Chapter 144: To Kill by Ambush

    Chapter 144: To Kill by Ambush

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    The soldiers of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe suddenly turned pale with fright. An arrow had come with a high speed towards them a moment ago. In fact, its speed was so high that they couldn't even see where it had come from.

    Then, a rumbling sound was heard.

    The twenty wolf-riding warriors at the front quickly rushed over.

    "What happened?" Fei Du asked in a firm voice. Suddenly, his eyes fell upon the dead body of the tall and sturdy barbarian lying on the ground. And, his complexion became rigid.

    'Hum!' the sound of a sharp whistle was heard. An electric light - like an electric current - was shot from somewhere. It entered into the chest of a wolf-riding warrior standing at the end of the group.

    He didn't get any time to react. And, his body was sent flying off from his wolf. This man also got nailed to the ground - like the tall and sturdy barbarian had.

    The arrow had damaged his heart. He became motionless, and didn't make any sound.

    "Over there!" Fei Du was struck with a sense of understanding. He then turned his head, and pointed towards a distant place amidst the hills. A vague figure could be seen standing there.

    A youth in a black robe stood alone on the top of a small hill three to four thousand feet way. He held a large yellow bow in his hand. It was Shi Mu.

    He had rode his David's Deer the entire night without stopping to sleep or take rest so that he could chase after them. And, he had eventually caught-up with the Heavenly Wolf Tribe.

    Shi Mu's pupils had turned golden. He was looking into the distance towards the Heavenly Wolf Tribe with ice-cold expressions.

    He drew out another arrow, and stretched the bow string.

    Other wolf-riders looked in the direction pointed by Fei Du. A black light was again shot from the Sky Splitting Arrow. The speed of the Wind Chasing Arrow was almost as fast as its sound.

    A black light flashed. It penetrated through the heart of a man among the wolf-riding warriors. And, he immediately got nailed to the ground.

    "Use the shield to protect yourself... quickly!" Fei Du shouted loudly with an ashen complexion.

    The hearts of the wolf-riding warriors were alarmed and their bodies were leaping. They hurriedly grabbed the black and round iron shields, and lifted them up in front of them.

    "Foot-soldiers, stay here. The rest of you... follow me quickly," Fei Du shouted. He urged his gigantic wolf to rush in the direction of Shi Mu.

    An arrow had come with the speed of lightning from the range of three to four thousand feet a moment ago. It seemed that the arrow had been fired from a height of at least fifty feet above the ground.

    Each of these arrows had killed a man.

    This kind of a powerful bow rarely existed in the barbarian race. Moreover, no one could possess this kind of a vision even if one entered into the late stage of Hou Tian realm.

    It was possible that the remaining twenty wolf-riding warrior would be defeated in less than a few minutes if they didn't confront this warrior.

    Shi Mu sneered as he saw the wolf-riding warriors of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe rushing towards him. He stretched his hand towards the sack of the arrows on his back, and drew out a long blue arrow - the Wind Chasing Arrow.

    Shi Mu bent the bow to put the arrow, and spread its string like a full moon.

    He bowed his body to pour his magic power into it. The Sky Splitting Bow emitted a burst of white light. Then, the Wind Chasing Arrow also got enveloped into the white light. Countless tiny charm characters wrapped up the arrow, and started to roll around it.


    The long arrow transformed into a green phantom in a flash. Its speed was faster than the previous arrows.

    'Bang!' a loud sound was heard. The body of a barbarian wolf-riding soldier fell down even though he had lifted his shield. He got nailed to the ground just like the two other barbarians had.

    The iron shield in his hand was three inches thick. But, the arrow had penetrated through it while leaving a hole as if it was a thin piece of paper.

    Fei Du was startled as he saw the charm characters on the Wind Chasing Arrow. Suddenly, his pupils became shrunk.

    "The Witch Arrow!"

    The other wolf-riding warriors' complexions changed as they heard this. A few cowards pulled back, and stayed behind with their wolves; they didn't dare to rush forward.

