Chapter 159: Ominous Beasts’ Tide

    Chapter 159: Ominous Beasts' Tide

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    "It's not good. It's the ominous beasts' tide."

    Shi Mu felt scared in his heart. He quickly swept his vision, and discovered a steep mountain to his left.

    Golden lights started to flash in his eyes. Then, he turned around, and rushed towards the peak.

    But, these ominous beasts were unlikely to let Shi Mu get away. They came over to surround Shi Mu from all directions.

    'Hu! Hu!' A sky-splitting sound was heard.

    Twenty or thirty grey foxes shot themselves like arrows, and rushed towards Shi Mu from all directions. The foxes had claws that were several inches long.

    However, Shi Mu didn't decrease his speed. Instead, he moved his hand, and flipped his blade vertically. It got transformed into a fiery blade-shadow. It seemed as if a red python was hovering and fluttering its entire body.

    Suddenly, the sky was filled with screeching sounds. Then, several severed limbs drenched in blood were shot out in all directions.

    Shi Mu continued to kill as he carved a bloody path out of that place. He was madly rushing towards that mountain peak. He was so fast under the effect of the Body Lifting Charm that he had already formed a remarkable distance between himself and the foxes that were pursing him.

    However, the number of these ominous fox-beasts was increasing with every passing moment. At least five-hundred ominous fox-beasts had gathered behind Shi Mu by the time he arrived at the foot of the mountain. The beasts had formed a powerful grey current as they had chased him.

    Suddenly, Shi Mu's figure got wrapped in green light. He then moved in a zig-zag manner to climb up to the mountain top. He soon arrived near to the hilltop.

    He then looked at a nearby black cave on the mountain. He finally felt relaxed.

    The opening of the cave was only ten feet wide; it could barely accommodate two or three people...

    Shi Mu arrived in front of the cave after a short while. He then entered into the cave without any hesitation.

    He looked inside the cave with his brilliant eyesight as soon as he entered.

    This sealed cave was nearly hundred feet wide, and had a narrow mouth. A five feet high rock was placed outside the entrance of the cave. There were scattered fragments of stones inside it. It seemed to be deserted.

    Suddenly, Shi Mu turned around, and put his hands on the huge rock at the entrance of the cave. His Real Qi started to circulate in his entire body as he pushed the rock.

    A loud rumbling sound was heard. The huge rock moved, and sealed half of the entrance of the cave. Now, only one person could move in and out of the cave at a time.

    'Whiz!' A grey shadow rushed swiftly.

    A black blade-light flashed in Shi Mu's hand. The ominous fox-beasts were sent high into the sky by its movements. But, their blood and internal organs didn't drop out of their bodies. Yet, three more grey shadows emerged from amidst the filth of blood. They came over with baring fangs and claws.

    Shi Mu's Real Qi broke inside his body. Then, thirteen black blade-lights appeared, and went out of the narrow mouth of the cave.

    The blade-light went directly into the flesh of the three grey shadows. However, more red eyes of the ominous fox-beasts started to glow soon after. They all rushed towards Shi Mu.

    But, these ominous fox-beasts could only climb up to a little height since the mouth of the cave was partially blocked. This greatly reduced the pressure on Shi Mu.

    Shi Mu held his breath to restore his real Qi. He revolved his blade like wind at the same time in order to go steady and strike hard.

    The blood fog could give rise to this kind of a beast tide as per Priest Yan Ya's information. It was effective from several hours to one day. One could only survive by avoiding it until it had passed.

    Suddenly, a violent sound of fighting was heard from a place near the cave.

    Shi Mu was startled by it. So, he looked towards the sound.

    He saw a black and a blue silhouette fighting and moving towards the cave. A crowd of ominous beasts was chasing after the two people.

    One of them was a big man; he was half-man and half-fish. His body was covered in a black armor, and he was holding a trident in his hand. The other person was the blue-robed maiden. She held a multi-colored ruler in her hand.

    The two of them were shrouded in a layer of faint-blue light. They were the Saintess of the sea race, and a sea warrior who had entered in the forbidden area.

