive expression as he heard these words. Then, he nodded.

    Young Master Ju's needed something. This was a good sign for Shi Mu since he was afraid that Young Master Ju might turn him down.

    "By the way... Tsk... Wait for him... then request as much as possible... Tsk... Make that fat and stupid lizard spit-out venom... Tsk..." The trace of a sinister smile spread across the parrot's face. But then, it quickly restrained itself and resumed its solemn expression. Afterwards, it continued to devour the nuts.

    Shi Mu felt like laughing as he heard this. It seemed that this giant parrot had suffered a lot on account of that golden lizard. Therefore, it was thinking of a way to take its revenge.

    "Request as much as possible? Cai, it seems that you've got a lot of feathers these days. Do you want me to help you pull-out the colorful ones from your tail?" Suddenly, a huge mountain-like person appeared in front of the cage.

    It was Young Master Ju. He fiercely stared at the parrot's cage as he scolded it.

    "Master, please forgive me! Please don't pull-out my tail-feathers! The two that you had previously plucked-out have grown back with great difficulty." The parrot was frightened; so much so that it dropped half of the nut from its beak. Then, it hastily covered its head with its wings, and hid its tail under its body. It then begged in quivering voice.

    "I'll deal with you later," Young Master Ju snorted as he ignored the garrulous parrot. Then, his eyes turned and fell on Shi Mu.

    "Young Master Ju..." Shi Mu had risen from his chair. He respectfully clasped his hands across his chest and greeted Young Master Ju.

    Young Master Ju looked at him from head-to-toe, but remained silent. Suddenly, a hesitant expression appeared across his face.

    "Young Master Ju, your humble disciple has come to ask you a favor..."

    "There's no need to say it again. I'm not deaf. I've heard the conversation you had with this boisterous parrot." Shi Mu had uttered only a few words when he was interrupted by Young Master Ju.

    The parrot revealed one of its eyes from the cover of its feathers as it heard these words. Then, it dug its head back into its feathers with a 'whiz' sound.

    "Will Young Master Ju bestow me with a bottle of the golden lizard's venom? I'll compensate you with whatever I've got right now," Shi Mu's thought for a moment, and then asked.

    "I don't need money. Keep your poor amount of money in your pocket. I don't care for it. I'll give you one bottle of venom for free. But... I want you to help me in exchange for my favor," Young Master Ju replied with a smile.

    Shi Mu's complexion changed as he heard this.

    Young Master Ju was an elder in the Sect. He had extraordinary skills and profound cultivation. How could a kid like him help such a proficient man?

    "May I ask Young Master Ju to please enlighten me? What kind of help do you want from me?" Shi Mu remained silent for a while. He then asked.

    "As that clumsy bird just said... I'm performing an experiment of Soul Arts. I was trying to communicate with another realm. But then... I got stuck. I know that you've hit five degrees in spatial-sensing. So, you should be able to help me," Young Master Ju explained.

    "Communicating with a different dimension?! Can this be dangerous? You must be aware that this disciple has just become a magician-practitioner," Shi Mu replied with a bitter smile.

    "I can't say that it's one-hundred percent safe. But, you don't need to worry about it. There won't be any problem if you follow my instructions at the appointed time. I've communicated with other dimensions' living beings a couple of times. I'm experienced in this process. So, you can trust me," the obese man threw a glance at the parrot as he spoke haughtily.

    "So, that's how it is." Shi Mu nodded as he thought about this matter.

    "The dimension I'm preparing to contact is called the 'Dead Spirit World'. There has never been a Soul Magician who could summon a living creature from another dimension to our world. You'll return safe and sound as long as you don't provoke those mighty creatures." Young Master Ju noticed that Shi Mu was indecisive. Therefore, he explained to ease his tension.

    "This is an extremely important matter. Can Young Master Ju allow a few days to this disciple to consider it carefully?" Shi Mu said discretely.

    "Certainly! But, you must give me an answer within five days... regardless of whether you accept it or not. I'll go ahead with my experiment in any case. I'll hold the communication ritual irrespective of whether you participate or not..." the obese man stated in an indifferent tone.

    "Young Master Ju, this disciple will take his leave now." Shi Mu bowed and bid his farewell.

    "Go!" The obese man beckoned with his hand.
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