Chapter 113: The Eagle Gully

    Chapter 113: The Eagle Gully

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    All the disciples looked at Bai Yu Xiu as they waited for him to present the next plan.

    "A huge number of people aren't required to infiltrate the stronghold. That way, the objective will become extremely difficult... and we wouldn't be able to achieve the outcome of our sneak-attack. I've considered this point, and reached a decision. I think four people will be sufficient for this task. So... let's lay out a plan. The members of the 'infiltration' team would include me, Brother Qin Jing of the Heavenly Sword Sect, Brother Di Tong of the Wind and Fire Sect, and Brother Shi Mu of the Black Demon Sect. The other people will launch a coordinated feigned attack outside the enemy's camp... and will try to draw their attention," Bai Yu Xiu spoke with a tranquil expression on his face.

    Shi Mu's facial expressions changed as he heard the plan. But, they returned to their normal state in a flash.

    The young Taoist warrior and a tall youth with dark skin were also appointed as members of this 'infiltration' team. They greeted Shi Mu with a slight jerk of their bodies. But, neither of them said anything.

    Other disciples secretly heaved a sigh of relief since they weren't selected in the infiltration team. They knew that sneaking into the stronghold would render high feat points. But, this task was much more dangerous than the task of launching a feign attack outside the enemy's camp. After all, their enemy was pretty strong. However, they were weak and very few in number. So, they would certainly die if they were captured during the infiltration process. It wasn't surprising that nobody wanted to be chosen to be a part of the infiltration team.

    Moreover, many people were glad to see a doubtful expression in Shi Mu's eyes.

    "Brother Bai, the three of you are considered to be the most formidable martial warriors among us. But, Brother Shi is better as a magician. His martial arts skills aren't strong enough to stand in the same league as you three. So, it seems inappropriate to include him in this dangerous infiltration task," Ke broke the silence and said.

    "Sister Ke, I've selected Brother Shi only because of his Magician status," Bai Yu Xiu looked at her and explained with a smile.

    "I have a middle-level magic charm. It's a fire-attribute charm. It's called the 'Fiery Cloud Magic Charm'. The four of us can activate this magic charm at the right time after we've successfully sneaked in. Then, we can burn all the food and other material without any difficulty. But, this magic charm requires the pure magic power of a magician for stimulation. So, I have no other choice but to ask Brother Shi to join us in the infiltration team." Bai Yu Xiu fished out a red paper charm from his bosom. Some fiery-red charm characters were drawn on its surface. They were exuding an undulating wave of intense magic power.

    Shi Mu was extremely surprised to see the red paper charm.

    Shi Mu had seen this middle-level magic charm for the first time. But, he had heard about its miraculous might. The task of burning down everything inside the enemy's stronghold would definitely become easier with the assistance of this charm.

    Ke's delicate eyebrows wrinkled. It seemed as if she was about to say something.

    "Since Brother Bai has thoughtfully drawn-up this plan... it would be my pleasure to go with him," Shi Mu waved his hand at Ke, and said with a soft chuckle.

    "Brother Shi is indeed a righteous man. You'll be considered as a first-class warrior once this mission is completed successfully. Well... it's settled then. Everyone should start the preparations. We'll set-out this afternoon... and try to get close to the Eagle Gully before dusk. We'll launch our attack during the night," Bai Yu Xiu casted a meaningful glance at Shi Mu and said with a fake smile.

    The others had no differing opinions. So, they dispersed as they heard these words. Then, they started their preparations.

    Shi Mu also returned to his room. He shuttled back-and-forth for a while; he seemed to be pondering over something. Suddenly, a sneer spread across his face.

    Bai Yu Xiu had chosen him to be a part of the infiltration team. This had revealed his true intentions. However, Shi Mu was confident that he would survive this task as long as he didn't bump into a Xian Tian warrior.

    Moreover, Shi Mu wouldn't show any leniency towards Bai Yu Xiu since he had already launched his evil plan.

    "Knock!' suddenly, there was a knocking sound on his door.

    Shi Mu opened the door to find a graceful girl at his door. It was Ke; she wore a long green dress.

    "Sister Ke, what's the matter?" Shi Mu asked as he invited her into his room.

    "Brother Shi, all this happened because... because of my relationship with you. It's my fault that you and Brother Bai are now on bad terms. Perhaps he wouldn't have asked you to be a part of the infiltration team if that misunderstanding hadn't cropped-up a couple of days ago..." Ke entered the room. Then, she spoke with an apologetic expression on her face.

