Chapter 152: Multi-headed Vicious Python

    Chapter 152: Multi-headed Vicious Python

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    "Brother Min knows a lot about the human race. I admire that you're so knowledgeable," Shi Mu said with sincere admiration.

    "Brother Shi is over-praising me. I've been defending this Holy Snow Palace as a Guard Priest of the Holy Land for years. In fact, I've never been to the outside world. But, I've read various ancient history books and records," Min Tu smiled and said.

    "Oh! So... the Holy Snow Palace has a library? I don't know if I'd be allowed to go there... and look around," Shi Mu's eyes brightened as he asked.

    Min Tu's face revealed traces of hesitation as he heard this. He apologized and said, "I'm afraid that it's not possible. Even the families of the eight big tribes don't have permission to flip through the books of the Palace's library. This rule has been set-up by the High Priest; it's been followed for generations. Warrior Shi is a noble guest of the Holy Mountain. But, I can't make an exception... even for you."

    Shi Mu nodded with disappointment.

    "But ...Warrior Shi Mu can talk to me if he has any doubt. I can go to the library and get the information." Min Tu sighed as he saw that Shi Mu didn't insist. He then said in an embarrassed tone.

    "There's nothing like that. But, I'm a little curious about what I've heard and seen during my journey since I entered this wasteland..." A variety of colors appeared in Shi Mu's eyes. Then, he and Min Tu started to move forward while discussing about various customs and sentiments of the barbarian race.

    Min Tu felt relaxed. He then began to explain the doubts that Shi Mu had raised.

    Shi Mu eventually raised the topic of the Secret Totem Art of the barbarian race.

    The Secret Totem Art was the foundation of the barbarian race. So, Min Tu spoke very cautiously about it.

    Then, he began to ask Shi Mu questions about the exercises and cultivation methods in the human martial art.

    Shi Mu answered everything as if he had been caught unprepared; this left Min Tu flabbergasted.

    However, Min Tu hadn't answered Shi Mu's questions about the Secret Totem Art...

    Therefore, Min Tu gradually started to talk in a continuous manner without any hesitation.

    The two men continued to walk slowly. They finally arrived at a secret place and stopped. They were talking about the totem arts of the barbarian race and martial arts of human race.

    Both of them had gained lot of knowledge from talking to each other.

    Min Tu was especially interested in knowing about the spirit powers and charms of the human race.

    And, Shi Mu answered his questions in a generous manner. In fact, he even displayed several low-level techniques in front of Min Tu. Moreover, he gave two low-level magic charms to Min Tu in order to examine.

    Min Tu was a low-level priest of the barbarian race. So, he was an equivalent of a magician apprentice of the human race. Moreover, he only asked a few usual questions; nothing secret.

    "Warrior Shi is so generous. Even the noblest of Charm Masters wouldn't have shared these secrets with me. Please ask me if there's anything you wish to inquire." Min Tu looked at the magic charms in his hand. Traces of various colors could be seen in his eyes. He remained silent for a moment. He then returned the magic charms to Shi Mu and said.

    "I don't know if Brother Min Tu would tell me... but there's indeed something that I wish to ask." Shi Mu received the magic charm with a faint smile. He then said after a moment's silence.

    "There's no harm in saying what you think. I'll not hide the information from you if I'm capable of answering your question," Min Tu replied with a dignified complexion.

    "I wonder if Brother Min Tu has heard of the Eternally Doomed Soul Curse..." Shi Mu didn't beat around the bush and asked directly.

    Min Tu raised his brows and exposed a surprised look on his face.

    "Brother Min's expressions tells that he must know something about this totem curse." Shi Mu felt delighted in his heart, but didn't expose anything on his face. He then said.

    "As far as I know... this curse must belong to the Fierce Snake Tribe - one of the eight big tribes. This isn't a secret in the eight big tribes of the barbarian race. There are some similar witchcraft curses. But, this kind of witchcraft curse is banned in my Green Tooth Tribe. These kind of curses are strictly prohibited to practice among my clans-people. I too have only read about it in the library of the Holy Snow Palace. I wonder what Brother Shi wants to know about it..." Min Tu nodded and explained in a hesitant manner.

    "I wish to know about the methods of getting rid of this curse. Brother Min, please be generous and advise me," Shi Mu spoke with a serious expression on his face.

    "Can it be that Brother Shi is affected by this curse?" Min Tu was flabbergasted.

    Shi Mu forced a smile, but didn't conceal anything; except for a few details. He told him about the course of events in rough manner, and how he got the totem curse on his body.

    Shi Mu had a gathered clear picture about Min Tu before he had told him his story. He knew that Min Tu had been living in the Holy Snow Palace since his childhood, and didn't have much contact with the outside world. So, he was quite simple. Otherwise, he wouldn't have dared to speak about this matter in front of him.

    "As far as I know... there are only two methods to get rid of the Eternally Doomed Soul Curse. One is to ask an Earth-ranked expert to exert formidable seal on the curse... " Min Tu listened to Shi Mu's story with a grave look on his face. He then said with hesitation.

    "I already know about the two ways that Brother Min just told me. I was unable to accomplish the first method. So, I've come to the Holy Mountain as a bodyguard of Princess Huo Wu. I wish to refer to the second method to break this curse," Shi Mu sighed and said.