    The bodies of the ominous beasts that were chasing after them were also covered by fox hair. But, their hair was ten times longer and stronger - like a porcupines'. The strength of these ominous beasts was equivalent to that of a late-stage Hou Tian warrior.

    These porcupines would stop running from time-to-time, and shake their bodies to emit densely packed whiskers from their backs. It seemed as if a wave of arrow rain was being shot towards the two people of the sea race.

    A blue shadow of a halberd hit and dispersed the thorns as soon as they arrived near the two people.

    The trident in the black-armored man's hand danced like a windmill in order to protect the blue-robed young girl.

    A few whiskers would fall upon the big man's body from time-to-time. Then, a burst of water light would fluctuate, and shoot in the opposite direction.

    A blue bubble would fly out of the multi-colored coral in the girl's left hand every time she'd raise it when the color of the protective cover on the body of the big man turned to faint-blue. The bubble would then enter into the protective cover on the big man's body, and would transform it into a completely new one.

    Shi Mu noticed the layer of the blue light. The way their bodies were blocking the effect of the blood fog was magical.

    The two people of the sea race were hardly five-hundred feet away from the cave at the moment. Suddenly, the porcupines of the ominous beasts stopped shooting towards them. Then, their bodies shook and shot whiskers towards the two people - like raindrops.

    The black-armored big man exploded into a roar as soon as he saw this. The bright-blue ray on the trident in his hand emitted a blue halberd shadows in layers to protect the figures of the two people.

    'Clang! Clang! Clang!'

    Loud metal clanging sounds were issued as the wide whiskers and the blue light collided with each other. The whiskers were broken down, but the figure of the black-armored big man also stopped moving.

    The ominous beasts took advantage of this gap, and shot themselves from the ground. They then rushed towards the people of the sea race.

    The black-armored man didn't lower the trident in his hand. But, he creased his brows. He had started to feel the pressure now.

    Suddenly, a divine light was released from the surface of the multi-colored coral that the blue-robed girl held in her hand. A multi-colored light rolled-up, and went up in the air like a silk ribbon. It reached in front of the biggest porcupine in the blink of an eye.

    That head ominous beast had shed a wave of whiskers a moment back. It shook its body once again, and became ready to launch another attack.

    However, the multi-colored light twisted in the sky - like a sea snake - before it could launch another attack. Suddenly, it transformed into a rainbow aperture, and got wrapped around the head porcupine's body - making it unable to move.

    The head porcupine then issued a scoffing sound.

    Then, a blue ice spear flashed and penetrated through the eye of the head porcupine. It got nailed to the ground.

    The blue-robed girl followed the same thing. The multi-colored light and blue rays emerged from her hand alternately. Ten or more porcupine beasts were killed by the ice-spear in a flash.

    Meanwhile, Shi Mu continued to move his black blade in order to defend the entry to the cave. He felt frightened as he saw the scene in the distance.

    The Saintess of the sea race looked extremely young. But, the water attribute technique that she had just displayed indicated that she was a great warlock. She could lift this kind of heavy spear so easily. So, she must be a spirit-ranked warlock.

    Their target was obviously to get inside that cave where Shi Mu was dwelling at present. The black-armored man began to hit the beasts on the sides of the cave as-and-when he'd get the opportunity.

    After all, there were a large number of ominous beasts. So, the two people could die any moment.

    The two of them soon arrived in front of the cave. Ten more ice-awls and shadows of blue halberd were shot. The ten ominous fox-beast surrounding the mouth of the cave fell to the ground at the same time.

    "Your Excellency, we're facing a beast tide right now. I don't know for how long it would continue. Can we also come in and fight against this common enemy together?" Colors of a pleasant surprise flashed through the blue-robed girl's eyes as she saw Shi Mu. She then asked in a crisp voice.

    Shi Mu wrinkled his brows. He then made a decision, and moved away from the mouth of the cave.

    The black-armored man and the blue-robed maiden moved-in as they saw this.

    The blue-robed girl looked at Shi Mu in an emotional manner as she entered the cave. It seemed as if she wanted to say something to him. Suddenly, a loud sound echoed in the sky as the cave got hit from outside.