    "Hehe... Sister Ke, you don't have to feel sorry... or curse yourself for anything. The Black Turtle Sect has long been at loggerheads with the Black Demon Sect. So, this matter has nothing to do with you," Shi Mu's eyes flickered as he replied with a gentle smile.


    "Sister Ke doesn't need to be worried about me. I've got means to protect myself... even if I have to sneak into the enemy's stronghold. In fact, you should be concerned about yourself. You must remain extremely cautious when you launch a feign attack outside the enemy's camp with other people."

    Ke Er wanted to say something. But, she was interrupted by Shi Mu.

    "Well... if Brother Shi says so... then..."

    Ke's beautiful eyes darkened. She took out a green paper charm from her bosom. The charm emanated an undulating wave of green light. This light was twisting and turning like a living creature.

    "This is a Rejuvenating Charm. Please carry it with you. It'll help you..." she said as she handed over the paper charm to Shi Mu.

    Shi Mu's facial expression changed. The Rejuvenating Charm was just a low-level wood-style magic charm. But, it was extremely difficult to make. Moreover, the cost of refining this charm was far more than other ordinary low-grade magic charms. In fact, even Shi Mu couldn't draw this magic charm.

    This magic charm had the ability to heal wounds quickly. Therefore, it was highly in demand. But, it was a scarce thing. The level of its scarcity had increased even more during the war.

    "This is a precious... and a life-saving magic charm. I can't accept it. Sister Ke should keep it for herself." Shi Mu shook his head, and refused to accept the charm.

    "Brother Shi, you don't have to worry about this. I have several Rejuvenating Charms." Ke smiled and forced the paper charm into Shi Mu's hand.

    "That... very well then. Here are some paper charms that would help you to defend yourself during the battle." Shi Mu felt the pleasant warmth transmitted from Ke's fingertips to his palm. This filled his heart with a warm feeling, and forced him to accept the Rejuvenating Charm with a brief nod. Then, he took out a few Fire Ball and Water Sword Charms from his bosom, and handed them over to Ke.

    Ke Er didn't hesitate. She happily received the paper charms. The two of them chatted casually for a long time. Then, Ke bid him goodbye and left.

    *** ***

    In a secret spot on the other side of the tunnel... at the same time...

    Bai Yu Xiu stood with a plump disciple of the Black Turtle Sect. They seemed to be engaged in a conversation.

    "Brother Bai, I'm a little surprised. Why would the union issue this mission all of a sudden? I accept that our stronghold isn't that powerful. But, it has been carrying out the task of scouting around the enemy's territory in an efficient manner. So, it'll pose a great loss to the union if our stronghold gets dissolved," the plump youth knitted his brows and asked.

    "Hehe... that's something you'd have to figure out on your own." Bai Yu Xiu threw a smile. However, he didn't reply properly.

    "Can it be... that the union has something big to do?" Suddenly, the plump youth's eyes gleamed brightly as a thought crossed his mind.

    "There's a piece of information that I held back from others. There was a positive point in the union's message. They've recently found out that the barbarians have decided to destroy this area... because we've been causing them a lot of trouble. So, this stronghold is no longer safe... and should be evacuated immediately. This mission is our last mission before we evacuate this place," Bai Yu Xiu spoke with a sardonic smile.

    "Oh! So, that's how it is..." the plump guy seemed to have understood everything.

    "I've been thinking of ways to deal with this guy... Shi Mu. This mission happened to come at the right time..." Bai Yu Xiu licked his upper lip, and said in a wicked tone.

    "Hehe... Brother Bai's truly wonderful," the plump disciple smiled and said in an admiring tone.

    *** ***

    It was finally night; the bright moon hung in the sky.

    The cold moonlight fell through the dark curtain of the night sky, and enveloped the entire valley.

    A small area in the valley was crowded with buildings. Some of them were tall, while some were small in size. They were made of wood, and were situated alongside the hill.

    There was also a sky-soaring checkpoint in the periphery of the valley. It was approximately twenty feet high. It was built with long and thick bundles of logs. The tips of these logs had been shaped into incisive arrows.

    There were two archer-towers on either side of this checkpoint. Each one of them was guarded by a tall barbarian. Both the barbarians shuttled back-and-forth on top of the towers in order to monitor the surrounding area.