    "For this... you must kill a vicious beast soul - like a large snake while practicing the Secret Totem Art of the Fierce Snake Tribe," Min Tu answered after a moment's silence.

    "I understand. But, it's a matter of life and death. So, I'll have to fight with all my efforts," Shi Mu sighed and said.

    "I can't help you much in this matter. Can you show me the totem on your body... so that I can determine what kind of a vicious beast soul is sealed on your body?" Min Tu nodded. He then sighed and said.

    Shi Mu had got what he had been seeking for.

    The two men returned to Shi Mu's room. Shi Mu took-off his upper-cloth and showed the python totem on his chest.

    Min Tu's complexion changed as he saw the fierce totem in fiery-red color on Shi Mu's chest.

    His complexion turned even more serious once he identified the totem. He then looked at Shi Mu with pity in his eyes.

    "Brother Min needn't worry... Tell me what you think," Shi Mu's heart sank as he spoke.

    "I won't hide anything from you. The beast that's sealed inside as the totem curse on your body is a variant of a well-known ominous beast of our wasteland - it's a multiple-headed python. This beast is the lowest-ranked python with one head; its strength is no less than a consummate-level Hou Tian Warrior. So, Brother Shi will have to kill a multi-headed vicious python if he wants to suppress the power of the curse on his body. But, only two vicious pythons can possess the strength equivalent to an initial stage Xian Tian Warrior..." Min Tu sighed. He then shook his head and explained.

    "If that's the case... then I've no other choice but to do this. But, I don't know where to find a multi-headed vicious python in this wilderness. Can Brother Min tell me?" Shi Mu wasn't surprised by Min Tu's words. Instead, he asked in an unhurried tone.

    "The multi-headed vicious python had become extinct from this land several hundred years ago. Now, Brother Shi can only ask a Xian Tian Warrior to help him. But, I'm afraid that you can't kill the beast soul." Min Tu remained silent for a while. He then said.

    Shi Mu's expression became uncertain.

    "But, there's another place in the wasteland where this beast may exist. It's called the Portal of the Brave Warrior. The man from the Fierce Snake Tribe... whom Brother Shi had killed might've received the soul of the vicious beast from there. But, that Portal is a forbidden area... and is probably closed for a while. Moreover, they wouldn't allow a stranger like Brother Shi to enter the Portal even if it's open," Min Tu spoke with a sense of hesitation.

    Shi Mu's expressions became gloomy.

    Min Tu was disturbed to see Shi Mu's expression. He chatted with Shi Mu for some more time. After that, he left.

    *** ***

    Grey clouds were rolling-up endlessly in the sky. Black wind was blowing ferociously. A dull grey piece seemed to be sinking between the earth and the Heaven.

    There was a basin surrounded by several ash-grey hills under the dark sky. Dust and smoke was rolling-up from the place. Sounds of killing and attacking were coming out of the smoke.

    Pieces of shattered human skeletons were scattered everywhere inside the basin. More than ten human skeletons could be seen fighting with each other.

    Some of these skeletons were wielding bone swords; the others had bone axes, bone spears and bone hammers in their hands. A few of them were bare-handed. A green-colored soul flame was flashing in the eye-sockets of every skeleton.

    These skeletons seemed to be in a crazed state. They didn't seem to be worried about the number of bones that had been knocked-off from their bodies. Instead, they continued to launch attacks on each other till the time they fell apart.

    A lofty skeleton dodged to avoid the attack of the skeleton that stood in front of it; it held a bone spear in its hand. It took two steps forward, and waved its bone weapon. It then severed the skeleton from its waist.

    But then, a creature came from the side, and smashed with its left hand; there was with a leg bone in its hand.

    'Bang!' A loud and clear sound echoed.

    The left arm of the lofty skeleton had been broken.

    The lofty skeleton turned around, and slashed downwards. The skeleton holding a leg-bone in its hand also hacked downwards. It didn't seem to be weak. In fact, it took apart its own rib, and started to fight with the lofty skeleton.

    These ten skeletons continued to slaughter in a crazy and monotonous manner. Five or six skeletons were eventually torn down in fragments.

    A blade-wielding skeleton soldier and a giant skeleton armed with a spear were fighting nearby.

    The blade-wielding skeleton soldier was none other than Yan Luo. It seemed to be taking a lead on the giant skeleton.

    'Puff!' Suddenly, a sound rose-up in the sky.

    A spear made-up of bone was shot from the hand of the thirty feet tall giant skeleton. It came towards the throat of Yan Luo like lightning.

    The speed of this spear was more than the reacting-capability of an ordinary skeleton. In addition, the tall skeleton had thrown the spear from a tricky angle. So, it was beyond Yan Luo's capabilities to dodge it.

    Suddenly, Yan Luo's figure fuzzed. It then slipped an after-shadow, and avoided the attack.

    The after-shadow stooped to the other side of the giant skeleton. It rushed towards the giant skeleton as soon as Yan Luo appeared.

    The giant skeleton responded very quickly. It moved its arm, and stopped Yan Luo's bone blade. The irresistible and powerful attack was almost dodged. Yan Luo shook as it saw this; it drew two or three steps backwards.

    Yan Luo's figure hadn't been able to find a firm foothold when a green soul flame flashed in the eyes of the giant skeleton. The long spear in its hand had suddenly been surrounded by a white light. Then, the long spear rushed towards Yan Luo.
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