Chapter 99: Superimposing the Charm Spell

    Chapter 99: Superimposing the Charm Spell

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    Shi Mu noticed a circle of fiery-red charm characters engraved on the surface of the stove. These characters constituted a circular magic pattern that was exuding a magic wave.

    "I had especially asked one of the Formula Magicians of our Sect to make this for me. It's called the 'All Positivity' formula. It can enhance a flame's temperature to a great extent," Zhao Ping explained as he saw a surprised expression on Shi Mu's face.

    Shi Mu nodded. He felt that his chances of success might get higher with the help of this circular formula pattern.

    "I had once thought of refining this meteoric-iron blade into a magic weapon. I had almost planned the basic steps. But, I couldn't proceed with my plan because of its rising weight, and the unavailability of the Golden lizard's poison. Brother Shi must have done a thorough research on the methods of refining a weapon. So, I'll keep asking for your directions." Zhao Ping took out a book from his shirt, and handed it over to Shi Mu with a smile.

    "You flatter me, Brother Zhao. I can't give you any direction. I've only consulted a few books and ancient records. They've provided necessary information related to refining various kinds of magic weapons. So, it'll be me who would need your directions," Shi Mu's eyes revealed a hint of astonishment as he heard Zhao Ping's words. He received the book and replied with a smile.

    Then, he opened the book and glanced through it attentively. He continued to discuss the process of refining a weapon with Zhao Ping while he was at it.

    Shi Mu wasn't skilled in casting weapons. However, he commanded a better understanding of charm characters and formula magic than Zhao Ping.

    The two of them finally reached a decision after a long discussion. They divided the work among themselves.

    "Oh... by the way... what kind of charm spell does Brother Shi wants to inscribe on the blade?" Zhao Ping asked.

    "Fierce Inflammation Charm Magic," Shi Mu replied without any hesitation.

    "Fierce Inflammation Charm Magic! As far as I know... this charm spell consists of twelve characters. This is the most complicated low-grade charm spell," Zhao Ping was startled.

    "That's right," Shi Mu replied with a smile. He had chosen this charm spell after going through a careful consideration.

    Shi Mu couldn't draw many charm spells. Moreover, the Fierce Inflammation Charm Spell was an extremely formidable spell. However, Shi Mu had drawn this charm spell several times before. So, he was familiar with its complexity. In addition, the meteoric-iron black blade was excessively heavy. So, Shi Mu's striking power would be enormously enhanced if such a formidable charm spell was carved on his blade.

    "Brother Shi seems extremely determined. So, I presume that he must be extremely confident about this. Let's begin right away." Zhao Ping nodded in agreement as he noticed a firm resolve on Shi Mu's face. Then, he started to adjust the flame of the stove.

    Shi Mu pulled out the black blade, and handed it over to Zhao Ping.

    Zhao Ping was responsible for the preliminary work. Shi Mu was responsible for the latter part of the process - to carve the charm characters on the blade.

    The temperature of the room started to rise as the stove's flame increased under Zhao Ping's control.

    The flame's intensity finally reached the required degree. Then, Zhao Ping gripped the black blade with a thirty-meters-long fire tongs, and placed it on the stove.

    He then fished-out two fiery-red crystal stones from his bosom. They were two low-grade spirit stones of the fire element. He placed them in the two indentations on the stove.


    Suddenly, the charm characters in the circular pattern of the stove glittered brightly. They exuded a burst of bright-red light as the fire in the stove flickered and became smaller. However, the flame became more refined. Moreover, the intensity of its heat increased by twofold.

    Zhao Ping's back had been soaked in sweat. Bean-sized sweat droplets were dripping down from his forehead and cheeks. But, he didn't seem to pay any attention to it. His eyes were locked on the black blade inside the flame. His hands flipped over the blade in a continuous manner.

    The black blade's color became bright-red inside the blazing flame within half-an-hour.

    Shi Mu wiped the sweat pouring down his face. His eyes brimmed with happiness.

    A common stove wouldn't have achieved such a result if the 'All Positivity' formula hadn't been inscribed on it.

