Chapter 101: To Deliberately Complicate an Issue

    Chapter 101: To Deliberately Complicate an Issue

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    Shi Mu and Zhao Ping saw a thin and tall youth walking over from the direction of the shop.

    He had a pockmarked face with several deep scars. He gazed at the black blade in Shi Mu's hand. He then stuck out his tongue and licked his lips in manner that was filled with a sense of lust.

    Shi Mu knitted his brows and snorted. Then, he returned his blade to its sheath.

    The lanky youth's eyes flashed with a cold and contemptuous look. He shot a malicious look at Shi Mu and sized him up.

    "Brother Zuo, you've honored us with your presence... You're most welcome..." Zhao Ping was a sensible person. He had sensed the awkwardness that had filled the air. Therefore, he moved forward and greeted the youth with a smile.

    However, the lanky youth didn't pay any attention to him. Instead, he started to gaze at the black blade that Shi Mu had just returned to its sheath. A greedy look flashed across his eyes.

    "Brother Zuo, what brought you to this backyard? Please come inside the lobby... to let me serve you a cup of tea. You've arrived at the right time. I happened to get a hold of a few boxes of high-quality tea from Wu Feng recently. And, I wanted brother Zuo to taste it so I could get his feedback." Zhao Ping felt a little tightness in his heart. He was familiar with the temperament of this lanky youth. So, he put on a courteous look and spoke politely.

    "The annual competition is just around the corner. So, I came to your shop to buy a new hilted-weapon. Someone from your shop told me that you're here. So, I came here. What's wrong? Are you going to kick me out of here?" the youth replied in a low voice. His voice was hoarse and filled with arrogance.

    "Of course not! I'm glad to receive such an honored guest in my small shop..." Zhao Ping replied with an apologetic smile.

    "I looked around in your shop, but nothing pleased my eyes. But, I like this black blade a lot. Has Brother Zhao made it recently?" The youth interrupted Zhao Ping before he could finish his sentence. Then, he pointed his finger at the black blade in Shi Mu's hand and said.

    Shi Mu squinted his eyes as he heard these words.

    The lanky youth looked like an old disciple. However, it was hard to guess his grade since he wasn't attired in the Black Demon Sect's uniform.

    "Brother Zuo, you've misinterpreted. This blade belongs to Brother Shi. My shop has nothing to do with it." Zhao Ping's complexion changed. He hurriedly explained.

    The youth wrinkled his brows as he heard his reply.

    "Brother Zhao, thank you so much for your help. Two of your spirit stones got consumed-up because of my work. So, I'll soon deliver you the remuneration for the services and the spirit stones. I'll take my leave now." Shi Mu averted his eyes from the lanky youth. He then extended his greetings to Zhao Ping and strode towards the gate.

    "Hold on!"

    Zhao Ping remained silent. However, the lanky youth's stature flashed and blocked Shi Mu's path at the entrance of the practice-field.

    "What's the matter, Senior Brother?" Shi Mu asked in a sinking voice. His face was expressionless.

    "I still haven't asked... what's your name Brother?" the youth asked with a chuckle. His chuckle sounded hoarse and unpleasant.

    "Shi Mu..." Shi Mu replied in a cold tone.

    "Brother Shi looks quite young. I assume you're a new primary disciple." The youth's complexion changed. He felt that he had heard this name somewhere. But, he couldn't remember the details.

    "So, what's your point?"

    Shi Mu knew that this man had his heart set on his blade. Therefore, he started to lose his patience and manners.

    "You possess a nice hilted blade. You've recently crossed the threshold... so you aren't aware of this Sect's custom... Don't blame me for not telling you beforehand. If the other old disciples find out that you have such a good weapon... I'm afraid it can stir them up. You'll certainly get yourself in trouble. They might rob you of your property. In worst case scenario... you can even put your life in danger... Tsk... Tsk..." the youth shook his head and said. A profound meaning seemed to be hidden behind his words.

    "I've something important to take care of. So, if the Senior Brother has something to say... then please say it right away. I can't stay here for a long time," Shi Mu interrupted him and said in a cold voice.

    "In that case, let me tell you the truth. This blade of yours has triggered my interest. So, in order to save you from being robbed by others... I'll do you a favor. I'll pay you thirty-thousand silvers for this blade. Then, you can happily forsake this blade for me... isn't it?" The youth placed his offer with a faint smile... as if those who would hear his words would never reject this offer.