    "Don't stop, go on! If you disobey... then you'll be executed on the spot," Fei Du said in a stern voice.

    Those wolf-riders now had no choice but to brace themselves and continue moving forward. But, they were complaining in their hearts.

    Fei Du's complexion became ashen as a thought crossed his mind. He couldn't understand who this terrible enemy was.

    But, it wasn't important where he had come from. What was important was his strength of pulling the bow. The bow must've used a lot of his physical strength. So, he might've to put down the bow several times. Moreover, the Witch Arrows were also precious. So, he mustn't have too many of them.

    "Everyone, go separately and surround him," Fei Du commanded in a stern voice as he rushed towards Shi Mu from the front.

    He didn't have any shield for protection. He merely held a five-foot-long black iron hammer to protect his body. And, that hammer was covered in a layer of black light.

    The wolf-riding warriors were the best warriors of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe. However, they were no match for Shi Mu's strength. The wolf-riding soldiers followed Fei Du's command, and dispersed in different directions. They rushed towards the hill to surround Shi Mu from all directions.

    They covered a distance of three to four-thousand feet in a short period of twenty breaths owing to their wolves' speed.

    Shi Mu sneered as he saw this. Suddenly, he turned his head and raised the Sky Splitting Bow.

    His arm had started to feel numb after having fired four arrows back-to-back.

    He then opened his mouth, and busted a long and light whistle. Suddenly, a strange horse-looking creature with an ox's head and a deer's body rushed from the bushes from behind Shi Mu.

    It was his David's Deer.

    Shi Mu jumped over the David's Deer, and started to ride it. The David's Deer changed its direction, and dashed towards a distant place.

    The David's Deer's speed was a lot faster than the wolves. So, his opponents' move failed to make any impact.

    Fei Du's complexion turned extremely gloomy as he saw this.

    'Whiz! Whiz!' Two sounds echoed at the same time as Shi Mu turned around, and shot two arrows.

    Then, two screaming sounds were heard.

    The shields in the hands of the two wolf-riding warriors had broken down. One of the arrows had hit one of the man's lower abdomen, and the other one had hit the other man's forehead. They both had flipped over, and fallen down.

    Fei Du's face turned ugly as a thought crossed his mind. He then shouted out loudly, "Keep on chasing after me!"

    He then took out a palm-sized black animal skin from his bosom. An earthworm kind of a pattern was drawn on its surface.

    Fei Du exposed a trace of hesitation in his eyes, but it immediately faded away. He then opened his mouth, and bit the tip of his tongue. A spray of blood fell over the animal skin.

    He pulled the reins of his wolf, and arrived at the last row of the group.

    Suddenly, a black ray of light appeared on the animal skin. The pattern on it seemed to have become alive.

    Fei Du recited an incantation; it made the black light shine brighter.

    A rumbling sound was heard.

    The animal skin started to ignite with a loud bang. It then transformed into a ten feet long black gigantic bird in a flash. Its entire body was igniting with raging flames. It then spread out its wings, and shot itself towards Shi Mu.

    Fei Du's face exposed an evil grin. But, his smile disappeared as he raised his head to look around.

    He had aroused the animal skin in a span of just a few breaths. However, most of the wolf-riders had been killed by Shi Mu's arrows in that time span. Now, only six or seven wolf-riding warriors were left beside him.

    "Evil man, you'll get what you deserve..." Fei Du's face twisted as he shouted. He then rushed towards Shi Mu.

    Shi Mu had already killed more than half of the wolf-riding warriors. But, he had used-up the thirteen Wind Chasing Arrows in his arrow-sack.

    A frightened look flashed in his eyes as he saw the black gigantic bird rushing towards him.

    The black gigantic bird was moving extremely fast. It had caught-up with Shi Mu in just two or three breaths' time. It then let out a loud whistling sound. And, its sharp burning claws grabbed at Shi Mu.

    Shi Mu shouted out loudly. Then, a black light flashed on his arm. His hand stretched out to his back, and drew out his black blade. He then raised it up towards the sky.

    A red blade-light flashed, and collided with the burning claws of the black gigantic bird.

