Chapter 124: Privilege

    Chapter 124: Privilege

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    "Brother Qing, the task that Master Fang Shang assigned three days ago is sixty percent complete. But, Brother Tong of the Tian Yin Sect isn't in a good condition. He's constantly making mistakes while making the paper charms. I'm afraid he won't be able to complete the task in time. Can you do something about this?" a youth adorned in the blue robe of the Black Turtle Sect walked over to Qing Feng and said.

    Qing Feng muttered something to himself. He then nodded and said, "Well, we'll take care of this matter."

    Suddenly, he smiled and pointed towards Shi Mu.

    "This is Brother Shi Mu. He belongs to the Black Demon Sect. He was called to join us... so that everyone's pressure can be eased a little."

    The blue-robe youth stared blankly for a moment. He then turned his head to look at Shi Mu. Suddenly, his complexion changed.

    "Shi Mu, is it you?" the blue-robed youth seemed surprised.

    "Feng Li, is it you?" Shi Mu also seemed startled.

    The youth in the blue robe was Feng Li. Shi Mu knew him since he was the member of the Black Fox Gang in Feng city. He looked ten years younger than the last time Shi Mu saw him.

    "What's the matter? Do you know each other?" Qing Feng was surprised.

    "Yes, Brother Shi and I belong to the same village. We've faced many situations together," a confused look flashed across Feng Li's face as he replied.

    "Oh! It's like that. You take your leave now. I'll first take Shi Mu to Master Fang Shang. You'll have plenty of time to talk about old days later on," Qing Feng spoke without asking any further questions.

    Shi Mu felt strange in his heart even though there was a smile on his face.

    The confused expression on Feng Li's face hadn't escaped Shi Mu's eyes even though it had quickly disappeared.

    Feng Li nodded in agreement. He then nodded to Shi Mu and walked away.

    "Come with me," Qing Feng addressed Shi Mu. Then, they arrived at a thin pavement.

    Shi Mu looked back to take a glance at the departing figure of Feng Li. Then, he started to follow Qing Feng.

    "We make paper charms... as per the orders of the union... unlike the frontline disciples who have to risk their lives in the war. Ones who make paper charms are rewarded with high feat points. But, the task here isn't simple. You might've noticed that everyone here is exceptionally busy. This is because the tasks are assigned with strict deadlines. People lose the privilege to stay here if they take longer than what's expected. They're then transferred to the front strongholds... and then they have to continue carrying out those dangerous missions," Qing Feng warned Shi Mu as they continued to walk on the pavement.

    "Senior Brother, thanks a lot for reminding me." Unexpectedly, Shi Mu didn't feel anxious. However, he nodded as he spoke.

    "You don't need to worry, Brother Shi. The number of Charm Masters in this stronghold is relatively low. Various kind of magic charms fall short of demand. Occasionally, there isn't time to meet all the demands. So, we also lend a helping hand... as long as one doesn't make a very big mistake," Qing Feng spoke in a strict tone. But then, he comforted Shi Mu with a smile.

    They reached at the end of the hall after a while.

    Qing Feng knocked on the door, and asked for permission to enter. He then pushed open the door and walked inside.

    The hall looked like a living room. The decoration was plain and simple. Only a few tables and chairs were kept inside the hall. There was a tall table in the middle of the room; it was occupied by a Master in a light-green robe. He was an old man with gray hair.

    Another tall table was placed next to the old man. A golden-robed maiden sat on that table. She looked a little indolent. She had a fresh and pure face. Her figure was exceptionally enchanting. Her breasts were erect like two peaks of a mountain. She looked soul-stirring.

    The woman had an alluring aura around her body. Moreover, she had a flirtatious expression on her face. This woman was Jin Xiao Chai.

    Shi Mu was startled as he saw Jin Xiao Chai sitting on the high table.

    Qing Feng had figured out the identity of this woman. But, he hadn't expected her to be present there.

    Jin Xiao Chai's eyes flashed as she saw Shi Mu enter the hall. She slowly straightened her body to sit-up. A green light flashed through her pupils as she threw an indistinct gaze towards Shi Mu.

    Shi Mu's complexion changed. He got goose-bumps; he felt as if he was being observed by a poisonous snake. Suddenly, his heart began to thump quickly.

    However, that strange feeling disappeared within a quarter of a second; as if it was just an illusion.

    Shi Mu shot a glance at Jin Xiao Chai. He felt mild emotions in his heart as he saw this goddess staring at him. Her wonderful eyes didn't reveal even the slightest bit of indifference.

    A hint of doubt flashed through Shi Mu's eyes. He couldn't dare to look at her. So, he moved his eyes away. He then looked at the old man with gray hair. He felt a slight shiver in his heart.

    The old man had a deep and profound aura around his body. Shi Mu was astonished as he had never sensed this kind of an aura before. Even the Xian Tian warrior whom Shi Mu had come across was nowhere near him. The Magician Master Xie of the Black Demon Sect had a similar kind of aura.

    Shi Mu regained his vision as he glanced at him. He lowered his head. This man was certainly the Senior Master Fang Shang that Qing Feng had talked about. He seemed to be a Star-Grade Magician in this place.

    "Master Fang Sang, the Black Demon Sect's Shi Mu is here." Qing Feng was extremely respectful towards this man. He bowed to him as a part of the ritual.

    Shi Mu also followed the ritual and bowed.

    "No need to be overly polite... Get up," the gray-haired man spoke in a dull tone.

    The two men stood-up as they heard the old man's words.

    The gray-haired man looked at Shi Mu carefully. He nodded and turned his head towards Jin Xiao Chai, "It seems that this is the person whom Sister Jin had recommended. Good! His magic powers are pure and profound. There shouldn't be any problem if his ability of making paper charms is really as outstanding as the rumors claim..."