    Zhao Ping's complexion became dignified as he looked at the changing color of the black blade. Suddenly, he widened his eyes and grasped the fire tongs. Then, he removed the red-hot iron blade from the flame, and placed it on the forging platform.

    "The venom!" he asked in a low tone as he stretched-out his hand.

    Shi Mu hastily handed over the bottle to him.

    Zhao Ping took the bottle. Then, he said something in a low voice. Suddenly, a faint layer of red light emerged on his body; especially on his palms. After that, an intense heat began to diffuse in the air. It formed a light fervent whirlwind which began to swirl around his body.

    A trace of strange look flashed across Shi Mu's eyes. Zhao Ping seemed to be practicing the cultivation art related to fire element. It was clear that he had reached a level that was far above Bai Shi's.

    Zhao Ping opened the lid of the bottle and inclined it. Thick drops of pale-yellow liquid rolled down and fell on the black blade.

    He issued a muffled sound as a group of red light emerged on his palm. It then enveloped the blade like a flame.

    "Chi... Chi" a crackling sound was heard.

    The yellow fluid changed its form under the Zhao Ping's control. It transformed into a thin layer of membrane - similar to a yellow onion's skin. It gradually covered the entire surface of the black blade.

    "All right! The surface of the blade has begun to soften under the effect of high temperature and venom. It'll become hard once its temperature declines. Brother Shi, hurry up! Record the charm spell fast." Suddenly, the red light under Zhao Ping 's control dissipated. His face looked pale due to exhaustion. He stepped back and said.

    Shi Mu had been waiting for this moment. He quickly took out the red magic brush.

    This brush was special as its tip was unusually hard. Shi Mu used a different brush for drawing paper charms. This brush was especially made for drawing charm spell during the process of refining a magic weapon.

    He took a deep breath. Then, he placed his brush on the red hot blade. His wrist began to move steadily like an expert.

    His eyes had transformed into a pair of pale-golden eyes. Zhao Ping couldn't see Shi Mu's face as he stood behind him. Therefore, Shi Mu wasn't worried about being observed.

    However, Zhao Ping could clearly observe his proficiency through the swift movement of his wrist.

    Shi Mu breathed in a slow and gentle manner as he drew the charm spell. The charm characters gradually started to emerge on the surface of the blade.

    All the twelve charm characters had been finally inscribed on the blade. The Fiery Inflammation Charm Spell was complete now.

    All the characters glimmered with a faint-red luminescence as Shi Mu finished the last stroke. They exuded a formidable magic wave of the fire element.

    "It has turned out be a success!"

    Zhao Ping couldn't help but exclaim aloud. He was exhilarated.

    Surprisingly, Shi Mu didn't stop. His wrist continued to move skillfully. The red magic brush fell on the first character of the Charm spell, and started to move again.

    "Brother Shi... you... don't tell me that you wish to superimpose the charm spell..." Zhao Ping was dumbfounded. He spoke in a whispering tone.

    However, Shi Mu didn't react. He seemed to be completely absorbed in his work.

    Zhao Ping sucked in a long breath. His eyes revealed a trace of disbelief as he looked towards Shi Mu's movement.

    Superimposing a charm spell at the time of refining a magic-weapon could enhance might of that magic-weapon. But, superimposing a charm spell was an extremely difficult task.

    The overlaying characters must be exactly the same, and should be overlaid at the same place. Even the tiniest mistake could destroy the spell and the weapon.

    It was extremely difficult to record even a single charm spell on a weapon... So, superimposing a charm spell was next to impossible. Only a few proficient Charm Magicians had ever dared to attempt this.

    After all, recording two identical charm spells was an awfully arduous task.

    Shi Mu's eyes were still emitting a pale-yellow light. His wrist continued to move swiftly. The second charm spell got completed after a while.

    The red light sparkled again. Then, the charm spell on the surface of the blade lit-up brighter than before.

    Zhao Ping exhaled a long sigh of relief. His quivering heart finally calmed down. He was about to say something, but then his complexion became dignified instead.
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