Chapter 143: Vengeance

    Chapter 143: Vengeance

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    Sha Lang looked at Shi Mu with a surprised expression on his face. He then moved his mouth slightly.

    The complexion of the surrounding people changed. And, they wrinkled their brows.

    Everyone could see that Sha Lang didn't have much time. So, they wanted Sha Jiao and Sha Xing to remain with their father in his final moments.

    "I won't take much time... It'll only take a moment," Shi Mu's expression didn't change as he spoke-up.

    The people of the Flying Raven Tribe looked at each other in dismay, and then looked at Sha Jiao.

    "Okay... Brother Shi. Please ask quickly whatever you wish to ask." Sha Jiao looked at Shi Mu. She then looked at Sha Lang and spoke in a soft voice.

    Then, she turned around to pull back Sha Xing, and started to walk over to a distant place.

    The other people followed them.

    Now, Sha Lang and Shi Mu were alone.

    Shi Mu sighed. He then squatted on Sha Lang's side and said softly, "Chief Sha, I've just checked the footprints outside the tribe. The number of the footprints that has left the tribe is considerably more than what initially came in. Moreover, the number of dead bodies of women and children of your tribe seems low. Have the soldiers of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe captured them?"

    Sha Lang's body shivered as he heard this. He then exposed colors of pain on his face.

    "Warrior Shi Mu has sharp vision. Yes, it's true. I - Sha Lang was so powerless that I couldn't even save my clansmen. I let them fall into the hands of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe..."

    Sha Lang's emotions stirred-up; his breath started to fluctuate.

    Shi Mu extended his arm and put it on Sha Lang's head. His real Qi slowly turned into contagious filaments, and got poured into his head. This made Sha Lang's fluctuating breaths calm.

    Sha Lang looked at Shi Mu. His chest moved up and down. But, his eyes exposed traces of astonishment.

    "The people of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe must've left twelve hours ago. There are no traces of any carriages on the ground. It seems that the clansmen have escorted them on foot. And, since they took the women and the children... their speed mustn't be very fast. So, there's still time to catch up with them," Shi Mu said.

    He then took his hand back, and continued to speak after a moment's pause, "I'm under the debt of the kind hospitality of your tribe. I can never return you the favor. So, I'll go and get back the women."

    Sha Lang listened to this with a strange expression on his face. He then opened his mouth, but didn't know what to say.

    "I can tell from the footprints on the ground that there must be more than a hundred of soldiers of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe. But, I can't figure out their strength... and how many of them are totem warriors. So, I'm afraid that the odds won't be in my favor if I confront them without a careful consideration. So, I wanted to ask you, Chief Sha," Shi Mu said slowly.

    "I appreciate Warrior Shi Mu's kind intentions. But, those Heavenly Wolf Tribe people are large in number. So, I don't want to put Jiao's life in danger. And, how can I put an outsider in the path of harm?" Sha Lang looked at Shi Mu. He then shook his head and said.

    "This isn't really important. And, this is not a matter of life-and-death. I think that Chief Sha wouldn't endure to see the suffering of the women and children of his tribe. You've suffered enough humiliation by seeing your precious tribe fall into the hands of those vicious barbarians of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe," Shi Mu said.

    "I'll not be formal if Warrior Shi Mu says so. Thank you so much for this favor." Sha Lang looked at Shi Mu. And, his eyes exposed traces of thankfulness.

    "Chief, you're welcome. Please tell me carefully about the enemy..." Shi Mu respectfully asked.

    Then, he became ready to listen.

    Shi Mu stood-up a moment later, and waved at Sha Jiao and the others.

    Sha Jiao and other people immediately rushed towards them. Sha Lang's complexion had now become ugly since it had no trace of color.

    "Father!" Sha Jiao bent over beside Sha Lang's body. She looked at his body; it had already dried up.

    "Jiao, I entrust you with... Sha Xing and others..." Sha Lang gasped for breath. He then lifted his arm as he wanted to gently caress his daughter's face for the last time. But, he had only lifted it half way when he took his last breath. His arm then fell down to the ground.

    Sha Jiao let out a painful cry. Sha Xing was also crying. The other ten barbarian youths standing around them tried to resist tears, but couldn't help sobbing.

    Shi Mu turned around and quietly walked out of the tribe.

    He left the ruins of the Flying Raven Tribe behind to arrive near his David's Deer. Shi Mu touched his waist to feel the Sky Splitting Bow. He then narrowed his eyes as he recalled Sha Lang's words.

    His complexion cleared-up the next moment. He hopped onto his David's Deer, and started to follow the footprints on the ground.

    "Brother Shi!" A shadow came running out of the crowd. It was Sha Jiao.

    Shi Mu wrinkled his brows, and pulled the reins of his David's Deer.

    "Are you going to chase after those men of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe to rescue the captive women and children?" Sha Jiao looked at Shi Mu and asked.

    Shi Mu's expressions didn't change. He turned his head towards a distant place. He didn't comment on her question, but whispered, "I'm not sure if I would succeed. But, I want to try."

    Sha Jiao's vision flashed, and she clenched her teeth. She then moved the corner of her mouth... as if she wanted to say anything.

    "Your strength is too weak. I can't take you with me," Shi Mu spoke-up before she could say anything.

