Chapter 102: Testing the Black Blade

    Chapter 102: Testing the Black Blade

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    A shiver ran down Shi Mu's spine. He issued a loud shout as he pulled himself out of the trance. His brain resumed its normal state. Then, he took a quick rotation and moved aside to evade the approaching sword.

    However, the sword cut-open a wound on his right shoulder, and fresh blood started to gush out of it.

    Shi Mu operated the Art of Accumulating Spirit Power to adjust his mental state. Then, he raised his arm. Suddenly, his blade transformed into a black blade-shadow. The blade-shadow then rushed towards the lanky youth.

    The youth snorted as a terrifying aura burst out of his body. The silver sword in his hand changed into a misty silver sword-shadow. It issued a piercing whistle sound that shrilled through the air like a baby's cry. His blade seemed prepared to deal with the approaching attack.

    Clang! Clang! Clang!

    A series of 'metallic clanging' sounds resounded as the two weapons collided fiercely. However, the shadows of both the sword and the blade soon dispersed.

    Shi Mu's body staggered; he took a couple of steps backwards. He then quickly steadied himself and stood firm. His eyes revealed amazement and apprehension at the same time.

    He had thought that the lanky youth's silver sword would break after it bumped into his black blade. He had never imagined that his blade would be hitting a tenacious spring of sorts. The thin sword had dissolved his blade's momentum.

    The lanky youth also retreated a few steps because of the force of the strong collision. His facial expression remained unchanged. However, he was feeling a sense of shock in his heart.

    The magnificent strength of the black blade had nearly turned his stomach upside-down. He wanted to throw up. Moreover, he felt a severe tingling pain in the palm of his hand with which he held the sword. A trace of blood seeped out from his palm - between his thumb and the index finger.

    This was surprising for him because he had always been successful in his fights with other opponents. His Ghost-Howling Sword Art could easily affect the mental state of any person. However, it had failed to vanquish Shi Mu's mental state.

    "I never expected that there would be someone as talented as you among the new disciples. But..." the lanky man took a deep breath and spoke. Meanwhile, he secretly surged his Real Qi, and covered his entire body with it.

    Shi Mu didn't pay any attention to his words. Instead, he swooped down upon him.

    'Bang!' a loud sound was heard.

    Shi Mu kicked his foot on a huge boulder that lay between them.

    The boulder was shot towards the youth. It flew towards him while carrying intense winds with it.

    The youth's face blazed with anger as he saw this. He tightened his grip on his sword's hilt. Suddenly, a faint layer of pale-blue light emerged on the surface of his thin silver sword.

    He wielded his arm and thrust his sword towards the approaching boulder. His sword transformed into a thin and long shadow - like a silver snake. The silver snake then dashed forward, and chopped down the boulder in a crisscross pattern.

    The huge boulder seemed as frail as tofu under the silver shadow of the sword. It was slashed into dozens of pieces, and scattered.

    Meanwhile, Shi Mu had prepared his next move. He had arrived behind the huge boulder while it was being crushed into pieces.


    Shi Mu issued a loud shout, and waved his black blade in midair like a thunderbolt. Suddenly, a vast-stretched streak of cold light appeared and transformed into the thirteen black blade-shadows. Then, the shadows plummeted down on the youth.

    The dazzling blade-shadows blocked every escape route of that lanky youth's.

    "You've courted death!"

    The lanky youth was thunderstruck. He realized that it was too late to move aside and dodge the attack. Suddenly, the blue charm characters on his thin sword glimmered and started to emit bursts of blue rays of light.

    The thin sword fluttered in air as it changed into a thin layer of blue sword screen. This layer shielded his entire body. Suddenly, the lanky youth stomped on the ground, and shot back a few steps.

    A gleam of surprised look flashed across Shi Mu's eyes.

    Bang! Bang!

    The thirteen shadows were dispelled by the blue screen with a loud sound. However, the blue screen also was routed and dispersed.

    An astute light flashed across Shi Mu's eyes. He shouted out loud as he infused the magic power from within his body into the black blade. The charm spell on the blade started to exude a dazzling-red light. Suddenly, a blazing flame appeared on the blade's surface.