    It turned out that the wide whiskers of the ominous beasts had been launched towards the cave. Several ominous fox-beasts had rushed towards the mouth of the cave at the same time.

    Shi Mu and the black-armored man rushed towards the entrance of the cave. Then, they tightly sealed the narrow mouth with help of the trident and the black blade; the trident transformed into a blue light, while a red blade-light was shot from the black blade. This allowed them to protect the cave's mouth from two different directions.

    Shi Mu relied upon his Thirteen Series of Gale Force Blade Art to resist the swarm of attacks. But, Shi Mu realized that it wasn't as strong as he had hoped since he faced the long-ranged attacks of the porcupines.

    These porcupines were using the entirety of their energy to shoot the whiskers from tricky angles. It made the situation extremely difficult for the three of them to manage on their own.

    Three ominous fox-beasts got severed into two pieces as a fiery blade-light flashed in the air. Black marks of burning could be seen on the skin of the beasts. The blood fog swirled-up in the air at the same time.

    Suddenly, seven or eight whiskers passed through the blood fog, and rushed from three different directions.

    Shi Mu raised the black blade in his hand. He then revolved it. The blade-light chopped four whiskers at once. His figure avoided the three of the other whiskers at the same time. But, it wasn't possible to avoid the last one.

    Shi Mu felt a sudden chill in his entire body. Then, a blue light shield appeared around his body.

    A burst of light swayed outside the shield. It seemed the whisker had been stopped after getting knocking against this wall. It then bounced back.

    Cold sweat started to come out of Shi Mu's body. He moved his left hand, and took out a Golden Light Magic Charm. The spirit power broke out as soon as he activated it. Then, a layer of golden light appeared around his body in a flash.

    Several black blade-shadows rushed from his hand in layers at the same time. Meanwhile, the black-armored man remained standing at the same spot, and continued to defend the mouth of the cave.

    The blue-robed young girl had applied that layer of light-shield to protect Shi Mu. The multi-colored lights rolled-up in the cave from the multi-colored coral. It then surrounded the head porcupine beast in the distant place. Then, an ice-spear was launched; it killed the head porcupine beast without even giving it time to struggle.

    So, the three people continued to threaten the strong porcupine beasts surrounding the cave. These beasts were gradually wiped out.

    Shi Mu secretly let out a sigh of relief. He could've defended the attacks more easily if those porcupine ominous beasts hadn't been there.

    Suddenly, he contracted his pupils.

    He saw a figure draping fox-skinned cloaks over its shoulders emerge from within the group of beasts not far away from the cave. The figure was waving a long snow-white sword in order to protect itself.

    It was Princess Wu Huo.

    Her sword-play looked marvelous. However, her defense was getting fainter due to the endless besiege of the ominous beasts.

    "You two continue to defend the cave; I want to save another person," Shi Mu spoke-up in a sinking voice.

    He then waited for the two people to respond. He then shot-out a blade-light, and retreated into the cave.

    The black-armored man hummed coldly since there wasn't enough time to talk. The blue-robed girl gave him a cold glance. The black-armored man didn't speak anything further as a result. He doubled the halberd shadows in his hand, and sealed the mouth of the cave once again.

    Shi Mu put his black blade in the cave, and took out the Sky Splitting Bow. He then drew out a long black arrow with his right hand, and placed it in the bowstring; as if it was a full moon.

    'Whiz!' A light was shot from the mouth of the cave.

    A fox-beast had jumped beside Princess Huo Wu's body. A finger-thick black arrow was shot in the head of the beast at the same time. It flew with a powerful force, and dropped the beast heavily on the ground.

    Princess Huo Wu felt surprised. She looked in the direction from where the arrow had been shot. She was startled to see the black-armored big man fighting near the mouth of the cave. But then, she saw Shi Mu inside the cave and felt overjoyed. She then started to rush in the direction of the cave.

    The ominous beasts collapsed on the ground as soon as the black light emerged from Shi Mu's hand.

    The girl's pressure had been greatly reduced as a result of Shi Mu's intervention. A sword-light rose out from the sword in her hand. It then became sharp as she rapidly moved towards the cave's mouth while trailing a bloody path behind her.
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