    "You bury Chief Sha Lang's body carefully... and wait for a few days. I'll come back whether I'm successful or not," Shi Mu stated and turned his head away. He was no longer looking at Sha Jiao.

    The David's Deer whinnied as Shi Mu shook its reins. It then moved forward its four hoofs, and started to run towards a distant place. Its speed was so fast that it disappeared in the distance very quickly.

    Sha Jiao saw Shi Mu's silhouette fading away in the distance. Her eyes flickered as if she was crazy.

    *** ***

    There was a hilly area about five kilometers away from the Flying Raven Tribe.

    A group of one-to-two-hundred barbarian people could be seen walking forward.

    There were twenty head soldiers riding the wolves in the front of the group. There were hundreds of ordinary barbarians behind them. There were hundred or more women and children of the Flying Raven Tribe walking along the cattle at the rear.

    The hands of these women and children were tied-up by ropes. They had fearful expressions and faint stains of tears on their faces. But, they weren't speaking anything. They were merely moving forward in silence.

    The cattle were carrying the sacks of grains, dried meat, and earthen jars. And, the quantity was quite significant.

    The clansmen of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe were returning after having plundered the Flying Raven Tribe. They had looted their food as well as captured their women and children.

    The group was walking in a slow speed because of the children, women and livestock. Apparently, there was no need to speed-up.

    More than twenty wolf soldiers were riding at the front. Fei Du was leading them on a gigantic wolf with a proud expression on his face.

    He had completely wiped out the Flying Raven Tribe in one go, and had robbed more good wine and food stuff than he had expected. He had lost a few men, but his Chief wouldn't say anything after he had looked at the food stuff, and the women and children. Instead, he would reward him.

    His only regret was that he couldn't catch the daughter of the Chief of the Flying Raven Tribe - Sha Jiao.

    "The Lord is brave and unparalleled. This is the fifth small tribe in the past six months..."

    "He has accomplished a lot. The Lord is so strong that no one in our tribe can be compared with him."

    "The Chief had asked him a few things earlier. He seems to have fulfilled them in advance."

    A few relatives were walking beside Fei Du. They were flattering him with their words.

    "Hehe... It was very easy to destroy this small tribe." Fei Du knew that these men were taking advantage of the opportunity. But, he boasted and laughed out loud as he heard these flattering words.

    "Lord Commander, there's still a matter which isn't clear. I've heard that the human race has slowed down in the holy war. Then, why did the Chief command us to collect food grains from these tribes?" a totem warrior asked.

    Fei Du shot a glance at the man. His expressions became cold. The man turned his head as he realized that the question was inappropriate. He felt embarrassed and didn't say anything further.

    Fei Du also had some doubts regarding this question. But, the order was given by the Chief of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe himself. So, he hadn't dared to speak out of turn... or ask the reason. Moreover, he was fond of killing since he was bloodthirsty, and got good rewards for wiping out small tribes. So, he was in favor of these kinds of orders.

    Suddenly, a loud disturbance was heard in the last row of the group. The women and children who had been captured from the Flying Raven Tribe were positioned in that row.

    "Go and see what the matter is." Fei Du's complexion sank.

    A tall and sturdy totem warrior rode to the extreme end of the group.

    The complexion of the women and children of the Flying Raven Tribe had become pale after they had walked for more than twelve hours. Their bodies were covered in dust as if they were withered. Blood was spurting out of their feet in a continuous manner. In fact, some young children had fallen to the ground.

    "What's the matter?" the tall and sturdy totem warrior shouted.

    "Lord, we've been walking throughout the night. These slave women and children of the Flying Raven Tribe seem to have no energy left to walk further," an ordinary barbarian soldier came forward and reported.

    "Can't walk further..." The tall and sturdy Barbarian smiled grimly as an ominous glint flashed in his eyes. He then wielded his whip, and hit a young woman of the Flying Raven Tribe.

    'Bang!' a loud sound echoed. The young woman's clothes were torn from her shoulder as a deep whip-scar got imprinted on her skin.

    The woman issued a loud scream as she fell to the ground; her body was shivering due to severe pain.

    The tall and sturdy barbarian's face exposed an evil grin. One of his brothers had died in the battle with the Flying Raven Tribe. So, he had started to harbor an undying hatred for the people of the Flying Raven Tribe even though he had personally beheaded more than twenty of their clansmen.

    These women were now considered to be the property of the Heavenly Wolf tribe. They would be either left as slaves in the tribe, or would be sold in exchange for some natural resources. But, there was no problem in beating them and venting out one's anger on them for a while.

    He lifted his arm once again, and waved it downwards.

    Suddenly, a black light flashed, and pierced the sturdy barbarian's throat as quickly as thunder.

    The tall and sturdy barbarian man seemed to be hit head-on. His body was removed from his wolf, and was sent flying in the air. He then fell to the ground with an enormous force.

    The tall and sturdy barbarian covered his throat with his hands. He looked around with an unbelievable expression on his face. He then issued a vague sound.

    Now, everyone saw what had happened. There was a finger-thick black arrow in his neck. There were feathers on the tail of the arrow. Half of the arrow had been sunk into his throat. And, the other half had been submerged into the ground - nailing the man to the ground.

    Blood started to pour out of the tall barbarian's throat. And, his expression eventually became pale...
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