    A thick red light rushed forth as the thirteen blade-shadows were dispersed. It forcefully pounded on the blue light screen of the thin sword - like lightning.

    "Bang" an explosive sound was heard.

    A group of flames exploded on the thin silver sword - like a volcanic eruption. The heat waves produced by this explosion shook the sword. The lanky youth didn't remain unaffected by this. He was sent flying. Finally, he fell on the ground several feet away.

    Shi Mu saw his opponent half-kneeling on the ground as the smoke and dust dispersed. His entire body was burnt black. However, he still held the sword with his injured hand. Fresh blood was gushing out of his wound.

    Suddenly, a crack appeared on the youth's thin sword with a 'kacha' sound. Then, his sword crumbled into fragments. However, the hilt remained intact in his hand.

    The lanky man's face went ghastly pale. His Qi and blood attacked his brain, and he spat-out a mouthful of blood.

    "You... how dare you destroy my magic weapon..." the youth shouted at Shi Mu with anger and hatred.

    Shi Mu's complexion also looked pale. He snorted coldly. The black blade was still emanating red blazing flame in his hand. Its heat waves were proliferating in the air. He heard the youth's words and replied, "Your Excellency, I'll be happy to accompany you till the end if you wish to continue..."

    The thunderous noises caused during their fight had attracted the attention of many people. A bunch of black-uniformed disciples had swarmed outside the practice-field. They were silently watching the scene.

    A gloomy and cold gleam flickered in the lanky youth's eyes as he looked around. He gritted his teeth and said, "Well... I'll keep you in mind. We'll stop here today. You've shattered my sword. You'll certainly regret this."

    He tossed the sword's hilt aside. Then, he turned around and walked away.

    The surrounding disciples made way for him as they saw him walking over. Then, the lanky youth's shadow disappeared into the distance.

    Shi Mu picked up his blade and placed it before his body. Then, he carefully sized it up a few times. He returned the blade to its sheath once he was satisfied that it wasn't damaged.

    "Brother Shi, are you all right?" Zhao Ping's embarrassed voice resounded.

    "I'm fine. Who was that person? You seemed to be familiar with him," Shi Mu asked in a casual tone.

    "That person is called Zuo Yan. He's an old primary disciple. He often gets a top rank among the top hundred old primary disciples. He's quite strong. But, he has always been an unsocial person. He hasn't joined any group so far. He is a narrow-minded person... and is known to be quite vengeful. So, there are many groups that don't dare to provoke him in any way. Brother Shi, you need to be very careful... You've deprived him of his magic weapon." Zhao Ping heaved a sigh of relief as he realized that Shi Mu didn't hold a grudge against him. He approached him and said in a low voice.

    Shi Mu's vision moved as he nodded.

    He knew that Zuo Yan was the strongest enemy he had ever met. The fierce fight would've been prolonged if he hadn't shattered his weapon with his black blade. In that case, either one of them could've won.

    There were various kinds of exquisite Hou Tian arts in the Black Demon Sect. Therefore, more and more Hou Tian warriors emerged and exhibited their astounding martial skills. Moreover, the magic weapons enhanced one's strength. So, Shi Mu couldn't compare a small place like the Feng City with the strength of this great Sect.

    Shi Mu realized that Zuo Yan was right. Therefore, he decided that he wouldn't use his black blade at all times. Otherwise, it would attract the attention of the old disciples, and they would pose a threat to him.

    Suddenly, Shi Mu was struck by an idea.

    "Brother Zhao, I want you to forge something for me in your shop..." Shi Mu went close to Zhao Ping and whispered in his ear.

    Zhao Ping was dumbfounded. He felt bewildered by the sudden request.

    "... The materials needed for making those things should be strictly according to my request. It may be troublesome... but it won't be a problem for Brother Zhao. Can you please make sixteen pieces of them first?" Shi Mu moved a step back and said.

    "Well... no problem. I'll do everything in accordance with Brother Shi's request." Zhao Ping pondered for a while. Then, he nodded and replied.

    Shi Mu smiled as he heard his reply. Then, he bid his farewell and left the place.
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