    Zhao Ping's countenance changed as he heard these words.

    The worth of this black blade was extremely high. Moreover, it had been upgraded to a magic weapon. So, its price had soared into the sky. But, the youth had offered only thirty-thousand silvers. This clearly exposed his true intentions. He wanted to bully Shi Mu, and snatch away the blade by force.

    The youth didn't seem to be an ordinary person. Zhao Ping was a member of the Flaming Beast Group, but he still didn't wish to offend him. Therefore, he didn't utter a single word even after he had heard this absurd offer.

    "Your Excellency has made a good plan. Your intention to buy my blade is quite generous. But, I'm afraid that I'll have to decline this offer. I've no intention to sell it. As for the other issues... Your Excellency doesn't need to be worried about me," Shi Mu sneered in his heart as he declined the offer.

    "Boy, don't show me your attitude! Do you know who I am? How dare you talk to me like this?" The youth's facial expression turned cold. He snapped at Shi Mu in a fierce manner.

    "I'm an ignorant and inexperienced boy. I'm not familiar with the Senior Brother as well," Shi Mu replied in a cold voice.

    "You're courting death!"

    The youth couldn't tolerate Shi Mu's attitude anymore. He shouted out loud as his body flashed forward. Then, he appeared in front of Shi Mu - like a ghost. His arms were moving extremely fast. One of his fists rushed forward with a thunderous sound. It hit Shi Mu on the right side of his face. Then, his other hand grabbed the blade in Shi Mu's hand.

    Shi Mu felt a strong gust of wind stabbing him in his face - like a sharp sickle - even before the fist could reach him.

    "What an incredible speed!"

    Shi Mu had kept his guards up against him. But, the youth's speed had far exceeded his expectations. His fist had hit Shi Mu's face within a second.

    Suddenly, Shi Mu's feet rose from the ground. He then drew a step back.

    Then, he let out a low shout, and bombarded his fist forward. He pounded his fist on the lanky youth's approaching fist. Simultaneously, his other hand flashed and pulled the blade from its sheath. He then stabbed the blade in the youth's palm that was approaching to snatch away his weapon.

    "Bang!" "Bang!" Two muffled sounds were heard.

    Both of them clashed, and drew back one step.

    "You seem to possess some skills... as you're capable enough to withstand my fist. No wonder you act so arrogantly. I've given you a good offer... but you chose to do it the hard way. You've enraged me. Now, my anger won't be dispelled even if you leave your blade behind. I think I should chop one of your arms down," the youth creased his brows as he threatened in a stern voice.

    Meanwhile, a red patch appeared on one of his palms. It seemed that he had been wounded when Shi Mu had stabbed his palm. He was in a little pain, but his injury didn't seem to be severe.

    He rubbed his palm against his waist to wipe-off the blood. Suddenly, a cold light flashed as a long silver sword appeared in his hand.

    This sword was a lot thinner than an ordinary sword. It was as wide as a finger. It exuded a dense cold aura that covered its surface, and filled the air with an ice-cold feeling.

    A few blue charm characters were imprinted on the edge of the silver blade. It was emitting a pale-blue light. This too seemed to be a magic weapon.

    Shi Mu's countenance changed. He understood that this thin sword was certainly a magic weapon. So, its power couldn't be underestimated.

    The black blade escaped from the sheath with a 'swish' sound. Then, it was thrust forward.

    "If both of you have something to talk about... then why are you hurting each other..." Zhao Ping realized that both of them were gearing-up for a real fight. Therefore, he stepped forward to stop them.


    Suddenly, an ear-piercing cry resounded and cut-off Zhao Ping's words. This sound was similar to a baby's wailing. It was extremely unpleasant.

    The youth flicked his wrist. Suddenly, his sword turned into a long silver streak. Then, it made its way toward Shi Mu's chest.

    The baby-wailing sound was produced by this thin sword. It again issued a strange sound as it punctured the air.

    A fidgety feeling emerged in Shi Mu's heart as the strange shrill sound entered his ears. He fell into a trance. His mind failed to stop the invasion of the sluggish feeling.

    Suddenly, a bright-white light flashed.

    The thin sword had reached Shi Mu's chest before he could respond. A shiver went down Shi Mu's spine as it pierced his clothes and pricked his skin.
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