    "Hehe... Senior Brother Fang is over-praising me. I've interacted with this disciple before... and at some point... I started to feel that he had the ability to stand out from other disciples. I recently heard that he had learned to make paper charms. So, I recommended him... so that he can come here and hone his skills," Jin Xiao Chai pursed-up her lips and spoke with a smile.

    Shi Mu was surprised to hear these words. Qing Feng also seemed astonished to hear this.

    "Since nobody has any problem... Qing Feng, you lead Young Master Shi to receive the jade token... so that he can come in and go out of the stronghold freely. Then, organize a stone chamber for him. After that, Young Master Shi can start working here," the gray-haired man nodded and said. He didn't speak to Jin Xiao Chai again.

    Qing Feng's complexion changed. He looked at Shi Mu with surprise. The corners of Qing Feng's mouth moved as he complied with the order.

    "Young Master Shi, you'll be able to enhance your ability of making paper charms if you work hard here. Then someday... I'll surely request the Sect to promote you to become an inner disciple," Jin Xiao Chai spoke to Shi Mu in a pleasant tone.

    Numerous thoughts crossed Shi Mu's mind as he replied with gratitude, "Yes. Thank you for guiding me, Elder Sister Jin. This disciple wouldn't disappoint you."

    "Well... you shall take your leave now," the old grey-haired man waved his hand and said.

    Shi Mu bowed to both of them. He then turned around and walked out of the room.

    There were signs of restlessness in Shi Mu's eyes. He felt as if he was carrying a burden on his shoulders; he felt uneasy. He started to walk faster and exited the hall. The feeling of unease gradually faded away. Shi Mu finally heaved a sigh of relief.

    He then turned around and glanced at the tightly shut stone gate. His eyes flashed a few times. His mind was filled with a series of doubts. But, he continued to follow Qing Feng.

    "Brother Shi, Master Fang Shang considers you to be an important person. He has provided you with a separate stone room," Qing Feng said in an envious tone.

    "Oh! Are independent rooms quite scarce?" Shi Mu asked in a puzzled tone.

    "Of course! You must've seen just now. All the Charm Masters make the paper charms in the hall. But, it's vulnerable to the outside world. The separate stone chambers can keep you hidden from any damages. Moreover, independent chambers are fully equipped. Master Fang has personally cast a Reincarnation spell in each of the independent chambers... in order to speed-up the restoration of the magic powers. It has various kinds of benefits to tranquil one's mind... There are only four independent chambers in the entire stronghold. Previously, Master Fang Shang and other three Charm Magicians of Spirit-Grade used to occupy these strongholds. But, a Charm Magician of Tian Yin Sect who occupied one of these chambers got transferred a fortnight ago. Therefore, his room is vacant," Qing Feng said.

    Shi Mu nodded. He didn't look happy.

    "Brother Shi, it's a status symbol to occupy an independent chamber in this stronghold. You've been given one... even though you've just arrived. Other people may not accept this. You must be extremely careful," Qing Feng warned Shi Mu.

    "Thanks a lot, Brother Qing," Shi Mu cupped his hands across his chest and thanked him.

    Qing Feng smiled. He didn't say anything else, and continued to walk.

    *** ***

    Meanwhile, in the living room...

    "Sister Jin, I've done what you requested. Don't forget the thing that you promised," the grey-haired man shook his head and said; he looked helpless.

    "You don't need to worry. Since I - your younger sister - have made a promise... I'll naturally keep it." Jin Xiao Chai stood-up and smiled mischievously. She then started to walk.

    "Good! By the way... what's so special in this Shi Mu... that made you show-up personally? He didn't seem to be suitable for your temperament," the grey-haired old man glanced at Jin Xiao Chai and asked.

    "Do you really want to know?" Jin Xiao Chai's eyes flashed. She then turned around and smirked.

    "This... forget it! I'm not interested in your personal matters and eccentric habits. But, I warn you to leave the idea of hurting Miss Ke." The grey-haired man's eyebrows trembled as he looked at Jin Xiao Chai's smiling face. He changed the topic of discussion and said respectfully.

    "Hehe... I was only trying to find her to ask her about a matter the other day; that's all. Is there anything else that makes you nervous?" Jin Xiao Chai smiled sweetly. Suddenly, her entire body became extremely enchanting.

    "That girl has five degree of wood-attribute element induction ability. Such a talented disciple is born once in centuries. Don't blame me - your master - for teaching you a lesson if you try to harm her," the grey-haired old man snorted and replied.

    Jin Xiao Chai chuckled. She didn't seem to have the slightest regard for the old man's words.

    Suddenly, some faint voices burst out of the hall.

    Master Fang Shang wrinkled his big white eyebrows. He got-up and started to walk towards the the source of the noise.

    Jin Xiao Chai's eyes moved. It seemed as if she had been expecting something. She smiled and followed the old man with light footsteps.

    They arrived in the hall where the noise was coming from. It was the hall where paper charms were made. More than twenty Charm Masters were standing in a circle. They seemed to be having a discussion over something.

    Everyone noticed Master Fang Shang and Jin Xiao Chai approach. All of them stepped aside to make way for them. Most of the discussions ended at once. Only one person hadn't seen them coming. He was still shouting in an outrageous manner.

    "... In short... how can you allocate an independent stone room to a person who has just arrived? I can't approve a new person getting an independent chamber. The others can't accept this either."

    Shi Mu stood straight opposite to him. He was listening to the man's words in a calm manner. His face was expressionless even though the man's saliva was sprayed on his face.
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