    This valley was known as the Eagle Gully. It was the stronghold of the barbarian race; it fell within the boundaries of the Fu prefecture.

    There were no ignited torches to illuminate the valley even though it was night. This was perhaps done with an intention to maintain the secrecy of the stronghold. So, the entire valley was enveloped in darkness. But, one could hear the muffled sounds of moving feet. They seemed to be coming from behind the checkpoint's giant wooden gate. However, the situation wasn't as peaceful as it seemed to be.

    A dozen of shadows quietly approached the entrance to the mountain valley from the dense forest outside the valley.

    Their leader was a lanky youth. He waved his hand as a signal. Then, the figures around him dispersed in all directions. Each of them followed a different path, and moved silently towards the entrance of the valley with light footsteps.

    The lanky youth then turned around, and pulled out something from his back. He used it to reflect the moonlight in the sky.

    Suddenly, a burly barbarian's footsteps froze. He was shuttling on one of the two archer towers. He looked in the direction of the forest. He was about to shout out loud...

    'Whiz!' but then, a light sound was heard. A person's shadow whizzed-out from the woods, and rushed towards the burly barbarian at an incredibly fast speed. Then, a plume-feathered long arrow passed through the barbarians' throat with terrifying accuracy.

    The barbarian's eyes moved around. He wanted to shout out to alert his comrades. But, he could only issue some strange muffled sounds since his throat had been sliced. His tall body turned and fell to the ground. A rain of blood spurted out of his throat - like a shower - and fell down the archer's tower.

    The complexion of the other tall barbarian changed as he saw this.

    However, the black shadow flashed again in the air. Then, a long arrow was again shot from the dark. 'Puff!' the arrow pierced through the barbarian's heart, and nailed him to a wooden pole on the tower.


    A blood-curdling screech resounded through the darkness, and reached distant places.

    Another shadow flashed through the woods, and darted towards the wooden gate of the checkpoint. It was a tall youth attired in purple.

    Suddenly, a long hilted-blade appeared in his hand as he flicked it. It was as big as a human.

    He waved his blade in the air; it drew a crescent-moon-shaped bright blue light. Then, he heavily pounded his blade on the wooden gate with a 'whistling' sound.

    'Bang!' a loud sound was heard.

    The giant wooden gate was broken into two parts by the dreadful strike.

    The giant gate tumbled down onto the ground with a loud sound. This loud crashing sound resonated across the entire valley.

    There was a patrolling group of seventeen to eighteen barbarian soldiers near the wooden gate. The series of miserable shrieks and loud crashing sound had frozen their hearts in shock. But, they pulled-out their weapons as soon as their eyes fell on the enemies that stood outside the gate. They shouted as they dashed towards them.

    The purple-robed youth didn't show any signs of fear. Instead, he issued a loud shout. Then, he wielded his long-hilted blade, and moved forward to confront the barbarians in a fearless manner.

    The sound of the 'clanging' of weapons started to reverberate in the darkness.

    Three or four barbarian soldiers were beheaded along with countless flashes of the youth's blue blade shadows. Their blood gurgled out, and filled the entire place.


    Suddenly, a burst of appalling shouts were heard from the forest outside the valley. The shouts seemed to be coming from a huge number of people.

    Suddenly, several silhouettes leapt-out of the woods. They rushed in the direction of the valley. A series of arrows were shot from the woods at the same time. Each of these arrows claimed the life of a barbarian. Not a single arrow missed its target.

    There wasn't a single Totem Warrior among the patrolling troops inside the wooden gate. So, they were soon annihilated by the human warriors.

    However, more barbarian soldiers gushed-out from the wooden buildings near the collapsed gate. Then, a fierce battle between the barbarian soldiers and human warriors was started.

    Dozens of torches rose and fell intermittently in some places deep into the woods. A huge bunch of people seemed to be welling-up in the direction of the checkpoint's main gate.

    This heart-chilling scene drew the attention of all the barbarian soldiers. Their complexions changed drastically.

    "It's not good. It looks like the human race has mounted a large-scale invasion."

    Suddenly, a young barbarian appeared in this chaotic situation. He seemed to be one of the barbarian leaders. He shouted as he saw the approaching torches. He then took out a black cow-horn from his bosom. He raised his head, and blew it with all his might.

    "Wu Wu..."
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