    A rumbling sound echoed.

    Shi Mu's body felt a huge vibration. A mighty power passed through his blade, and invaded his body; so much so that the black blade was nearly sent flying. The body of David's Deer under him also stumbled, and almost fell to the ground.

    Shi Mu's heart trembled with fear. He exerted his hands, and got a tighter grip on the hilt of the black blade.

    The black fire bird was also jolted and went flying. But, it turned over and somersaulted in midair. Its strength had been reduced to more than half of its original. Then, it spread it wings, and came down rushing towards Shi Mu once again. Then, its black claws stroked two black flames in the air.

    Shi Mu poured the spirit power from his body into the black blade. And, the black blade let out huge flames in a flash. Shi Mu then brandished the blade, and forged ahead once more. He also threw out several blue magic charms with his other hand.

    'Bang!' A loud sound echoed. The black fire collided with the blade once again. Two flames of black and red color flashed, and started to shake.

    Shi Mu had already activated several blue magic charms in his other hand by now. They exploded one after another. And, several white ice-spears emerged out of them, and shot towards the black fire bird.

    The distance was very less. Moreover, Shi Mu had timed them in an extremely clever manner. So, these ice-spears hit the body of the black fire bird with full impact.

    A crispy sound of crackling and rattling was heard along with a painful cry.

    The white ice-spears had hit the body of the black fire bird. And, the ice-spears had shattered into small pieces as a result of this collision. But, it had made the flames on the body of the black fire bird shudder. In fact, most of its illumination had dimmed down in a flash.

    Fei Du and the others took advantage of this opportunity, and caught-up with Shi Mu.

    Shi Mu clenched his teeth, and moved his hands in a constant manner. Several magic charms appeared in his hand. A light flashed, and got transformed into a magic spell. Then, it hit the black fire bird with a flash of light.

    The fireball technique, the water arrow technique, the ice awl technique, the tornado technique, and the falling thunder technique...

    These techniques had formidable power even though they were low-level techniques. Moreover, their numbers seemed to be infinite. Therefore, the black fire bird got submerged into the raging tides of these magic charms for a while.

    The black fire bird finally issued a loud wailing sound after a few breaths' time. Then, its body exploded, and transformed into a black light that filled the sky.

    Shi Mu let out a sigh of relief. However, an ear-piercing sound was heard from behind him. He turned around and realized that a white bone spear wasn't too far away from his back. And, it was approaching with a burst of whooshing sound.

    Shi Mu held the neck of David's Deer with his hands and lied down.

    A sneering sound was heard.

    The spear hit Shi Mu's back, and opened a hole in his body.

    Shi Mu hadn't yet understood its impact on his body when another lousy sound rose up in the sky. Another bone spear came flying, and struck him in his abdomen - below the previous spear.

    Shi Mu couldn't avoid this attack. He held his blade, and put it behind his back. He then wielded it to resist the bone spear.

    'Bang!' A loud sound echoed.

    Shi Mu's body was sent out flying off from David's Deer. He fell to the ground and rolled over. He became motionless; blood started to pour out of his wounds.

    It turned out he had been hit by the bone spear, and had received serious injuries.

    The David's Deer was also horrified. It started to run at a very fast speed; it didn't even look back. In fact, it ran even faster than before.

    Fei Du gasped for breath with his head down. He put down his arms, and bent his body; he looked like a wolf with four limbs.

    He had used a 'Flying Meteor Throwing Technique' of the Heavenly Wolf Tribe to throw the spear towards Shi Mu. This had consumed a great deal of his physical strength.

    The remaining six wolf-riding soldiers issued cheerful cries as they saw this. They then rushed towards Shi Mu.

    Everyone wanted to be the one to kill such a dangerous enemy.

    The six people arrived near Shi Mu, and surrounded him.

    A cold light was issued as the raised blade fell off.

    Then, six blade cuts were issued almost at the same time, and created a tight net of deadly blades. The deadly net of blades then moved towards Shi Mu. And, it seemed that he would soon turn into a corpse.
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